Was a lovely tart, very refreshing with the strawberries and custard. Highly recommended places for pastry lovers.


A New Zealand inspired cafe, Koru is a lovely space for coffee lovers who enjoy quiet mornings. I like the subtle hint of greens and Maori art surrounding the space. Coffee comes not from NZ, but locally sourced - Sumatran and Enthiopian Sidamo. A definite must try is their home made NZ 'cookie-cake' delicacies.

Mildly strong and aromatic, the chai tea is a win over most I've tried. I think it's a refreshing take over coffee-saturated cafes and I simply like the hand strainer-teapot combination prepared. The chai tea is highly recommended with soy milk and can fill about 1 and a half of a cup. It is sweetened with Australian honey, so you would find it a tad sweet. Definitely worth trying out!

Nara Kitchen & Co. is located along Uptown's Softsrve, Jucify and Frisson Coffee Bar. It has a touch of Nordic simplicity and minimal aesthetics. I like the flat white, though for the price, I know I could get it better at other cafe's. Still, it's a must try for those looking for a good healthy breakfast and lunch in PJ!


A good cuppa! Just what you need in a cafe for an early morning.. 😄 Delighted by the Enthiopian Yirgacheffe's balance with milk and chocolate in this one. 👍🏻

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Coffee was good, and the cafe is situated in a very cosy place upstairs along The Row. Secluded and quiet, the cafe cum boutique has apparels from a variety of brands from Pestle & Mortar.


Finally tried the Proud Mary, and choose the Enthiopian blend brewed by Wei Xiong. I was never a big fan of Enthiopian beans because of its citrus taste, which I find it sour. However, this one is grapey and full of vibrancy. It just tastes so great, that it changed my mind towards Enthiopian beans. I highly recommend trying it.


Located in Taman Paramount, the cafe has an old-skol local vibe which sets it apart from many. From tables to chairs and deco, you can feel like you've gone back to time, reminiscing the days before mobile gadgets take over our lives 😁 this place is like being in a kopitiam, but for urbanites. Coffee was alright, quite floral but kinda milky.

The matcha latte tasted good and decent. I'm quite fond of the cafe environment, particularly it's walls 😊 Also a perfect environment to chill if you're around the Kelana Jaya neighborhood.


Located beside Fuji Xerox office, the cafe is small and petit, serving a variety of pastries. Their coffee is served in a very unique cup (somewhat similar to old hotel cups 😅) but the taste was very sweet to me. It is much like a go to place for office workers and students around the area.


Nice cafe environment here at Butter + Beans new outlet 'At The Row'. They only serve pastries and cakes at the moment, but they are a delight to eat. The mocha coffee was good, more on the chocolate side and with a nice Rupert 'trademark' art 😄


Coffee here is not as good as I thought. I felt needs to be improved, as it tastes like old town white coffee to me. The bear art was a welcome though.


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