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To Eat, To Feel Happy

To Eat, To Feel Happy

Featuring VCR (Jalan Galloway), Baba Low's, THIRDWAVE, Restoran Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee (Chow Kit), Yeast (Bangsar), La Boca Latino Bar, Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft, Shokudo Japanese Curry Rice, Chat Thai | ชาติไทย, Restoran Yong Len
Jocelyn Ting
Jocelyn Ting

Another delivery of which aims to bring delicious food that are both hearty and healthy so I decided to go for the Warm Tucker (RM 24.90 before GST) which has Desiree potato, roasted pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, kidney beans, onions, walnuts, cheddar cheese, cachaca chicken and pair with honey mustard sauce. The salad was not exactly warm when it reached my door step but it might be due to time needed to deliver the salad which has resulted it to be somewhat cold. The salad was slightly on the salty side maybe due to all the grilled vegetables and cheese. Nonetheless, it's still a good option if you desire a wholesome meal without stepping out of your door step but remember to place the order by 9am on the same day.


What's better than having a bowl of the famous prawn mee at Yong Len before heading to work with a happy tummy? This version of prawn mee comes with taugeh, kangkung, pork slices, mini prawns and topped with fried shallots, with a spoonful of sambal set aside for diners who want to have an extra kick or level up the spiciness. I especially like the soup as it's spicy enough (some of the prawn mee out there has no kick at all even when sambal is included) and has a balance of saltiness, sweetness and spiciness. If you are a working adult at one of the offices nearby, why not head down to YL to grab a bowl of this soupy goodness at RM 5.30 (small).

Hire Katsu Zen (RM 34 excluding service charge), which is breaded pork fillet cutlet set comes with refillable rice & cabbage, pickled vegetables, pork miso soup and tofu. I will pick pork fillet over pork loin as it contains very very minimal fats which is more suitable more ladies and the quality of the pork fillet is comparable to Ma Maison given that they are the leading supplier is the industry of Tonkatsu in Klang Valley. Since the quality of the pork fillet is comparable, it boils down to the sides as well as service to determine which is my favourite and my verdict goes to Ma Maison. Reason being, I'm slightly miffed that Wa Kitchen does not provide the option between brown rice and white rice (hello, abit more health conscious) and their pickled vegetables are a tad too spicy for my palate. Also, the waiter who served us was kind of blur as he did not even know does WA have the option of brown or white rice, and he mixed up our order of hot green tea as iced green tea. For an unknown reason, their brown rice tea tastes more like Chinese tea than the proper brown rice tea hmm. I'll still stick to Ma Maison but Wa Kitchen could be a good alternative for those who is in KL and crave for tonkatsu.


Tortilla wrap is something that I would always opt for as it's a little healthier than the normal main dishes served in restaurants. Mace by CC serves 3 types of tortilla wraps, ie Chicken, beef and smoked salmon which the prices range between RM 16 - RM 21. Personally, I prefer the Beef Bacon Tortilla Wrap (RM 16) as it packs a little more flavour and perfect as a main for small eater like me. While enjoying the tortilla wraps, diners could order a cup of their iced/hot coffee with 3D arts and I swear, the 3D arts are so cute you wouldn't wanna destroy it at all. The coffee with 3D arts range from RM 16.50 to RM 32.


Hump day's dinner at this much talked about Thai street food restaurant since our weakening MYR has prohibited us to physically go Thai, so dining at Go Thai will make do for now. Items that we have ordered (clockwise) were Moo Ping (RM10), Pha Gra Pow Moo (RM9), Tom Yum (RM13), Kwey Tiaw Nam Sai (RM 7.50). While the food did not blow our mind, but it's good enough to bring back all the memories of all the good food that we had in BKK. So if you are tired of the Thai restaurant chains in shopping malls, why not drop by here to have an authentic Thai meal at a price which is friendly to our poor wallet. 😆

Due to the fact that I'm banned from seafood for two weeks and that basically means that almost 80% of the menu is off limit so I settled for this hearty bowl of beef and rice. The soup from braising the beef has a light, sweet taste to it and it blends well with the bowl of rice. Eventhough it doesn't have the wow factor like the chirashi bowl, but it has a more homey feel to it as if it's home made by our dearest mom.


La Boca serves some real wicked chicken wings that a non chicken wings fan like me, was blown away. The selling point for this chicken wings is that the BBQ sauce used is not cloyingly sweet to the point that you have to give up even before finishing a plate. The taste hits the right spot that you don't feel like stopping once you have started. It's a good sharing plate if you dine in among a big group but the price (RM 19.90) is slightly pricey considering the portion.


When you have craving for something curried, or deep fried breaded pork/chicken cutlets but do not want to battle against the carpark jam or do not wanna break your wallet, this is the place to go! Out of all the set meals, there's only one item which costs more than RM 20 so it means you can have a satisfying meal without spending more than RM 20. Of course, by paying less than RM 20, you can't be expecting Ma Maison's quality but hey, considering the portion, the taste, I would say this place has guaranteed a second visit from me and bf whenever we have the urge to binge on curry!

This new udon shop has taken over Arata Udon which specialized in udon as well and I'm kinda sad as Arata Udon served really well made udon compared to other players in the market. Luckily, this new kid doesn't disappoint (though I still feel Arata has fared slightly better in the quality of their udon) as their udon is pretty decent but I was quite bummed cos they have ran out of Tamago (RM 7.90) and Onsen Tamago Udon (TM 16.90) so I had to resort to this Udon with Vegetable Fritters (RM 14.90). The vegetable fritters are crunchy but not too oily which is a good news to me as I usually avoid fritters since it will normally be drenched in oil. As for the edamame (RM 5.90) I'm one happy customer with the quality that they served, even though edamame seems to be an unassuming side dish but I always think that a decent plate of edamame is what all Japanese restaurant should master in, as even some of the famed Jap restaurants have their fair share of crappy edamame. All in all, try this restaurant if you have sudden udon craving as all the items served are quite value for money with decent quality to fill up your grumbling tummy!

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Relaxing brunch follows by delish cake, that's what you could get at VCR. The price tag is on the high side but fret not, a portion of big breakfast is sufficient to feed two souls, with a little provision left for the amazing piece of cake. The King is their signature cake, peanut butter flavor and I totally love the cake as the sweetness hits just the right spot as it's not too overwhelming.


Minions invasion is here to haunt all minions lovers again! Got the bf to purposely drove out to get the banana pie because it has minion packaging which is darn cute, I cannot even.... Back to food, banan pie is decent enough as snacks despite it being a tad oily. But what could you ask for when it's so convenient and cute!

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