Damansara/Petaling Jaya/TTDI

Damansara/Petaling Jaya/TTDI

Damansara Uptown, SS2 and everything else around that area.
Farah Aziz
Farah Aziz

Post-Japan trip, I was still dreaming about the soufflé pancakes I had in Fleur Kyoto. I visited Soylab when they recently opened, and I initially ordered just beverage. As we were seated, we noticed the waiters carrying out plates of these pancakes and soon after, we were waiting for ours. I would say, their pancakes were slightly less fluffy than the ones I had in Kyoto, so it wasn’t to my liking. I would come back for the soy-based desserts, but I would skip the pancakes altogether.

On another episode of my bubble tea adventures, I ended up purchasing a Buy 2 @ RM 14 voucher from Fave and here I was, with a cup of brown sugar fresh milk. I’ve had this a few times, but it’s a bit more of the sweet side which I don’t really fancy, but I still finish it anyway. I would still stir a few times just so it blends well, and the boba was just nice, most of the time. I would buy it again if it was under the same promotion, but I never wanted to when it was the standard price, I feel it wasn’t really worth it.

I joined the brown sugar boba bandwagon, and decided to get this on the last day of 2018. I still remember I was told to stir 9 times before drinking it and I thought that was weird. When asked, I was told that it’s Taiwan’s favourite/lucky number. Really? Sure, it was sweet, but it was just sweet enough for me. I’ve gotten it a few times after, so I believe this is probably my favourite drink from The Alley.

My first time ever at Tony Roma’s and I went for their chicken. If I remember correctly, they had an interesting choice of lunch menu. There was nothing to shout about this chicken, it’s your standard chicken with a hint of BBQ sauce. It was served with coleslaw and french fries with bottomless iced lemon tea. I would probably come again, and definitely not for this chicken, maybe for the meat.

A bit too late to the party but does anybody remember this bizarre thing created by myBurgerlab? I personally think they’re really not that weird! Milo-coated chicken strips with budu sauce clearly sounds weird, but it really isn’t. At least, I don’t think so. I thought the strips on its own was weird as it was sweet, but it turned out okay when dipped in the budu sauce. It somehow complemented each other. I swear, only myBurgerlab can do this weird thing. I wish I could get it again, but I guess it was seasonal/one time thing.

I personally can’t take rendang be it chicken or beef or lamb, anything rendang really. I decided to disregard that and ordered this anyway. I instantly did not regret! I loved how the charcoal buns complemented the sunny side up and peanut butter and sambal and ikan bilis.. not forgetting the glorious fried chicken patty! I’m in love. I’m glad it’s now in the permanent menu so I can get it anytime. Also, it’s still the only rendang thing I’ll ever eat 🤣

Went on a random pizza journey with some friends in October 2018 when myPizzaLab recently opened. I believe we tried quite a bit, probably about seven pizzas altogether. There were about 10 of us too, if I remember correctly. We tried Butcher’s Wife (RM 35) and Huat the Duck (RM 35) among some of it. Some flavours are not there anymore, I believe. This particular boba pizza was a little bit too weird for my liking, but the Butchers Wife was nice. I would come back for it, but I’m a bigger fan of their burgers, honestly 😅

I couldn’t find the actual location, but I believe it’s located at Tapak in Taman Tun. I managed to try this out during 2018’s Tiffin event. I vaguely remember asking for it to-go, so they packed the nachos and sauces separately, if my memory serves me well. I love nachos in general, especially beef nachos, so I loved this too. Nachos with beef rendang and cheese and salsa and pickles, nothing could (or should!) go wrong. I don’t always crave for nachos, so if I ever crave for it again, I know where to go.

*Price courtesy of @foodpandamy again.

Imagine spaghetti with beef masak lemak, this is exactly it. Masak lemak basically is spicy turmeric coconut milk stew, and to have it with beef is something I actually enjoy. While I like to have it with steamed rice usually, I found it to be a weird combination to have it with spaghetti. I believe I will just stick to the usual rice combination and skip the spaghetti altogether in the future. That aside, the stew was nice on its own and the beef was tender too.

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Last night, my friends brought me to this Chinese dessert place, it was kind of like Snowflakes in my opinion. Lucky for us, parking was not a pain and there was also no line (apparently usually there’s a queue). Since it was a hot day, I ended up with shaved ice - honeydew flavoured. There were even bits and pieces of honeydew inside. So refreshing, I would come back again (if they want to bring me) 👉🏼👈🏼

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One of the best things to have while it’s scorching hot outside (like right now) would be this: a pack of coconut shake. It’s icy and it’s coconutty and creamy and everything good in a cup. It’s by the roadside on Jalan Bahagia, on the left if heading towards Paradigm after the field.

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🥗 + 🍟 + 🍗 for less than RM20 at Friday’s is definitely a good catch, never mind the quality (it didn’t disappoint, so that’s good). Definitely filling as there were two pieces of chicken, definitely value for money if you ask me.

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