For The Sweet Tooth (& Some Savoury)

For The Sweet Tooth (& Some Savoury)

Everyone loves to end their meals with desserts, so why not! It's the best thing to have at any point in time of the day!
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

With the immense heat, what's most needed is a nice cold dessert & with the recent news, the good ol' McFlurry was what I needed! The best part - it's @mcdsg's latest Lotus Biscoff McFlurry 🍨

Mixed in with the vanilla soft serve are crushed lotus Biscoff biscuits, giving you that sweet crunch with every mouthful of creamy soft serve. I wished there was a lil' more biscoff but always happy to have this option cause it reminds me of the good times in Paris & enjoying the Speculoos McFlurry which is only available there 😌

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Tucked along the strip at NEWest, Simple Cafe is a Taiwanese-inspired hole in the wall, serving up sweet desserts & coffee as the background plays mellow Mandopop hits.

Their donuts (choose between Vanilla or Strawberry Cream Cheese) goes at $4.50 a pop and comes powered with sugar, while filled with a generous heap of delicious flavoured cream.

We tried the latter, which comes with the saltiness & creaminess of the cream cheese, without losing the sweet & tanginess of strawberries, balancing out the flavours within the cream. As for the donut, it was fluffy & fried to perfection, making it so easy to finish up the entire piece without hesitation.

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Another new kid of the block, Dawn's Gelateria & Cafe is located right in a quiet corner serving up homemade gelato made in-house daily!

Had a go at their Passionfruit Sorbet (freshly made today!) & the 59% Valrhona Dark Chocolate.

Love their take on the fruity sorbets as I manage to sneak a taste of the Yuzu Lemon Sorbet as well. The sour tang cuts through & makes it a great end-meal perk me up!

As for the dark chocolate, it's pretty good as a chocolate-based ice cream. I would prefer it to be darker & slightly more bitter, but still a good dark choc if you're afraid of the bitterness!

It's been awhile since I last cafe-hop, but finally visited this popular spot that I heard of.

Tried one of their signature desserts - Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche ($13). One might find the combination of fruit & cheese strange, but this surprisingly works pretty! The sweet-sour tang of the grapes, paired with the savoury ricotta works pretty well! To top it, a sprinkle of lavender bits perfumes the dish & your mouth. It surprisingly doesn't overpower the other flavours, but gives it a light gentle flavour boost. Probably the thing that sets it apart from other fruit-cheese combinations.

That aside, coffee is pretty decent as they take it from @commonmancoffee ☕️ as their kitchen closes early on weekends, so it's a great tea time spot to be at!

Known for its Winnie The Pooh references, has a really bright & simple interior which feels really warm & welcoming. They also have a pretty interesting variety of flavours which includes Peach Basil (as seen), Honey Chrysanthemum & Cocoa Nibs as well as Ca Phe (Vietnamese coffee). Top up $1 for a Rosemary cone, which pairs perfectly with the flavours & perfumes the entire store with its scent.

The Peach Basil sorbet is light on the palate, with savoury bursts of flavour as you lick up the Basil bits. It's not too sweet as well which makes it really comforting.

If you're in the hood, do rmb to pop by! They also open till 12mn daily, so late night ice cream cravings will definitely be satisfied 🙌🏼

Recently visited & tried this new kid around the corner & boy am I'm glad we got a dope ice cream parlour nearby!!

@burntcones opened slightly over a month ago & is located right opposite @ollacoffee at Sunset Way! They're serving up waffles, waffle cones & gelato options that are pretty unique & can definitely fight the popular ones that are in the scene.

We tried the basics such as the hazelnut, and also unique ones such as the Kaya chendol! Hazelnut was 100% on point with its nuttiness & creaminess. The Kaya chendol was quite mind blowing as it had the essence of the milliners of a chendol, but had that sweetness of the Pandan jelly / Kaya flavour.

Best part, they open till midnight daily! So you can grab a scoop or two whenever you're craving for it!


Recently launched by PIES by Hattendo, you got your classic mix of Italian-Japanese flavours, just in time for the festive seasons - Pistachio & Hokkaido Soft Serve.

Pistachio imported directly from Italy & roasted in-house, it helped to create perfect blend between the pistachio & Hokkaido milk 👌🏼

The creaminess of the Hokkaido milk, paired with the toasty, crunchy pistachio bits made this the perfect seasonal dessert to end your meal with!

This is not your usual goreng pisang if you thought it was! While the main star is still the banana as the center of the dessert, the coating around it is actually Indonesian sweet potatoes!

What you get is a mochi-like texture with a slightly sweet banana center. This chewy little bar snack/dessert is quite addictive & enjoyable!

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Haven't had this for awhile & when I ordered it, it tastes exactly how I remembered it!

The Malayan Council's Ondeh Ondeh Cake is perhaps the most on point and similar to actual Ondeh ondeh. Every mouthful is filled with coconut shavings, soft Pandan sponge and sweet, thick, with crunchy bits of gula Melaka.

The perfect sweet ending to a meal!


Made it back to my all time favourite ice cream parlour (also the nearest one to home + work) - Creamier!!!

Having ice cream on a weekday after lunch makes my very busy day a lot sweeter, especially with their Roasted Pistachio.

The saltiness of the pistachio used goes perfectly with the smooth creamy texture of the ice cream, making this scoop the best ever.


Tucked under a block in Lorong 4 is Shrove Tuesday! They’ve been around for a pretty long time & their ice cream is the reason why!

They have about 18 flavours available, ranging from classics like Dark Choc to unique flavours like Bubble Gum Candy!

I tried their Hazelnut Coffee & sampled their Speculoos which was a tough choice, but decided to go with the former.

The first taste you get in the nuttiness from the hazelnuts followed by notes of nutty coffee, giving you a fairly sweet ending!

Guess what?! This festive season, another Milksha store has opened! This new store is located at B1 of Funan! Yes, you read that right, they have another outlet located within the same building! 🙌🏼 You’d now be able to get the full range of Milksha drinks, as compared to the limited offerings in the food truck on Level 2. They will also be converting the Level 2 food truck to a Milksha ice cream truck instead!

Apart from that, get your hands on the new cocoa beverages, such as the Ice Blended Cocoa ($4.80), pictured above, or the Ice Blended Cocoa Mint ($5)! What I love the most about this new drink is that they’ve added in cocoa nibs into it, allowing you to get bits of cocoa nibs with every mouthful! This drink is only available throughout the month of December, so wait no longer!

As it’s the festive season, Milksha will also be lining up 12 days of Christmas between 14 to 25 Dec! Try your hand on a sure-win lucky pick with every purchase of 2 drinks in a single receipt; or get your limited Christmas edition reusable cup sleeves with every drink purchase (while stocks lasts!).

Special thanks to Brand Cellar for having me! x


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