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Burpple Eatups

Makan makan makan
Emily Choong
Emily Choong

Chutney Mary may come off as pricey to some, but if you order the right dishes, you're good to go. Their mutton briyani won't strike you as a dish to make you want to come back but the meat is one of the more tender ones I've had. It goes much better with the mutton gravy on the side. This was served with cucumber slices, raita, green apple slices and a couple of pappadum pieces which I walloped upon arrival. It seems that this place is an option for large family dinners and birthday parties as well because it can occupy large groups at their sofa seats.


It's an ordinary picture, but these are no ordinary fries. They are so addictive! It could be the cut (shoestring fries) where they are so thin and long that you can only munch on so much at a time - maybe that's the beauty of eating fries. Too much is not the way. You need them in straw-like forms, crispy, and served hot with any sauce, then you're good to go.


Bringing you cakes from popular places like Sugar Rush and Cakes Jalan Tiung, Double A doubles up the cake supplies in Ara Damansara. Their range of cakes vary between their suppliers but don't expect them to run out too soon. This is certainly a preferable place for tea away from the congested suburbs!


Chicken breast with cream with a side of fries and fresh greens - and a single basil garnish (RM23.00). I'm all for chicken breast meat but I do think it could be seasoned better although I do like the flavor of the cream which went well. Those fries? No way. Wedges would've been way better especially to soak up the leftover sauce. I hear they have ayam percik but only for lunch. That would be something I'd look forward to more than this.


"Great" is their middle name, "beer" is their game. Don't expect to find the typical Tigers and Carlsbergs here. From the looks of it, they don't do "mainstream". Upon welcoming you at the door, they will ask for your beer preferences and begin introducing you to their line of beers. From Indian pale ale to stouts and porters, these guys take their varieties very seriously so expect it to be like somebody introducing you to different coffee brewing methods for the first time in your life. The interior of the place is just like a pub with high chairs, dim lighting and of course outdoor seating for those who smoke. Hungry? Choose from a selection of their selection of bar snacks! They're considerably expensive but are still great for light snacking. However, if you're somehow drunk and are in need something heavier, your best bet is to hit elsewhere like mamak restaurants or Ramly burgers.


The dessert of night which made its appearance like a Victoria's Secret angel, all eyes were glued to it. A subtle coconut flavor teases the sweet tastebuds and the sourness from the passionfruit glaze cleanses the palette after a long night of munching on savory. Its overall figure has a solid look but like the weak heart of the vulnerable, it falls apart at the mention of the spoon.


Finally, a place that specializes in scones! These buttery scones tasted slightly doughy but at least they weren't bland or way too fluffy in texture. Apparently, they make it with premium butter which explains why it's RM9.00 for 2 pieces! Compliment with butter & jam (or kaya) and a cup of tea for a satisfying late afternoon snack. p.s. there is no harm adding extra butter ;)

LA/PA (pronounced "lapar" which means hungry) adds a twist to the usual breakfasts and brunches. From a savory French toasts (RM19.90) to baked duck eggs (RM21.00), pancakes with quinoa (RM19.90) and a bread basket served with garlic herb butter & spiced brown sugar & raisin butter (RM12.00), this relatively new restaurant in Bangsar Baru brings your food experiences to a slightly different world which may or may not be to your liking. The duck eggs are my personal favorite though!


If you're looking for a more English style tea session, head over to Jaslyn Cakes for a wide variety of cakes, loaves, tarts and cookies baked fresh each day accompanied by any choice of tea in their Royal Albert tea cups and cute tea pots! Recommendations: butterscotch blondie, peanut butter cake, salty Valrhona brownie, Earl Grey chiffon and baked cheese cake 🍰


Aside the usual choices of coffee, go for their signature drinks like Presso Bomb, Fat Americano and The Gato (RM14 each) for a different coffee experience.


We were able to taste various homemade breads with delicious homemade butter blends.
Condiments from left to right: Spiced brown sugar and raisin butter; Bonne Maman Jam; Garlic herb butter.
I think the types of breads were dark rye loaf (which is the same bread that they use for the French toast dish), white baguette, and brioche burger bun.
This was the cheapest breakfast choice on the menu, but it's nothing close to being cheap. I love the raisin butter. Now I'm tempted to melt some butter and infuse it with some raisins and freeze them in the freezer to make some myself. Spread some butter with Bonne Maman jam (also my favourite brand for fruit preserves, the one with the picnic-y White and red plaid cover), it's an amazing blend.
The garlic spread was very fragrant and tasted amazing on toasted bread. Something like a garlic spread!
I love all the breads, but of course a brioche is the fluffiest and sweetest.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 12)


Weird combination right? La/Pa may have a thing in making savoury desserts. But an avid food lover as I am, I can't fathom a savoury French toast, especially with Pesto!! Pesto is with pasta. Good pasta. Not good French toast. Some might like this twist but definitely not my favourite. The toast was rather hard too. I think because it's the dark rye loaf.
Food: 5/10 Price: 5/10 (RM 19.90 - very expensive for two pieces of bread coated in egg and some vegetable and herbs blended in the blender for a topping. I'll forgive them a bit because feta cheese, rye bread, and kale is quite expensive. Plus, this is in Bangsar)


Diet is not in my dictionary - and it will never be.

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