Budgetarian Approved

Budgetarian Approved

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Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH

In addition to omu rice, there’s also spaghetti with either a ketchup-y Neapolitan or Mentaiko sauce on the menu; you can have it as a set ($9.90, with salad) or make it a combo with omu rice ($12.90). We tried the mentaiko pasta but I wasn’t too fond of the carbo overload plus the cloyingness halfway through.

We also tried the optional cheese sauce at $2, prepared table side using milk, mozzarella and two types of cheddar. It came highly recommended but I can do without it (perhaps it would have gone better with the Neopolitan pasta than the scrambled egg/mentaiko pasta).

Every order comes with miso soup and a salad of your choice (go for foolproof potato salad or the boiled spinach in dashi). Keisuke’s signature marinated bean sprouts make an appearance too!


Super worth it spread of cured meats (saucisson, chorizo and ham), cherry jam, terrine and not-the-usual French cheeses: Crottin Affiné (goat), Petite Fumé (goat), Ossau-Iraty (sheep) and Les Ovales du Poitou (goat). Lots to nibble on while imbibing on their very reasonably-priced wines and ciders here — I really enjoyed the very easy to drink sweet cider (cidre doux, $8.50 for half a pint).


Super compact menu of wallet-friendly comfort fare priced from $7 for scrambled eggs and toast. Opted for the pesto-infused "green" scrambled eggs but we didn't really get much pesto punch. Would recommend sticking with the normal one.

The eggs ben was not too bad. I liked the lemony Hollandaise sauce, though it would have been better if the poached eggs' yolks were still oozy.

The bolognese pasta tastes exactly as you would expect. I would have preferred a touch more salt, but good value at $9.


Those who are not so much into raw fish can explore the few options in the Donburi section of the menu here. The Aburi Duck Teriyaki + Onsen Egg (also $10) and this came highly recommended, and I’m glad to report that this was good too (though I personally prefer Japanese Curry Express' partially torched riff of this dish).

The salmon fillet wasn’t overcooked and they were (too) generous with the mentaiko, though the rice in this bowl was bordering mushy (compared to the bara chirashi don).


This bowl is possibly the cheapest one around considering the amount of fish you’re getting! You might be tempted to go big with the premium version, but the normal size would suffice for most.

The marinade is on the sweet side, but nothing a trickle of soy sauce can’t fix! Note that the prawn is cooked, not sashimi style.


Not many places do this right and till today I only like Casuarina's, which combines mozzarella and Cavendish banana slices plus a light drizzle of caramel sauce. Other places I've tried ruin this combination by using the wrong type of banana (e.g. the not-so-sweet goreng pisang variety) or the too-salty sliced "cheese" that just tips off the balance. 😔

It's unbelievably good but I struggle to finish this on my own. Make sure you half this with someone and get a plain/plaster perhaps!


A must have when I'm in the area! Love the peanut filling the most ❤️


Hard to resist getting this when looking for something to sate hunger pangs on the go. Though more on the (white) peppery and sweet side, the flaky parcel's filled with a good amount of tender chicken chunks along with sweet corn, carrots, onion and green peas.
Best eaten warm, but it reheats in the toaster pretty well too!


What I love about the teenie tiny char siew baos here is the extra smokey flavour in the filling. They don't use minced meat either, so you bite into chunks of meat instead. 👌🏼 The skin's very thin too, so even though the bao is small compared to most, you're probably getting the same amount of filling!

Pop the moon (or moons, if you order large 😁) to coat the piping hot strands of wok hei-kissed noodles for that extra layer of slippery lusciousness, then enjoy it with chunks of fried lard, sliced squid, peeled prawns and veggies. Still my favourite horfun to date!


Walked past an “Arabian Kebabs” sign and couldn’t help but make a u-turn and follow the irresistible smell (in a coffeeshop no less)!

While it’s not as massive as your usual kebab wraps, this was really tasty and value for money! Love the crisped up bits of chicken pieces in there too. Will definitely have this again when I’m in the area, and try the lamb version and maybe with the Arabian rice next.


While I was deciding which baos to order, the auntie lifted the cover of a huge bamboo steamer basket to unveil a mountain of siew mais steaming away, and it was just impossible to look away. 😄
While the savoury baos here were superb, I enjoyed these tasty little parcels more, especially since very few make these from scratch anymore.

I went back to take a photo after eating and there was only a single layer left then! Thank you #BurppleTastemaker Eileen for the recommendation. 😘 Can't wait to have this again during your #TastyTastemakerTour 👅💦


Loves long and romantic walks to the fridge Get 30% off the Burpple Beyond Premium plan 👇🏼

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