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Rachel King
Rachel King

Rich broth (even though I've ordered for normal one). The noodle looks and tastes very similar to the regular yellow noodle we see. It just slightly finer/smaller. I would prefer the traditional ramen noodle.

I would suggest a lighter taste if you can't stand the thick, rich, full body taste.

There are better ones around...

Can use ur UOB card to enjoy some discount (not sure when the promo will end).

Damage: ~$20


It's the dry form of ramen. Something different I must say. A lot of carbs to me but it's nice.

The staff is nice enough to replace the onsen egg to the custard egg for me. Good service. But the shop is rather small, so be prepared to queue a little.

Worth a try.

~$15 including GST + service charge

Innovative sushi roll. One of my favorite I must say. There's unagi, cream cheese and avocado. So you can imagine that the filling is quite smooth! The unagi is wrapped on top of the sushi with salmon roe. Cost: $14.95.


Innovative sushi roll. This is with lots of shellfish. Not for people who are allergy to them. You can find soft shell crabs and prawn salad in it. Besides it, there's this baked cheese cracker and strawberry bits on it which gives the sushi roll a different texture and taste. Something worth trying. Cost: $16.95 and you can get a non-sugar green tea with extra $1.


Salmon salad which includes a tray of cabbages, cherry tomatoes, grapefruit and etc. It's little too sour for my liking even I didn't pour all the dressing in when I tossed it. Quite a serving which is good for 1-2. Costs $11.95


Green salad to make dinner more balanced! A good mixture of greens and protein (tofu) with japanese dressing. The dressing is a little too salty for my liking (add the dressing as you toss may solve the problem).

Tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth). The broth is thick and creamy but not to the point that one will feel that it's too oily and no boar taint. One of the best ramen in town. A little pricey but there are a lot of toppings including bamboo shoots and braised pork (if you always find yourself can't get enough of the chashu).

Mangalitsa is a Hungarian pig which is hairy and surprisingly delicious! It is one of the most tender pork fillet I've tried so far. The service at the resturant is good. They also provide multi-grained rice (healthier food option) and cabbage which both refillable. Though the price is a little steep as compared to the regular ones, it's worth the try!

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