Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

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Jenny Ma
Jenny Ma

Even though it was $6 a piece, you must try at least once. A hint of cinnamon and white powder sugar made me felt like Christmas came early.

New to hipster enclave of The Bedok Marketplace is Hot Pans, a stall which focuses solely on Dutch baby pancakes. Open from noon till 10pm, you'll be able to settle your cravings long before dinner. For the uninitiated, these babies are warm, eggy, crepe-like pancakes served in a small pan. The Classic Dutch Baby is the simplest of the variations served here — a choice of drizzle and a scoop of ice cream— allowing you to experience it in its true form. For something a little fancier, go for the Cinnamon Apple Crumble ($7.50) that comes with caramelised apples, raisins and salted caramel ice cream. This is a great dessert to share after a good meal.

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Besides their wonderful Shibuya toasts, Meet & Melt does surprisingly amazing waffles. The waffles are wonderfully crisp on the outside, fluffy and moist on the inside. We topped our charcoal waffle with a scoop of salted egg ice cream and some salted egg sauce - talk about an overdose. The flavours are intense, rich, and the most authentic I've tried. It really is the dessert embodiment of salted egg yolk, and not some watered down/overly sweet or salty flavour. The flavours are amazing, but consider sharing cause it can get a tad overwhelming.

Tucked away in the heartlands of Tampines is this tiny promising ice cream shop. We tried their signature Ferrero Rocher Toast (S$10.90), which was surprisingly delish: a well-buttered superbly crisp thick toast, topped with a scoop of decent rocher ice cream and a variety of toppings. My only peeve is the slightly off ratio of bread to ice cream, leaving us loads of bread without enough accompanying ice cream. That aside this is an amazing Shibuya Toast that'd put many cafés' renditions to shame.

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Coated fully with sugar and cinnamon, the churros were thick and long yet still crisp. They were decent but they were heavy on the oil and flour taste - which I think could be better improved :) The sore throat inducing chocolate dip was thick (saw reviews saying it could be thicker, guess they improved alr 👍) and rather complement the churros. I now need a huge cup of liang teh to "cool" myself down 😂

Not sure if its the fact that I am turning 21 this year, but a lot of my tastebuds are changing. I have NEVER liked anything salted egg, much less in a cake.

Imagined my surprise when I tasted this cake, it literally blew my mind away. It was levels better than the Earl Grey one. The texture of the cake was chiffon-like, a little dense but light enough for the palate. Salted egg flavour was strong and fragrant, with the middle portion of the cake oozing yellow goodness. I could also taste the black sesame so kudos to the 2 elements not overpowering each other.

Two words: Mind Blown

P.S. i was the 1st person to grab a slice. Hence the lack of a full cake for this picture. The very kind lady staff allowed me to snap pictures of the cake when she brought it out to the table to snap pics too (for their insta and FB page hehe)


More dense than expected, the cake's texture does remind me of a Black Sesame chiffon cake but the salted egg custard between the layers made it really unique and distinct. I love the fragrance from the two elements and the added crunch from the salted egg crumbles on the sesame cream at the top!


Still not as good as the Earl Grey Salted Egg Yolk cake at @dappercoffee that I haven't seen in some time.

#DapperCoffee #Dessert #Cake

The waffle was crisp and airy with a slight burntness to it, and there was a distinct air of Sahara desert to the concept that neither the sweet and slightly sour lemon curd nor the vanilla ice cream could dispel. Elsewhere, the titular cloud, completely unable to be tackled with utensils, felt like a pretty hindrance and the toasted marshmallows – the one enjoyable thing in the sea of elemental disparateness – deflated wondrously into happy goo in your mouth. 3.1/5


Thai milk tea kaffles ($12.90) , available here at Stirling only on Saturdays! Crispy on the outside and soft inside for this Thai milk tea-infused waffles but it gets soggy really fast. Drizzled with more Thai milk tea sauce and a cutely inverted vanilla bean cone. Pity the vanilla ice cream didn't stand out. There weren't any black little specks of vanilla bean, but was still hoping it'd be more fragrant.

Kaffles, a recently opened hole-in-the-wall pop-up, offers specialty waffles in enticing combinations.

Pictured is the eye-catching Speculoos Cookie Crunch Kaffles ($11.90). The buttermilk waffles were just my type. Warm, fluffy inside and crispy on the outside.

The waffles were frosted with Speculoos cookie crumbs and drizzled on with Speculoos cookie drizzle. It sounds sinful but it was surprisingly not heavy. I managed to gobble it all down within minutes. I will probably try their Nutella Kinder Bueno Kaffles next!

Kaffles is only opened on Saturday evenings, 6pm-1am.

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Smores, Lemon Lavender and 2 Banana Walnut - what a party! Awesome deal thanks to Groupon and Sugar 👌

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Eat clean the plate

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