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Another score with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1, the Pizza & Pasta deal at LINO restaurant was really value for money.

Covered in a tangy layer of tomato passata, the 12-inch Burrata ($26) pizza was so good - especially having it piping hot during a cool rainy day! A great meat-free option; the savoury and nutty pairing of the juicy marinated cherry tomatoes, with the herby basil pesto was very enjoyable. The luscious yet mild flavour of the burrata ball melded well together with the other ingredients too. The pizza crust was also thin and had those little blisters among the edges which provided a nice charred aroma to the pie.


Double the beef, double the enjoyment!

Feeds one hungry girl perfectly, @dirtybunsg Dirty Double Meal ($14) is the way to go to quench any burger cravings. Juicy, greasy but oh so satisfying, the grounded beef patties alone were really flavourful and well-seasoned. A tad messy to devour as the best way is to fit all layers in every bite, the freshly made buns were superbly soft and fluffy - great for soaking up all the beefy-flavour. Stacked with cheddar cheese and their homemade dirty sauce, the overall savouriness of the burger was what I enjoyed most. Each hearty meal also comes with hand-cut russet potato fries and a canned drink.

Note that they are limited to 80 buns daily. Open for walk-in daily from 12 pm-6.30 pm or a flat fee of $4 delivery surcharge per location with a minimum $35 order.

Nothing beats the aroma of a piping hot pie fresh from a wood-fired oven! But for now, we can only have the next best thing and that, I believe is Zazz Pizza delivered right to our doorstep. At $26, their namesake pizza comes with Australian ribeye, mozzarella, mixed mushrooms, parmesan, truffle cream, rucola, and cherry tomatoes. Although the pizza crust was regrettably soft and the ribeye beef chunks a tad dry, the flavours were certainly superb. A simple and elegant combination, the specialty white pizza had a good amount of greens to counter the heaviness of the meat. The earthy notes from the mushrooms and truffle cream also worked harmoniously with the savouriness of the cheeses as well as the burst of sweetness from the tomatoes.

*Free islandwide delivery for orders above $60

Foolproof and satisfying despite having been in a box for an hour or so, the Parma ($26) pizza arrived as a bare red pizza with melted mozzarella and the ingredients separated in another container; which I figured helped retain some of the freshness. Dressed with parma ham, rucola, pomegranate, and shaved parmesan; the classic pie was salty though not overwhelmingly so. The rucola as well as pomegranate adding a refreshing sharpness and texture to the dish. There was also a pleasant touch of smokiness from the distinct leopard-spotting.

*Free islandwide delivery for orders above $60

Here’s a throwback to just a couple weeks ago, where I finally visited Shake Shack at their Neil Road outlet for the very first time. Having heard some mixed reviews on the fries, I decided to save some calories and went straight for a classic combination - burger and shake.

Crispy, juicy and wonderfully savoury; the ‘Shroom Burger ($10.80) was pretty satisfying. A great meat-free option served with soft potato bun, greens and their signature ShackSauce. Love the oozy muenster and cheddar cheeses encased within the fried portobello mushroom as well as the thin crunchy exterior. The battered mushroom also had a nice meaty bite and imparted a lovely earthy, smoky flavour that complemented the subtle sharpness of the melted cheeses.

*On Foodpanda now, though not islandwide delivery!

For the pastas, our unanimous favourite was the unassuming plate of All’ Amatriciana ($17). Though their pastas are not made in house, the spaghetti was cooked to al dente perfection. A simple, brilliant and well-executed version of this classic dish; theirs come as non spicy which is great for me. Warm and comforting, each strand was nicely coated with the tangy sauce and flavours from the onion, bacon and parsley. Love love love the rich bacon bits!

Many thanks to @burpple for the invite and @piu39_italianpizzabar for the hospitality~

Sporting a beautifully crisp crust, Più 39 Italian Pizza Bar’s namesake pizza was loaded with a good deal of ingredients and is just the thing to share with a couple of friends over a cold beer (not that I drink beer but I can imagine). From cooked ham, mushrooms, artichokes, onions, bacon, mozzarella cheese, salami and olives on the classic tomato sauce base; Più 39 ($29) was blistered in all the right spots. The paper thin pie felt light yet hearty with the savoury flavours. Well-balanced with the meatiness of the ham and salami, saltiness of the olives as well as the earthiness of the mushrooms.

