Resounding Risotto

Resounding Risotto

My recent ultimate comfort food, pardon me and my craze
Raine Liu
Raine Liu

Comforting dish of chicken cubes and Kailan, chock full of ingredients that you get a piece of chicken and chopped kailan with every mouthful. Really appreciate the chopped stems of the kailan, as it gives a good texture to the dish.


6 slightly flamed prawns with risotto that was really full on flavour (okay, abit too much of flavour as it began hard to finish the large plate of it after the first few mouth. Of course the heat of the curry also made it harder 🔥 my mouth was on fireeeeee.

The risotto here made me a really happy girl for the day - I admit it isn't the usual al dente risotto rice kind (if you are expecting those, then sorry) but the one here is made much softer (almost like a mashed potato texture) which made it much more comforting to have on a chilly day. Paired with tender chicken, fried shallots and bok choy!
We couldn't resist but order the truffle fries ($11) as well - chunkier thicker fries were used, super satisfying!! Thank you for feeding us @brotherbirdsg & @cassakating for extending the invite!


If you ever were lucky to tried out @thebetterfield's UNI RISOTTO - this was definitely the level up version of that! Topped with 2 halves of USA BOSTON LOBSTER BLOW TORCHED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! Credits to @juliuslim with his NZ Manuka honey sea salt which gave the lobster an extra sweet flavour boost! The results super sweet fresh tender lobster meat!
Interestingly, notice the light orange ring around the dish? That is actually sea urchin Essence, used also in the risotto, leaving it super packed with the flavours of the sea!
This is sadly NOT FOR SALE, thank you Shaun again for yet another Good Friday dinner!


With their small homely interior to simple outdoor seats, Pocoloco serves Italian cuisines at pocket-friendly prices. Pictured here is their Fegato D'oca (priced at $15 NETT), sadly the risotto was underwhelming and wasn't flavourful enough for my liking unless you eat it scoop by scoop with the pan fried foie gras.
The other item - Manzo ($12 NETT, not pictured) was more delightful, it's truffle cream sauce packed a punch, but sadly comes only with small bits of beef and pasta was slightly on the tougher end.


Salted Egg Prawn Risotto ($22 NETT)!!! With the salted egg yolk items being on a rampage nowadays, anything can be infused with it! The taste of salted egg yolk could be made more prominent to give it a bit more punch but since it's still under R&D for his - might be new menu, we can definitely look forward to something exciting in the near future 😉


The portion might be a little small for my liking (as I am a very very greedy girl) but the slightly creamy cheesiness of the risotto was perfect along with the occasion bite of juicy mushrooms. While indulging in the full truffle Flavours of the white truffle slices sealed the deal for me!
Available in the 4 course meal ($58), a topped of $15 is needed for this delectable dish!
A big thank you at for hosting and indulging us with all the yummy dishes! And @geekyelephant for the invite! 😻


(You need to pay $24 now instead of $2.40 😂) Risotto cooked in coconut milk infused with lemongrass, the texture maybe slightly strange but once you mixed in some of these homemade sambal, you will find yourself on familiar ground. Included are 3 crunchy prawns and topped with a poached egg, fried onions and some ikan bilis ( ingredients that you usually find in Nasi Lemak). Made good use of the 1 for 1 mains on their anniversary and soft lanuch for their dinner menu which is coincidentally available tomorrow 😊


Risotto ai Funghi Porcini e Timo
($28) which is technically a Mushroom Risotto but what sets this apart will be the Porcini Mushrooms used. Porcini Mushrooms are named King of Mushrooms for its meaty texture with an earthy nutty taste! I believe the same mushrooms are used to brew the oh so rich and flavourful broth.
Try this if you can, for the price, quality and atmosphere it's pretty worth it! 😉


(why so little?!? Is this fine dining?)

Lots of questions ran through my mind as my order of Crab Risotto was served.

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm as the plate/bowl was rather deep (just harder to capture) - the risotto simmered in lobster broth was brimming with sweet flavours of the sea and the amount of crab meat was generous - every mouth had at least a piece of crab!! There are at least 5 to 6 types of risottos available here - which just means I need to come back to try the rest being the Risotto freak I am 😂

Butternut, the pumpkin-ish look alike from this dish, didn't stand out much from the dish. The cube sized mushrooms on the other hand was a delight, will their earthy (new word learnt) taste, giving a nice bite and bouciness. Overall, the risotto was creamy and slightly heavy on the cheese taste, but I'm a person who enjoys a heavier taste.
On the side note, the baguette was crisp with a cream corn (?) taste to me. Pretty


this calls for my most ultimate comfort food - Crab Risotto ($12.90) That porridgy rice with crabby broth with some bouncy crab meat 😋


Raine Liu

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