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Yum Yum below RM10

Yum Yum below RM10

Featuring Village Park Restaurant, Sri Rampai Ah Loong Chicken Wing, Wan Tan Mee Sg. Besi 新街场路全蛋面, Coconut Garden Food Court 椰樹圓美食中心, TNR by Sean & Angie, Meng Kee Char Siew Wantan Mee (Kuchai Lama), Meals Station (KL Sentral), Restoran Yi Poh 姨婆老鼠粉 (PJ Old Town), Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (IOI City Mall), Restoran Ming Chu (大家樂肥強美食中心)
Kaelyn Pu
Kaelyn Pu

Discover a very good 扬州炒饭 from a "zi char" stall. Wit lots of pork and "lap cheong" in it. Pretty big portion! Will definitely order the fried rice again! RM8 wit egg.

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Happy Bee Hoon | Must try! Spicy, sour, and full of 'hea bee'. Although I am not a very 'hea bee' person, but this is ok for me. I like the sourish flavours of lime, made this a very refreshing bee hoon. [RM3.50]


Looking for best chicken wings? Oh yeah! This is a must try if you happen to be around at Sri Rampai area. Is a road side stall, start from 6pm to 10pm. But please go early to avoid disappointment. RM6 per pair. The chicken wing is well coated wit honey. BBQ the wings wit love and patience. And to be frank, I tried lots of chicken wings, I still think this is the best.


First try Sugarbun Broasted Chicken.
Broasting is a method of cooking chicken using a pressure fryer.
Love their juicy tender chicken wit crispy crust.
RM4 per piece, RM11.50 for three pieces, RM19.50 for five pieces, RM12 for a platter of two pieces with SugarBun's savoury rice (laced with raisins & morsels of chicken sausage) & house-made pickles.

A bowl of Happiness.
Today's noodle is better, coz I ordered less oil for the noodle and skinny charsiu. [RM7.50]


Oh gosh, finally get to try the 姨婆老鼠粉 in KL..Taste as yummy as the one I had in Seremban. The sambal is so spicy but addictive.
🔹Everything is good, just that quite hard to get a parking there.
🔹Price range between RM7.50- RM8.50


Kampua Mee | Black of white? Try both then. We have a choice of black or white Kampua, served with char siu or village chicken, plus a bowl of wonton soup.

I personally prefer white, coz the soy sauce taste for black Kampua kind of too strong for me. Something special from them is their pickled garlic. Add it in the noodle and it will be more appetising.
Price range for noodle is from RM7.90-RM8.90


Red colour wantan mee only can be found in Pontian. Why red? Coz they are using tomato sauce + chili sauce. If you prefer non-spicy, uncle will only put tomato sauce and mix it. Btw they do serve their wantan mee wit black soy sauce + tomato, so inform uncle if you would like to have a black wantan mee. Their homemade egg noodle taste so good & springy. Price range is from RM2.60 - RM8.50

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This Kampua Mee deserved a close up shot. The noodle is so springy, top wit minced pork and charsiu and lots of spring onion and fried onion..oh ya! the green sour spicy chili is a must! (RM6, small | RM7, big)


Egglet for dinner | Enjoy every bites of it, crispy and chewy. This remind me of the egglet I ate in HK (RM4.50 for original flavor)

A bowl of delicious handmade fish paste noodle to start my Sunday (RM6)

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People who love to eat are always the best people~ 😘 Instagram: thehungrymeow

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