Many thanks to @burpple for the invite and @piu39_italianpizzabar for the hospitality~

Exclusive to Spize Temasek Club till 1 March, our shore’s first Croburg ($23.90), croissant-burger, comes with a hunky 400 days Grain Fed F1 Australian Wagyu beef patty. Air flown from Melbourne, the premium protein’s seasoning is kept to the minimum with smoke salt and is simply seared over a flat griddle. While thick, the inside of the patty was sufficiently juicy but the main snag was that the meat does fall apart slightly. That aside, the goal of achieving the most buttery textured burger was achieve with the bun. A tad denser than a typical croissant, the rose-shaped bun is made using halal flour and french butter. Looking at the layers of impressive lamination, it promises airy and flaky goodness with a strong dose of buttery fragrance. Sandwiched between are caramelized onions, a lovely sunny side-up, melted cheddar cheese and creamy truffle aioli slathered at the bottom. To complete the meal, the order is complemented by a side of crisp curly fries and a mesclun salad with a robust truffle vinaigrette sprinkled on with crunchy pine nuts.

Many thanks to @growpublicrelations for the invite and @spizesingapore for feeding us!


A good way to sample a little of everything that Burger & Lobster have to offer (especially their namesake), the Original Combo which features two Burgers, a Lobster, chips, house salad and dessert at $110 can be topped up to have a burger replaced to their signature Lobster Roll for $15. Plump and juicy, the chunks of chilled lobster stuffed within the fluffy toasted brioche was an easy favourite. Tossed in slightly tart Japanese mayonnaise and sprinkled on with tiny bits of chives, the meat was still able to retain its wonderful flavours and the natural sweetness.

Next up, having our lobster done 2 ways, both steamed and grilled, the Original Lobster was one for the fans of the crustacean. To enjoy the fresh tasting goodness, the steamed version is the way to go in my opinion as the firm flesh didn’t require any other condiments. As for the latter, the char from the grilling does add a heady smokiness that may appeal to those who seeks an extra omph. The rich and thick golden butter sauce served alongside can also be used to amp up the dish.


Loving the classic The Mayfair that we had opted for when we ordered the Original Combo, I was really impressed as I was under the impression that their focus was on lobster dishes. How wrong was I! Succulent and perfectly seasoned, the sturdy stack was able to nail the all-important protein - a beautiful medium rare 170g Nebraskan beef patty with the right balance of moisture and flavour. Sandwiched between soft sesame-topped buns were also crisp bacon, melted cheese, onions, savoury secret sauce, sliced tomatoes and house-made pickles. The pickles were crunchy, sourish, and with a hint of spice which helped cut the heaviness of the hunky burger.


Though there is nothing new about incorporating Asian flavours into the humble Italian dish, DePizza’s range of fusion pizzas are pretty creative such as their Japanese-inspired Takoyaki Pizza ($26) and a unique take on a Singaporean favourite, Mala Madness ($24). The former being a hit at the table with its savoury mayo-takoyaki sauce base and generous spread of bonito flakes on their signature thin-crusted dough. The surprise chunks of octopus, squid and bacon hidden underneath the katsuobushi also blended well with thesweetness of the tonkatsu sauce. However, if you are all for the classics, the All About Them Proteins Pizza ($25) and Really Cheesy Pizza ($20) were well-received and delivered in flavour. And till the end of July, celebrate DePizza’s first anniversary with an extra #burpplebeyond deal. The 5th deal is 1-for-1 pizza AND drink, so get it while you can!


With Stickies Bar’s numerous promotions and known Beer O’Clock deal starting at 2pm, there are few places that can compete with their offer whereby any pint of draught beer and glass of housepour liquor are priced by the time. Thus, a great place to chill with friends over a couple of drinks, settle down with a basket of their signature Popcorn Chicken ($13) topped with pepper and spice. The ideal bar bite for sharing; they were served hot with the right amount of crunch, nicely seasoned and not overly oily. Also, the batter wasn’t too thick and good enough that we found ourselves scrabbling after the pieces of shrapnel that were left at the end. What's more, a tip would be to order their Truffle Fries with Truffle Mayo ($12) which is on their recently refreshed menu and dunk the crispy morsels into the rich truffle loaded mayonnaise. The fries too, were addictive and fried to golden-brown perfection.

Thank you @stickiesbar and @burpple for the Eatup invite!

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