Local Hawker Fares

Local Hawker Fares

Forget about Michelin food, fine dining affairs and whatever fancy shit that's out there. Singapore's hawker food is something even Gordon Ramsay can't handle!
Ray Tan
Ray Tan

I was alittle disappointed when I found out that the boss is no longer cooking his signature meepok personally since a few years ago. Ever since, i rarely visit the stall over at Jln Tua Kong because the standard has really dropped and I’m just not down for an insincere bowl of meepok...Disappointing... However, I happened to chance upon another of Ah Lim’s outlet at Joo Chiat which is just a couple of feet away from Feifei wtm. Boss’ son is cooking personally and it does tastes much better than the Jln Tua Kong outlet. Noodles are springy and the sauce has an indescribable wine taste that is pretty unique. The $5 and $6 bowl comes with deshelled boiled prawns. It is alittle pricey for a traditional bowl of meepok but do give it a try if you’re ever in the area. Meepok will nvr taste the same again.

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A friend introduced me this laksa place over at Telok Kurau, which happened to be called Katong Laksa. It is a long standing laksa stall that has braved the weathers for more than 20 years as my friend recalls. The laksa gravy is fragrant and the chili goes well with it when evenly mixed. Fairly generous amount of cockles which are juicy. Personally, I’m not a laksa fan, no thanks to 328, but I think after this meal I just became a convert.

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$4.50 for S; $5.50 for L
Kinda pricey for wanton mee but it's really really one of the tastiest I've had so far! Now this is the hokkien style of wanton mee i believe, pls correct me if i’m wrong. Personally, i always dub this the “white” kinda wanton mee because of the clear sauce that they use. The clear sauce is really uniquely fragrant and not too oily. Most wanton mee that you find in hawker centres are the “black” kind because they usually use a darker and thicker sauce in their noodles. The Eng’s noodles are slightly thicker than ur usual mee kia and really chewy. Wantons don't have those overcooked stray skin that are peeling off like they are infected with leprosy, which i think is an amazing job well done. Also not forgetting the generous char siew slices that are equally tender! Really worth it! Lastly, if you are up to the challenge, you can add in the super spicy chili at your own risk! The chili bottle even states “Beware of Hot Chilli”. They are not kidding you guys...
Be here early if u wanna avoid the queue! Do not come too late because they close at 9pm

Traditional teochew Meepok ($3/$4/$5). Not sure how many styles of meepok there are but growing up as a Siglap kid, I used to think that Siglap has the best meepok in Sg (Ah Lim Meepok [email protected] Tua Kong). Little did I know that long before Ah Lim was there, this was the original bomb. Originally situated at the former Siglap market, 132 meepok has moved a few times in Siglap area before finally settling down at its current premise in a humble coffeeshop at Marine Terrace (opp Ngee Ann Pri). The meepok chili is not for the chicken hearted. Chili infused with vinegar and sesame oil just tastes famazing! This style of meepok also comes with broiled prawns! Lastly the meepok noodles itself. I mean how can one claim to be the meepok king without having decent noodles? Let me tell you, fellow bro and sista burpplers... the meepok noodles is bloody Q like a trampoline!! Conclusion: Die Die Must Eat!


One of my old time favorites beef hor fun ($6,$12,$18) when I was a kid. Back then the amount of beef was so overwhelming I can barely see the horfun. These days the amount is lesser but still plentiful for $6 I say. Horfun slightly charred which I kinda like. You can choose to have it dry or with gravy ( I prefer with gravy). The beef slices are still as tender as ever but they have this tenderizer taste to it. You will know what I'm saying if you're a seasoned beef lover. Overall I say it's worth a visit if you're in the area. I wouldn't travel all the way there and get myself frustrated over the parking. Moreover, there are no longer any "eye candies" stationed along the side alleys ;) #hawkerpedia


$15 for med plate; That's like $3 per prawn! The pumpkin paste is thick and really fragrant. Batter is crispy and not too oily. Other healthy dishes include the prawn paste chicken and fried pork chop

$2.50/$3.00 (eating in); Takeaway $0.50 more. Generous portions of ingredients and the soup is not too sweet. The cold one comes with chunks of ice, not the shaven kind. This is the legendary Cheng Teng stall at Bedok Corner hawker (opp Bedok Camp). Former stall owner is a really funny uncle who will joke with all the customers that comes along. Sadly, he passed away due to cancer I think and now his wife and relatives are taking over the reins. Standard is still as good albeit alittle pricey for cheng teng.

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$2.50/$3 Ingredients kinda little, just a lot of towpok. Laksa gravy is kinda spicy and less milky than the Katong one. Give this stall a try if u haven't cried in awhile.

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Hidden at a corner coffee shop beside Bedok Point, this chicken rice stall (unfortunately they don't have a name) serves some unique charsiew chicken rice ($3.60). Basically it's generous portions of tender chicken slices roasted with charsiew sauce! The rice is not the best I've tasted but decently fragrant. Refreshing change of taste if you're tired of eating the same regular chicken rice!

A palate of chicken with braised pork, a bowl of taukee soup and 2 servings of rice balls cost $8. If I closed my eyes and taste the rice balls I would thought I'm eating lo mai kai (glutinous rice) Rice ball not fragrant enough as chicken rice should be. Chicken was alright but portion not exactly generous. Braised pork was thinly sliced and tasted rather normal. The soup ...it was bland but prob ur best bet among the whole set. Not recommended unless u just wanna try how rice balls taste like. I think they prob have better ones in msia


For only $3.50 this plate of chicken chop noodles packs a punch. Highly recommend this place for those who have been outta town for awhile and can't decide where to start to satisfy your local food fare deprivations!

Ray Tan

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I'm a food anal. Appease my connoisseur tongue please👅

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