Bandar Sunway/Subang Jaya

Bandar Sunway/Subang Jaya

Welcome to the land of the jam and scarce parking, but fortunately good food. #47500 🙌
Farah Aziz
Farah Aziz

Nothing a plate of soft shell crab cannot fix. The fried rice itself was already good on its own, but it gets better when paired with the golden fried and crispy pieces of the soft shell crab and fish roe 🤤 I’ve been trying out different menus every time I come and they never disappoint.

Drove past a random stall in SS 19 that one afternoon and somehow I stumbled upon this, weird combination of pau. I mean, I’m used to the classic flavours of kaya and chocolate? Even coconut amazes me sometimes, let alone this funky mushroom chicken carbonara flavour. Me being the curious eater, I had to get it along with the other flavour, Cheesy Beef Bolognese if I remember correctly. It’s a bit expensive for a pau, but I guess it’s somewhat understandable as it was supposedly premium flavour. It was good, but I don’t think the taste justified the price enough. It could be slightly cheaper, in my opinion.

Q Bistro recently (recent at that time, November 2018) opened near my house so naturally my dad wanted to try it out. I heard the nasi lemak was good so I had to try, and I did, and I had the same thinking. It was good! To be fair, I believe it was the chicken, but still. I’ve had the chicken on other occasions but it wasn’t much to shout about. For some reasons, it just blended super well with the nasi lemak, and just the nasi lemak. It was a little spicy for me but I have gotten this plate a few times already, so I still like it even if it’s spicy.

Tried out Dao back in October 2018 and I thought, “Hey, this is a nice and affordable dessert place!” Though I haven’t been back here much (I have been a few times, but not frequent enough), I still think it’s a nice place in general. We had the Dao Fu Fah (RM 3.90) which is beancurd with the choice of brown syrup and add-on of tongyuen - pumpkin glutinous rice balls - for RM 1.30 and the Dao Panda (RM 6.90) which is beancurd topped with black sesame paste and add-on of tongyuen (RM 1.30). I love the beancurd, as well as the tongyuen. It’s such a simple and classic bowl of dessert to have once in a while. They have more than one branch now, so do check them out if you haven’t.

Stumbled upon this restaurant (it’s been around for a while, I just haven’t decided to enter until one fine day) on a random afternoon while I was trying to get lunch. Breakfast food is my favourite food, except I almost never wake up early enough to have it. God bless all day breakfast, really. It consisted of chicken sausages and two soft baked eggs (and maybe other things, who knows?) all in tomato sauce. I had toasts too, I can’t recall if it came together or it was an additional side. I haven’t been back since, but I wouldn’t mind coming back.

I remember coming here on their first day of opening - September 8 2018 if I remember correctly. I’ve always loved their cakes. I might have frequented the premise a few times in the same week because of that. I haven’t been here in a while though. I love their brownies too, and their cinnamon rolls.. especially their cinnamon rolls. They even have proper food now, I think. If you’re ever around the area, come over.

Jumped on the boba bandwagon earlier in August when The Alley recently opened in SS 15. There was less crowd back then as compared to now so the line was not that long. I have yet to try the other boba places so I couldn’t compare, but The Alley was not bad. I would come back to try out the other beverages.

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After so long, I finally managed to try Macha & Co in July 2018. My initial plan was to get the banana leaf rice but after checking out the menu, I ended up with this naan pizza - best decision ever.


It’s been so long that I forgot the price of this plate of pad Thai. I believe it was less than RM 10. It’s the simplest plate yet satisfying. I opted for no vegetables so it’s a little boring. But it’s definitely my go-to place whenever I want a simple & cheap plate of pad Thai.


Favourite Korean chicken will be from @_qtpots (follow them on Instagram!). Since I don’t eat spicy food, I asked for the spicy level to be customised to my level 😅 so good!

I love chicken chop in general. I love black pepper. I love black pepper chicken chop, even more so when it’s sizzling 😋 it was satisfying, the portion was just nice for me. I have repeated this order a few times already, I absolutely love it.

Such a simple dish - pasta, chicken, egg - yet so satisfying. I love that kind of eggs where you just break them and they become their own sauce. It’s basically everything I love into one.

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