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Local Delights

Local Delights

Featuring WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar, Roost, Wong Kee Wanton Noodle (Timbre+), Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre, Shi Wei Xian Hong Kong Tim Sum
Rachel King
Rachel King

This is with extra Wanton. You can choose half fried and half soup.

You can choose spinach or tomato noodle with extra cost. But I prefer the egg one. Noodle is springy and it is really dry. Which is something good otherwise it will dilute the sauce. It's not your usual dark sauce. It has some I think scallop taste in it.

I will go back there if I'm in that area again.

Total damage: $5.50

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You see what you get. Just fried chicken rice ball. Don't have much surprise factor but it is something interested.

Nothing too fancy. The rice is not very oily is something I like.
Damage: $10

You might not see much Wanton there and indeed you can't see much in the menu. Wanton soup is one of the side dish.

The noodles is rather small portion but it's still filling as there are a lot of meats around. Noodle doesn't have a lot of lard smell which I can't stand. The noodle is not as springy as much as I like.

The noodles are with the meat. I find that roasted pork is so-so. The pork belly is nice and succulent. I would suggest 1 main with 2 noodles as the meat serving is big.

Side dish is Veg, Wanton soup and batalong egg (scotch egg). Veg is not too salty. Wanton soup is like. The minced meat used in scotch egg and wanton is the same and quite nice. The egg they used is a custard egg.

Worth a try if you want something.

Totally damage for the meal: ~$72


Cheap and good dim sum. They only open on weekend from 7am onwards. They will close till they finish. Meant for early birds.

Cheap and good dim sum. Forget about 126! They only open on weekend. I've spent $30.60 for 10 dishes.

Nice hawker food by nice, honest, old hawkers. The stall owner will steam carrot cake rather than buying the ready-made ones from the factory. Folks so will be able to enjoy all handmade carrot cake from this stall. You might also see him shred radish and carrot when he is not frying carrot cake. Stall closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Store number #01-60

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