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Michelle Kayla Tey
Michelle Kayla Tey

I found just the perfect dish to perk up any dreary Monday like this. Every sip of the dark brown-coloured stock was a build up of flavours—deepened with fish sauce, fried garlic, lard (score!), and hints of cinnamon, and soaked up beautifully by the thin, chewy rice noodles. Lots to love about this bowl, because they certainly don't stinge on the beef—tender beef slices, tripe, beef balls fill it with plenty of bovine satisfaction.

Love the vibrant flavours of Thai food, and/or just feeling a lil adventurous? Venture beyond your usual Thai favorites into the realm of boundless gastronomic creativity and innovation with Som Tam, modern Thai fusion food in right in the heart of Orchard Road.

Clockwise from top left:

Deep Fried Koong; Crackling fried sweet prawns with Thai hot paste ($10.80)
Crispy and not too oily, these packed a punch with an intense crustacean flavour. Pair it with a glass of beer, or even their fragrant Thai Milk tea, which had the right amount of sweetness and nailed the tea-to-milk ratio perfectly.

Pasta X Chicken X Green Curry = ??; Thai green curry pasta ($14.80)
Yep, go figure. It's not too wacky a combination actually, given how well pastas partner creamy gravies like laksa and curry. Although this dish received mixed reviews across the table, I found it rather enjoyable. The aromatic green curry was distinct, the chicken chunks tender, and the spaghetti al dente; I wouldn't mind having this again.

Tom Yum Koong ($13.80)
A generous medley of fresh seafood swimming in a flavourful and well-balanced broth. For a spice wuss like me, this was pretty manageable, without compromising on flavour and that requisite "kick".

Tom Yum Truffle Fries ($6.80)
Taking the beloved truffle fries a notch higher with a piquant punch. This had turned cold by the time I'd gotten to it (the amount of dishes we had were overwhelming), but I can imagine how tasty these would be when enjoyed warm and crisp.

Oozy Chicken; Deep-fried chicken coated with salted egg ($10.80)
No oozy drama here, just good ol' crispy chicken that was faultlessly executed. Coated with an addictive sauce with actual salted egg bits, this was a unanimous favourite that night.

Thai Garlic Seafood Fried Rice ($13.80)
At first glance, this looked like the usual olive fried rice but that's not what it is. The simplicity of its appearance belied the generosity of ingredients and depth of flavour. For something more substantial, this hearty dish of prawns, mussels, greens, and egg tossed with garlic- and wok breath-infused grains proved an excellent choice.

Gai Satay; Flame-grilled chicken skewers with green nahm jim
Served in 6's, these smoky, succulent jumbo-sized chicken skewers were well-marinated and delicious even on their own.

Kapi Beef Burger; Grilled shrimp paste beef patties, egg, cheddar cheese, Thai hot sauce dressing ($14.80)
My excitement for this dish turned into confusion, puzzlement, which eventually led to an apathetic 'hmm'. Felt that the shrimp paste had marred the robust beefy flavours of the patty and even though it wasn't dry, it felt artificial and I didn't quite know what to make of it.

After You Toast ($8.80)
Inspired by the popular Shibuya toast by Bangkok dessert chain 'After You', Som Tam presents its rendition with a mountain of whipped cream plus a side of palm sugar syrup. Atop the buttery fortress toast sits a scoop of choice gelato, with flavours ranging from the ubiquitous - Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha; interesting ones - Thai Tea, Thai Basil with Choco Chip, Sticky Rice; to adventurous ones like the punchy Green Curry which leaves a tingling sensation. A Before You Toast version (served with banana slices sans whipped cream) is also available at the same price.

Tasting courtesy of Som Tam. Thank you for having me!


Delicious post-dinner treat at an authentic eatery I call my new favourite place for Pad Thai. Definitely one of the better versions around, this version had an amazing al dente texture, a pleasing smoky fragrance, and just the right balance of sweet & savoury flavours.

Because the stomach needs some pampering after a dreadfully long day.

Left: Ba Mee (dry) is a case of noodles done right. Tossed in a fragrant mix of garlic oil and lard, I pimped the springy strands with other condiments like fish sauce and their yummy chili paste. Pork collar char siew was flavourful and lined with just the right amount of fat.

Right: Boat Noodles - springy, thin rice noodles doused in a piquant and tasty broth, of which I adored for its unique flavours.

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He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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