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Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Featuring RONIN, Montana Singapore, Paddy Hills, Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Hyde & Co., Rookery (Hong Leong Building), d'Good Café (Holland Village), Assembly Coffee, Toby's Estate, Rise & Grind Coffee Co. (Bukit Timah Plaza)
Kieffer Tay
Kieffer Tay

First time trying Mocha Chai so I was unsure how it will taste like. My worries were unfounded as this combines my 2 favourites: Mocha and Chai Latte in a cup.

Perfect medley of flavours from the rich chocolate and the aromatic and slightly spicy Chai. The end result is a smooth rich and full bodied coffee which blew me away. Will definitely come back for more.


Thick, velvety and aromatic brew. This hearty cup left a slightly sweet and fragrant aftertaste.


Although I was tempted to try their coffee which uses beans from Tiong Hoe, i decided to go for their hot choc.

Pleasantly surprised to see it being served in this cute little glass bodum instead of their usual green coffee cups. I only recall Black & Ink using these bodums so far.

The drink came with a little bar of dark chocolate which I used to stir the hot choc and gradually melted it into the drink. The blend was smooth rich and velvety, a little thicker than usual hot chocs which I absolutely adore. Overall a very satisfying cup and I will be sure to try their coffee the next time and their refreshing cold drinks


The range of drinks offered at The Laneway Market is pretty wide. This drink particularly caught my attention and I went for it.

Absolutely loved this drink. The saltiness of the sea salt went hand in hand with the rich and dark hot chocolate. I loved how both elements did not override each other at all.


Beans from Papa Pahelta. Rich and dark chocolatey notes, smooth blend which I expect nothing less from Papa Pahelta beans. Simply aromatic and delicious.


First time trying such a flavour of mocha, orange cinnamon.

Its amazing how I get all 3 flavours being strongly accented without any of the elements being subdued by each other. Orange was citrusy sharp, cinnamon provided a good hint of spice and the dark chocolate aroma was prevalent throughout the cup.


Rolled out of bed early just to head down to Assembly Coffee near Botanics for their famed wafflesssssss.

This cuppa was brewed to almost perfection. Rich chocolatey notes, medium bodied coffee and beautiful latte art rendered me speechless.


White coffee courtesy of @gentlemenscoffeecompany and @kafvecoffee at the @fscsg conference at Lime House!!!


(P.s. the pic looks blurrr here but its actually v clear on my phone. Not sure why but it also applies to all my other posts here)

Mad love CSSH's coffee which uses beans from Papa Pahelta which my Dad also loves. The latte is fantastic and this cold brew is no exception.

Beautifully bitter, which I normally do not like, this cold brew has a very raw and roasty aftertaste. Fragrant and aromatic, the coffee taste lingers in my mouth and throat after each mouthful.


A solid cuppa, full bodied roasty with rich tones of dark chocolate.


Great coffee.

Full bodied, roasty aftertaste with a little acidity which is just to my taste,. chocolate aroma was not compromised at all. Beans are from Axil Coffee Roasters from Melbourne


🍴Aspiring foodie 🍴Insta: @decipherkieffer

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