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My Foodie Adventure

My Foodie Adventure

Featuring I am... (Haji Lane), The Lab, Yellow Submarines (Toa Payoh)
Zen S.
Zen S.

Liege Waffles with Strawberry Fruit Coulis for $10. Yes the waffles slices are small and are stacked up, topping off with Vanilla bean ice cream. What I like about this is the ice cream, the Vanilla flavour is not ordinary vanilla ice cream from the tubs. IT IS DIFFERENT, u can taste the difference. Other than that waffles are soft and the "red sauce" is the sour strawberry sauce. The strawberry fruit is a sour kind. Apart from the sweet treat, the beverage ordered was ICED HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE for $6. Try it out it is tasty. The drink will be served with a regular straw, dessert spoon and a SYRINGE. The syringe is actually filled with syrup for ur drink so you are in control of the sweetness. Cool isn't it? A nice touch. Overall, a nice atmosphere as it is indoors and air-conditioned, music will be played. AND NO SERVICE CHARGE INCURRED. However the place is limited with seats so try your luck! Cheers, happy eating!

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Ham & Cheese Sandwich for $12.90. Sounds light-meal and not appetizing? NO, it is appetizing and it can be filling. It's served on a wooden board which consist of ceasar salad and two triangular sandwiches. A sandwich will have some sauces, leafy greens, tomatoes and some cheese. But don't worry to reconfirm, just read the description provided below each meal on the menu. The downside is the ham is quite salty on that day it was bought, I hope it's not always have been like that! Overall, my first time trying out the food there has been pleasant. Btw, the place is limited on seats so try your luck! A HEADS UP: A 10% Service Charge incurs = $2.98. Cheers, happy eating!


Meatball Sandwich for $12.90. Seems expensive and is it worth the money? YES it is. A decision I didn't regret. If you love beef or MEATBALLS to be precise, you must try this! It will be served on a wooden board which consist of ceasar salad and TWO satisfying triangular sandwiches. A sandwich is filled with tomatoes, sauce, leafy greens and slices of meatballs - perfection, not too dry or salty. Don't worry what each meal contains as there'll be description stated. A HEADS UP: 10% Service Charge incurs =$2.98. Overall, ordering a Meatball Sandwich on a first visit is not disappointing at all. Cheers, happy eating!


Beef Philly Submarine. Comes with a set if you like, a regular drink and slightly smaller cup of cheese fries. If you like quarter pounder with cheese burger from Macdonald, this is similar in sandwich form! Filling in with onions, not much of cheese and no veggie. The sandwich itself might be shorter and slimmer than Subway's 6inch. Overall, fulfills the tummy especially the cheese fries. For just $10.90 for set and chicken option is also available.

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