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Rachel Loke
Rachel Loke

As the name suggests, this cookie is made up of half dark chocolate and the usual milk chocolate. It's quite a thick cookie, the chocolate flavours are rich, and the texture is what I like - slightly gooey and chewy on the inside but still a bit crisp on the outside. But would have preferred it to be less sweet, and gosh the price... 🤔

Shared the large cup of their signature creation, which is simply mango soft serve with more mangoes! Was initially worried that the soft serve will be too sweet, but thankfully it wasn't! The mango toppings also tasted quite fresh and decently sweet. Would like to try their other creations next, like the graham and/or cheese!

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Am a sucker for cookies and couldn't resist trying one from this newly opened store! There are about 8 flavours of cookies, with prices ranging from $4.20 to $4.90. It comes with a choice of filling, where the crew will use a syringe to inject the filling into the cookie.

I thought the cookie was good and my favourite kind of texture - chewy and thick! Would have preferred it to be less sweet. However, as someone who bakes, I feel this is overpriced, considering that most of the ingredients are simple and relatively cheap.

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A large cup of acai goodness! Even better when using Burpple Beyond :) t'was really filling with loads of healthy food!

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😋 This morning's little field trip was to bring a group of students from Taiwan to Tiong Bahru because their project is about food in Singapore! Hahaha, we gave them a taste of both local food at the hawker centre and desserts at the cafés just next door~ Talk about gentrification man, the old vs new contrast can never be more stark! Anyway it was fun bringing them around, hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did! 😁

But couldn't taste the liquor at all though.

Today was an uneventful day but the good things came at the end! Times like this where the F-words are so important: friends and family. 🙆💕
Oh and of course, the third F - FOOD! Gonna be posting more photos of it these few days because... #foodismotivation 💪💪💪 #youhavebeenwarned

Plus 4 more in the fridge beside it!

#iwantcake #stressedisdessertsspelledbackwards #foodismotivation

{Blueberry Lemon Yogurt cake x Strawberry Shortcake}
The former was a tad sweeter than I'd hoped for but I love the flavours! (And the intriguing shade of blue hahaha.) The latter was good too as it's light and fluffy and paired with cream cheese frosting. Ah now I just wanna go back and try the other cakes! 😋

Pronounced 'a-sigh-ee', this is a type of berry that's packed with 5 times more anti-oxidants than blueberries! It's blended in this dish and its taste is rather unique too, with a hint of dark chocolate! One mouth of it and I'm sold! 😂 Really healthy and delicious yumm~

FOODIE @toroamtheworldeats

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