Grass fed Angus steak, cooked a little over on the rare. Not my favourite cook level but definitely worth every bite with some herbed butter and sautéed cherry tomatoes. Tell me you're not drooling already?


Try the red bean injeolmi (peanut powder) with some hot matcha latte. Real comfort food.
The shaved ice is as smooth as snow or maybe talcum powder (not edible FYI). Learn how to do it the Korean way! Stir everything up so the injeolmi melts together into a delicious peanut butter like mixture with red bean and mochi balls. Try not to make a mess like I did. 😅

Hanbing Cafe also serves hot food and snacks like tteokbokki and dumplings.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 24. I am usually not keen with bingsu prices. But it is an average price for a Korean dessert)

Lobster roll! Who doesn't love lobster roll. Although it might be the most expensive sandwich.

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Feeling a little peckish and I miss having this scoop of Milk Chocolate Chip in a Vanilla waffle cone.
Walked under the scorching sun at Bangsar Telawi and decided to stop by for ice cream. Just what I needed!
Smooth, creamy, cold and satisfying. Nice balance between milk chocolate and the chocolate chip/cookies. A bit like milo, but it's totally different! They have their own milo dinosaur flavour.
Another premium flavour. Yum!


And I just found their branch at Publika! Quite hidden but it had quite a nice atmosphere and very kid friendly. Just on the same floor as Namoo Cafe, right opposite them!
Recommended by the waiter, this salad consists of a mix of mashed and diced avocado, diced tomatoes and peppers, diced poached chicken, delicious crushed walnuts and raisins; all served on a bed of lettuce. The mashed avocado was already a nice dressing, but it was also tossed with minimal amount zesty mustard dressing.
One more favourite salad, added to the list!
Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 28 - this was one big salad served with a side of bread. I had to takeaway half of this. But I enjoyed a nice serving of salad the next day too!)


Roost have the best homemade ice creams by far. However the apple cinnamon was the least favourite among Burpplers because the cinnamon conquered most of the flavours and there was no hint of apple flavour. I sort of felt like there was a smack of cinnamon to your face in every teaspoon of ice cream.
All homemade ice cream is served on top some crushed cookie crumbles.
Food: 5/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 12 for a scoop that's about 3-4 inches in diameter. Flavours of homemade ice cream changes everyday! Ask the house for what they have that day.)

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I prefer this than apple cinnamon. The taste was more balanced and refreshing. Although you would get a punch of sourness in your first bite, a few spoons later it will be super addicting and comforting.
Nice light dessert after some heavy mains.
Also served with cookie crumbles. Drizzled with some passion fruit sauce.

Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 12)

My favourite dessert among all the desserts on the menu. Although I would love to try their Chocolate fondant, it was unavailable that night. Sigh 😔 Smooth white chocolate mouse. Not incredibly thick nor sweet. All balanced with great techniques. I can even say it beats the mouse I had in Paris. Kudos Roost!

Liquorice ice cream is the bomb!! Complements the White mouse perfectly. Definitely should have them together. Ice cream tastes sweet and alcoholic once it enters your mouth but a bittersweet taste slips in when the ice cream melt in your mouth. So much mouth-gasm right there.
It's quite hard for me to find delicious white chocolate desserts because they are always incredibly sweet. But Roost has broke the curse. 😁 Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 20 - plated desserts at this quality and price is very worth paying for)

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Sweetness was just right. A hint of coconut flavour which made this dessert quite tropical like. Drizzled with a sauce they call "calamansi coulis". Which I thought was passion fruit but it's quite like that with citrusy/lime sourness from the calamansi fruit - Philipine Lime.
We were pleasantly delighted and biased by this dessert because it was so delicious! It came to a close second behind my favourite white mouse. Really happy with the balance of flavour!
Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 20 - I'm convinced Roost plated desserts are the most worth it for your value of money!)


Served a side of triple cooked fries.
Although the fries were served as a side, it was quite the main star for me and the rest. My first time trying the delicate fried potato strips that has such lengthy process. That proved its position for amazingly and still filled with pure potato, not oil laden.
However, I was quite disappointed with the beef burger patty because it was rather dry and maybe slightly overcooked. The sautéed mushrooms, fluffy buns and melted cheese saved it though.
Burger was nothing to shout about. Fries is.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 32 - blame the delicious triple cooked fries that can be ordered as a side on its own for RM 18)

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King prawns cooked to perfection served on a bed of fresh cheese and herbs. There was a hint of lavender scent. That must be the special flavour I was looking for while devouring this. But I must emphasise on the poached prawns. So delicious! Meat crunchy yet soft. Not mushy at all. We had some really fresh prawns that night! Too bad there was only two pieces on prawns on the appetiser.
I noticed Roost has a thing for adding pomegranate on their appetisers! They do add flavour and freshness to it.
The herbed cheese goes really well with the prawns. Wasn't too strong of the taste and smell. Possibly fresh feta cheese but don't take my word for it because the menu did not describe their dish in detail.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 32 - not sure if the prawns were really expensive or just cutthroat. Or the cheese was another costly thing on the plate.) PS. After all, fine dining is a good place to explore with your tastebuds and treat someone you love some quality food once in a while.

Duck Pate and Smoked duck were out that night so we were left with this starter. A burst of flavour on your first bite. Definitely too salty if eaten by its own. Nice layer of duck fat and meat sliced thinly. Served with mint vinaigrette (I think), some chutney and salad leaves. Eating with the salad definitely tones down this starter a bit.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 18)

Breakfast brunch lover and coffee art lover! Instagram: @foodroll_

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