Carnivore Cravings

Carnivore Cravings

meat, meat, and more meat!

Zoom in on the steaks for the best experience here. Out of all the items we tried, this was the only one that warranted a return visit.
Spot on medium rare , though I wish they put in more thought for a better matched/complementary side. At that price point, it would have been nice if it came with a carb-based side too fries, baked potatoes and the usual house of carbs selection are available from $6. You also get a mini dinner roll, as well as a choice of sauce (garlic, mushroom and black pepper), which you won't really need as the steak is wonderful as is.


This arrived with the show-stopping crab pasta, so it didn't look as impressive (portion wise), though we're back to the usual fancy schmancy territory.

While the lamb chops were nicely Frenched, I wish they trimmed a wee bit more excess fat or perhaps rendered more. We went with the recommended medium doneness and enjoyed the tender and minimally gamey meat. The slightly tangy tamarind jus might be polarising, but I liked it. If you're not a fan, smear some of the garlic cream instead, and try it with a dab of the curry leaf oil for a herbal tinge. The soft carrots discs, though well cooked, didn't do much for us (just like the carrot powder dusting).


Marinated beef short rib is a Korean BBQ staple for a reason. I love how the sweet and savoury marinade caramelises on the grill coupled with that smokey finish imparted on the tender beef. So, so moreish!


Spot on medium rare steak, sliced into bite-sized pieces for an even quicker annihilation. Comes topped with charred spring onions and a dollop of mustard seed caviar. Enjoyed this most with the chimichurri and the charred herb salsa.


Such wonderfully cooked lamb (with zero gamey taste!), grilled Argentinian style using the asador located right within the restaurant. The seasoning is considerably lighter compared to the other dishes, so slather on the sumac yoghurt dressing (with fennel and cumin) or the red onion and green chilli salsa with red onion.


Beautifully cooked hanger steak that you must absolutely order! Marinated tomatoes on the side for freshness and a garlic-kissed, not-so-hot sauce for a whiff of heat.


No visit to Buta Ramen would be complete without having these fall-off-the-bone ribs. Cooked sous vide and then flame-torched for that smokey finish, you can choose to have this with one of their hearty ramens or in a rice bowl!
Preferred this much more than the grilled belly.


For the most bang for your buck, get the combo that comes with beef rice box ($8 if a la carte) and local Danish-style lager beer (Draft Denmark, ~350ml).

By getting the rice box, you can also opt for the third seasoning option: yakiniku sauce!


130g of rib-eye chunks seared on a teppanyaki grill and slightly torched till medium. The grilled flavour wasn't very strong as they only flamed ours for a bit.

Seasoning wise, the cubes are pre-salted and then you add either/both of the powders (garlic and seaweed) yourself. The batch we got was very salty even for our heavy palates, and it wasn't even because of the seasoning powder. Hope it was not the default saltiness level. Gave our feedback so hopefully they'll tweak.


Was hoping for thicker slices tbh but thankfully the beef slivers were tasty (apparently they dry age their beef in-house for a few days)! A wee bit more salt (or more Gruyere and cheddar) would have been perfect. Pretty straightforward sandwich with tomato, lettuce and horseradish lemon cream in between crusty baguette halves.


Straight up comfort food with tender cubes of fatty beef short ribs and oozy onsen egg over brown rice. Comes with a side of housemade pickles and light as air taro chips.


They were out of striploin so I was secretly happy that the fatty meat-averse dining companion had to order my favourite cut instead. It's not as fatty as most rib-eyes, much to his relief, but the quality of beef was impressive organic and grass-fed!



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