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timtam_tum ✨
timtam_tum ✨

[Doe Bakes]

Am hopeful everyone’s National Day was restful and/or food-filled as mine was despite COVID.
Was glad that we were able to visit a family friend’s place while remaining adherent to safe management measures.

At the food-filled gathering I had fun wrapping and savouring just enough Ann Chiang popiah roll ($35/ party set); also, 烧肉from a famed Kopitiam in AMK.
I had (maybe) too much fine Penfolds wine and the above squares of non-chilled cempedak cake, if you thought being able to bake made me less receptive of store bought baked goods, you thought wrong because I was even more appreciative of how nicely moist and delicious these cute squares of cake were - so appreciative I had 7 pieces 🙃

On the eve of National Day, i get to enjoy the scenic view of Gardens by the Bay form the Kallang PCN we woke up at 6am to “explore”. Then had breakfast at one of the better brunch places in Singapore - enter Sarnies, before walking to Chinatown and have my Singaporean Kopi after a milky, cafe masala chai latte. This was not before stopping by this non descript chiffon and roll cake stall which had Dr Leslie Tay’s article displayed- at $1.80 per slice of chiffon I found this one of the softest chiffons I’ve had and was very pleased.

At Chinatown complex food centre I had only space for desserts so the chendol that Our Grandfather Story featured we had to try. It was a good bowl of chendol at $2 considering how the slightly savoury pandan tadpole jellies are handmade.

But my win for the day was Xin Xuan’s Min Chiang Kueh, I love pancakes so corollary, I love Chinese pancakes. The ones here are soft and delicious that it made me feel like they were everything I could have ever wanted.

#HappyNationalDay I do love the country I live in✨

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I once wrote that these kuihs/ kuehs would do our culture beside our other Asian counterparts’ Korean rice cake and Japanese mochi. When Dad came home with just 1 plastic box of them from Tiong Bahru Market for himself, I couldn’t help but steal half the pack 😬 he should have politely asked if the family was interested in having them, regardless I am glad HarriAnns is still churning these delicacies amidst COVID. The bright purple and orange does not mean these were only artificially coloured as you get yam and sweet potato bits in the soft chewy morsels; for the palest, they were pure tapioca flavor.

P.S: apologies that these were clearly half eaten 😬 anyone knows the exact name of these kuehs? Are the a variant of Ondeh or kueh kosui or Kueh Ubi Kaya?

Another first meal of the day feature on my ching chong CNY cushion at home 😶😅
The best place to get 包 for the family currently following the closure of Tanglin Pau; which make these simple treats extra more precious.

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Residing in my “to try” list for the longest time, how blessed I was when the family was gifted a pint during this CB period.
Have no qualms about Dopa Dopa being one of the better ice cream creamery around in SG after trying their noteworthy Roasted Pistachio flavour.
You get grounded bits of the premium nut and a very pronounced roasted taste; my pistachio ice cream loving Dad was nodding in approval.

This was a dream come true
👩🏻: I don't usually take the cream on cakes but I love the cream I can finish it!!
👧🏻: Best cakes I've had in awhile!!
Might be "its dad's birthday" mood but honestly everything tasted great, from the DELICIOUS MILKY LIGHT CREAM, soft sponge cake, crisp layer of tart base in the Mont Blanc...
Then on to the contrasting sweetness of milk and dark cacao chocolate used in the chocolate swirl roll that gain the approval of a self-proclaim chocoholic i.e. me.
So need to be bring my cake loving aunts to their new outlet at tanjong pagar (because Dempsey's Henri Charpentier will be closed from Dec onwards)
P.S: Main point though happy birthday to my 爸爸💖


This is culinary at thorough affordability! A synchronized string of flavors plated diligently my pan fried dory was steaming smooth with a perfect crust. An absolute delight with the mustard basil sauce, sautéed garlic mushrooms and garden salad donned with a tangy (lemon & olive?) oil dressing.
The newly opened cafe at the refurbished E!Avenue just 5 minutes from my place *throws confetti* is a worth going the extra mile for if you don't leave nearby!
(And also if they keep up this standard 😉)
P.S: they have a 1 for 1 weekday lunch promotion that makes this at $14.90 (before GST only) along with another main.... Cheap?!


Contemplating on what to have at 2pm and we stumbled upon Kaiserhaus; the Burpple decal at the entrance was the main motivating factor to step in for an impromptu high tea session.
Thankfully we were once again delighted with a quality spread of French pastries. The Kipferl and Nussschnecke are definite worth a takeaway/ coming back for, flaky on the outside, appropriately dense inside.
I liked the decadent rye sandwiches that were deceptively small but filling. All in all a good place when you can afford to pamper yourself with a indulgent afternoon break (i.e. My precious Saturday but what internship is ending in a week and school is starting in 2?!)


A public holiday calls for a food date with my oldest Aunt 💖 Timely, my pay check just came in so my treat (!!); also another sign of growing up > more responsibilities? But for the people I love, it's a joy!

Since my aunt is one who doesn't goes out often she hasn't been to Tim Ho Wan! So we found ourselves at the katong outlet that just opened! We were satisfied, thankfully because my aunt is notorious for her golden palate! She enjoyed her dimsum brunch and today I thought the signature char siew buns were better than their already stellar usual heh. Tried their steamed "Malay" cake for the first time too, and I throughly enjoyed the pleasantly saccharine soft cake.

We then walked over to Katong shopping centre after to get some legendary domanis banana pie which never disappoints... #yumz heh


Lucked out today??
1. Finally passed my driving test// driving is not really for me but I will spare everyone on the traumatic experience it has been.
2. Decided to visit this place after the fervent Burpple recommendation throughout the week and once again not disappointed 👊🏻 While the Siew Mais were above average what I really loved were the soft paus with earnest ingredients (!!!) // We also tried the neighboring wanton mee which was a notable plate of noodles! Slippery wantons and nicely charred char siew. The noodles were on the dense mee Kia side instead of the springy egg noodles that mum likes but all was still good!!
3. Bumped into the friendly Burpple Team and got a small coffee pau treat while catching up with a few of them I've met!! I am a fan of your enthusiastic team Burpple and thanks @Muriel @Raine & @Dex (whom I've just met today) for the treat once again #thoughtthatcounts
Another good Saturday checked ✅


After (an episode of media influence where) chef Bobby of masterchef professional UK whipped up one of "the best soufflés" according to Michelin star chef Marcus Wareing and senior sous chef Monica Galetti, I realized I had no vivid recollection of the taste of a soufflé in my life. So I had to try miam miam's tea special 10.90$++ soufflé set that comes with a choice of drink. That soft (slightly mushy) egg center and crusty hard top was a nice chocolatey treat, but not too sure I was a fan of such textures... Maybe I need more soufflé experiences to decide?
We also had an order of their soufflé pancakes (6.9$++ with a choice of drink, a range of coffee or tea) which did not disappoint. Only complaint was the measly portion for a ravenous mother.
In other news no more tea time in awhile since 1st day of internship has started?? I hope I will be (*well) worth what the company is paying me, at least in my superiors' eyes!! #God'swisdom🙏🏻 (* to be deleted if appropriate)


#treatyourself cause I'm done with this semester's projects!!! Have never been so challenged by projects in SMU so hey to another new University experience? Time to gear up for final 💪🏻🙏🏻 #icandoallthingsthroughchristthatstrengthensme
And to commemorate the end of the project week! Here's some great salted caramel cheesecake ($6.50) from the food chain that never fails!!! #cedelefan Not sure if it's just a girls' thing but it's so good to have the time to nibble on cake again


Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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