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Featuring Sunday Folks, Brotherbird Coffeehouse (Bugis), Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe (Orchard Central), Honey Creme ([email protected]), Banana Tree, Nookie Yogurt, Honeycomb, Bing Go Jung (Bukit Timah Plaza), YiLi PaoPao Ice (Orchard), Snowman Desserts (nex)
Kieffer Tay
Kieffer Tay

A very refreshing treat with a rather unique flavour like Honeydew. The sago pearls added a good crunch to the dessert, complimenting the smooth and creamy texture of the soft serve.


Decided to give Honey Creme another chance after writing it off my list months ago. I am glad I did!

Tried this special SG50 edition. Added $2 for a small Mango Coconut macaron. The pandan essence of the soft serve was pretty accented which I love. It was not saccahrine sweet unlike my first time even after releasing the Gula Melaka syrup from the pipette.

Love the attap seeds and rice crispies at the bottom of the cup. Will return for their new flavours such as Alisan Tea which caught my eye


Here at their new outlet at Westgate. 10% discount until 28th June wooohooo.

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Bliss from Yogart. Comes with 1 crunch, 3 fruits and 1 sauce.

Taste wise, pretty similar to Llao Llao, although I am not a fan of the latter at all. Yogart's yogurt was slightly more sour and coupled with the mangoes, watermelons and strawberries, the sweetness of the fruits balanced the sourness of the yogurt.

They also serve artisanal popsicles such as Yuzu Explosion which looked and sounds amazing. Will return for more yogurt and popsicles when I am in the area.


Essentially the ice cream form of my beloved Werthers' candy, the butterscotch fragrance was prevalent in the frozen custard, punctuated with hints of saltiness probably from fresh sea salt.

My current favourite flavour of Density so far, and considering I dislike Salted Caramel-ish tastes, this speaks volumes.


Have always heard great things about Momolato's gelatos and artisanal popsicles and now had a chance to finally try it at Deck's 1 year anniversary night market.

The famed popsicle is essentially a watermlon fruit squashed and churned into this refreshing paddle pop of joy. I felt as though i was eating the real fruit in it. And the fresh kiwi slice lying stealthily provided a slightly tart and sweet burst of flavour. Kudos to the kiwi slice for being chewy, adding some texture to the icy treat.


You know how fresh a popsicle is when you cna actually feel that you are drinking the actual beverage but in icy form.

The Thai Milk Tea popsicle was a treat, vying for my attention with its sweet and fragrant tea flavours. Half melted and half icy, I could taste the quality of ingredients used in Sng Bao's icy treats.

As for the Bandung flavour, it tasted really genuine, keeping a good balance between milky and sweet. Definitely not cheap tasting like processed Bandung drinks in supermarkets.


Came here again with my Dad to eat their Mango Bingsu since the last time we had the Melon one.

We were greeted with large chunks of mango fruits scattered all around the bowl. They were thankfully sweet and juicy. The ice was as usual fluffy as snow. They also have the takeaway option which is interesting but they have yet to kick start that option yet.


[HELP] STILL cannot select 'breakfast' & 'dinner' options when posting a new review.

Sundae with 2 toppings and double scoop frozen custard. Amazingly smooth and glided down my throat. Fruits were fresh as well. Frozen custard is definitely a novelty type of ice cream due to its inclusion of egg yolks.


This bingsu was only average to me, despite being my first visit to Bing Go Jung.

The corn flakes provided a good crunch and gave texture to the soft and fluffy shaved ice but somehow I felt this was inferior to Snowman Desserts' bingsus.


2nd visit to Honeycomb and I feel compelled to write a short review. The first visit here did not see any pictures being taken.

The quality of soft serve has significantly improved from my first visit, proving to be a worthy competitor to Honey Creme, which I find pales in comparison to the likes of Honeycomb and Milkcow.

Smooth, rich and creamy, paired with the not cloyingly sweet honeycomb chunk made this dessert a treat in the scorching weather. The gimmicky honey filled syringe helped to control the sweetness and one can choose not to include the liquid honey if they already find the sweetness to their liking.


Rich and creamy strawberry soft serve topped with fluffy cheesecake cubes and scarlet red sweet strawberries. Tasted a little like Haagen Daaz's Strawberry ice cream which is great.

The strawberry sauce drizzled as a finishing touch enhanced the strong strawberry essence and made me slurp up the melting dessert in less than 10 mins!


🍴Aspiring foodie 🍴Insta: @decipherkieffer

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