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Bangsar Bound

Bangsar Bound

Conquering the best places to eat in this busy neighborhood one (or a few) at a time.
Emily Choong
Emily Choong

For a dish at The Breakfast Thieves that is comfortably satisfying (not too light like a starter nor something that fills you up to the brim like a buffet), order My French Lady (RM26), french toast served with strawberries, 55% salted dark chocolate soil, lemon curd, raspberry cream and mixed sesame shards. Very aptly named based on its presentation! Love that the french toasts are nice and down on all corners and sides yet the inside is still soft; it defines fluffy yet crunchy.


The Breakfast Thieves is the latest addition to Bangsar, and the first establishment at APW's Paper Plates. Coming all the way from Melbourne, these guys are passionate about the brunch choices they serve. I started with Gypsy King (RM29) — crisp garlic Rosemary polenta bars with beetroot and citrus cured salmon trout, cauliflower and Parmesan purée, roasted mushrooms, charred onion bits and two poached eggs. Everything on this plate comes in bite-sized pieces, making it a great starter (if you are going all out) to share with a friend. There's no method on how to consume this. You can do it however you like but be sure to leave some polenta behind to mop up all the leftover purée!


If you ever have a fried chicken craving, now you know where to come. THIRDWAVE's Szechuan fried chicken strips got me thinking of making trip number two (maybe three or more). It is served with burnt corn bread, spicy Sichuan peppercorn peanut sauce, and chestnut and walnut purée. Although I'm not the fondest of the sweet purée as I prefer my dish completely savory, I'd eat their fried chicken again any day!


The food at Roost will always have a special place in my heart and to be honest, I was a little down to watch the menu change—removing personal favourites like the pan-seared seabass with pumpkin risotto. However, based on this visit, I believe they have upped their game.

Hummus is still on the menu (thank God), something everyone should start with with a side of ciabatta. On top of that, order the smoked mackerel on toasted ciabatta for light, salty bites to get your appetite going. Once you’ve decided to move to the mains, definitely try either the Free Range Chicken Breast or the Chicken Thigh and the Veal Cheek to share for a little meatiness.

Roost, being located at a corner lot above Chawan, is blessed with the sight of Bangsar’s star-like lights in the trees—naturally making the ambience perfectly set for date nights. If you’re ever looking to impress somebody at a place like Roost, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and make a reservation right away.


Just down the road from Baskin Robbins lies a relatively quiet restaurant serving you cuisine from Barcelona. If dining alone, immediately pick up the tapas menu and start choosing. I highly recommend the baby lobster with lime foam (yes, lime foam) to go with a house white. Pair that with a Patata Bravas - potatoes with aioli on the side for something finger-food-like as you sink into the dim ambience. If you’re here with a group of people, get a paella to share!


Up for light bites and alcohol? Pop up the long-time-favourite La Bodega for them! No need to overfill your stomach capacities with the all-day breakfast when you can have tiny dishes to have over a chit-chat with your girl friend. Bonus point: free flow bread comes with the tapas!


Nestled in the middle of Jalan Bangkung, this quiet spot is not completely unknown to those looking for Italian food in Bangsar. Though set lunches were attractive in terms of price, there was an urge to go for their Roasted Cod served with white wine Kalamata sauce (RM72). Seeing as it’s an all time favourite on the menu, there were higher expectations placed. It turned out to have exceeded my expectations based on portion and texture. Very easy to consume, well-seasoned and sized just nice for one person, this would be my personal recommendation for first-timers here. You could pair it with a glass of white wine if you like!


Decided to go all out and ordered a second course which is typically one with meat for Italian dining. It was served with prawns, bay bugs, squid, barramundi, Hokkaido scallops and clams. It was quite the standard platter but one item stole my heart — the scallop. One single piece seared to perfection. Sadly, it was sitting in the broth for too long and hence cooled down together with it. I would’ve had this by itself all to myself.
Even if there is no red meat in sight at the end of your dinner, order a Danzante Merlot (RM28) to wash it all down. Because why not?


Italians love their pasta, and so do I! Opted for the tagliatelle (long, flat ribbons) primarily because of its base — truffle butter and an egg yolk. What can go wrong?
We were told to thoroughly mix the dish before consuming to ensure that each strand is well coated with the sauce and egg yolk.
If one had to define “love at first bite”, it would come in the form of this pasta. My biggest regret is not asking for more bread to mop the plate clean of any leftover sauce.
p.s. The sauce reduces a bit more when it cools down. You may or may not prefer it that way.


Went with the burrata served with heirloom tomatoes and aged balsamic, by recommendation. It certainly lived up to its meaning in Italian (also country of origin) — butter-textured where its outer shell holds the inner creaminess.
This is great for a refreshing start. Perhaps the Pinot Grigio (RM31) would be a better Waltz dance partner than the Frescobaldi Chardonnay (RM35) to the burrata.


Here's a place where you can go crazy with oysters and not hurt your wallet too much. The prices range from RM10 to RM18 per piece and shipped in once every two days (freshness checked!). Drop by on weekends for all-day-happy-hour price of RM8/piece! Oh, and don't forget to order a glass or two of beer. You know you want it ;)


Made and named after Bait's head chef Logan, Loggy's Noir Du Blanc (RM32) brings joy to those who love chocolate, Milo and ice cream all on the same dish. Inspired by childhood favorites, forget your cheat days with this pot of happiness. Perfect for sharing (or not) with someone who enjoys chocolatey bites to relive their once-young-self. Towards the end, perhaps mix all the textures together in one bite for a memorable finish.


Diet is not in my dictionary - and it will never be.

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