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Budgetarian Approved

Budgetarian Approved

The best inexpensive and budget-friendly treats!
Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH
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Got this at the $10.90 promotional price that's available till May 15; visit their Facebook page for more deets!
Needless to say, this was really a value-for-money catch! The slices of sashimi were fresh including tuna, salmon, yellowtail, sea bass, sweet shrimp and akagai (red clam), as well as the speck of uni and (tea)spoonful of ikura. Even the kani crabstick was above average.

It's a shame that they don't use Japanese rice though. I have to admit that you can't complain at $10.90, but after the promotion is over, I'd probably go to Teppei and top up a few more bucks instead.


This stall is probably one of the many things I miss from the CBD. Not the healthiest (processed food purge ehem), but my goodness, this is some mighty flavourful, bomb diggity brekkie! 👅💦💦💦
If you're lucky, you'll discover a couple of pulled pork-like braised pork chunks that they use to cook with the bee hoon. Otherwise, there's always the ridiculous pile of lard they give.

p.s. Most worker bees treat themselves to this in the morning, so come early as it's usually sold out before noon (if you're lucky, you'll be left with the pre-packed ones with whatever ingredients they have left). If that happens, the soy sauce chicken rice here is pretty damn solid too.

I've been wanting to try this place ever since a friend sent me a picture of their punny signage. 😂 So much win, no?

And Steak Frites at $12.50? YASSS PLEASE! They use wagyu rump for the steak and it comes with fries or a liberal heap of smooth and buttery mashed potatoes. The steak itself is so juicy you don't need any sauce – just dab it on the truffle salt and you're good to go! Not sure about that salsa though; would have preferred some mixed greens instead!

And the burger here is pretty legit too – a thick, succulent patty in between fluffy buns with arugula and tomato. Just wish there was cheese slapped on it (and bacon, though I was told that the meats used are Halal certified). Eat this fast otherwise the bun gets soggy from all the meaty juices.

Ordered the 'taco' thinking we could share it but it comes in one huge piece. 😅😅 The amount of chicken chunks was super generous though (they use one whole leg!) and the marinade's pretty flavourful.

Don't expect the usual fish soup base and savour a flavourful crustacean-y stock instead. I like how the prawns are thoughtfully peeled too while still keeping the head with all the precious zhup.
Will definitely be back!


Default choice of dim sum to tame peckish pangs from the same coffeeshop we get our kopi/teh fix.

Super juicy and flavourful minced meat filling studded with chopped bamboo shoots wrapped in a sheet of bean curd skin. Love how the skin has softened to absorb some of the savoury zhup. 😋😋


While breakfast was almost unheard of during university years (unless post-clubbing pancakes from the big M counts), supper was probably the most important meal of the day back then. It didn't really matter what we ate or where we would go, but more of who we were with, and the endless conversations we would have. There was always something to talk about: from the most trivial things like whining about project mates, professors and heartbreaks, to big life decisions and existential crisis interventions. We would delay going back to our halls or residences for as long as possible — even if that meant walking back at 1am — and order more cups of Milo dinosaur or another round of prata just to avoid getting chased away. I really miss those times, and my metabolism rate back then 😂! #Hawkerpedia


Considerably thicker in consistency than most hawker centre renditions, this milky and smooth drink makes for a most refreshing treat on a sweltering hot day. I like the earthy sweetness imparted by the gula Melaka, though I would have preferred a more intense avocado flavour (even if I have to pay extra).


This is the most basic set comprising chicken wing, a wedge of scrambled egg, fried ikan kuning (I replaced mine with a fish cake), nuts and ikan bilis. Alternatively, you can pick 5 ingredients/liaos (friend wanton, egg, fish ball, ikan kuning, veggie, etc) – except the chicken wing – for the same price.

While the liaos are forgettable, the fragrant coconut rice and the lip-smacking chilli sauces here warrant repeat visits. And the best part is, regardless of what you order (set or otherwise), you're entitled to unlimited coconut rice and chilli!😋😋 I highly recommend mixing the sweet and spicy sambals for a more balanced fiery kick.

Now, if only I could combine that rice and chilli sauces with Ponggol Nasi Lemak's chicken wing and a proper sunny side up with a runny yolk (theirs is depressingly over hard)...


My best friend stumbled upon this place during one of our grocery runs, and she instantly got hooked on their popiah. I wasn't really a fan of it in the beginning, but living in boarding school meant eating catered food day and night, so a side trip to this little stall was a much welcomed detour from our Coronation Plaza route. I remember there were times when we were so broke we would have to share one roll of popiah, but once our bank accounts registered a couple more zeros, we would ‘splurge’ and have one roll each! We still go back to this humble corner whenever we get the chance – the popiah's still as good, except we no longer qualify for the discounted prices for students! #Hawkerpedia


Wanted to try the grilled squid but this seemed more worth it! So glad we decided to go for the deep-fried one as it was cooked perfectly and the batter seasoning was spot on. 🐙🐙


The key is to eat this Portobello mushroom and mozzarella cheese prata while it's still hot, so the cheese is still ooey, gooey and stretchy and not take a bazillion photos like me.


Eggs Benedict meets crisp, flakey prata in this clever creation. I'm not too fond of the 'Hollandaise' sauce though – it's a little too tangy for my liking, almost as if it's mayonnaise-based rather than a buttery yolk emulsion. I enjoyed this more with the curry sauce.


Loves long and romantic walks to the fridge Get 20% off All Day Burpple Beyond plans 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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