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For The Sweet Tooth (& Some Savoury)

For The Sweet Tooth (& Some Savoury)

Everyone loves to end their meals with desserts, so why not! It's the best thing to have at any point in time of the day!
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

Another option you can choose is the KFC & Waffle ($18). KFC aka Korean Fried Chicken, is soy glazed chicken seated atop their cinnamon scented waffle with a side of kimchi slaw to balance the sweet and savoury with a tinge of sour! Definitely a winner!

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This photo probably doesn’t do justice to these desserts but this my friends, made the perfect ending to a super hearty meal!

Featured is the Homemade Lemon Meringue Tart ($7) & in the background, Smoked Peanut Butter Chocolate ($4).

First, about the lemon meringue tart; thick lemon curd is layered on perfectly baked crust before being topped with fresh meringue & torched upon order! The ratio of meringue, curd & tart was just right! Only wished the curd was a lil more tangy tho, otherwise, all’s good!

As for the chocolates, please don’t doubt it’s appearance. It’s like 2 flavourful pops of peanut butter (think Reese but x10 flavour). Sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt each, the pop of chocolate was the perfect sweet savoury ending I needed.

P/S; thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to get this 1 for 1, as part of the Main & Dessert combo!! 🥳🥳
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With the brown sugar & bubble tea trend going strong, variations of the popular drink is being made frequently!

Popular Japanese Specialty Softserve Store, Emma is one of them who jumped onto the bandwagon, but made their own twist!

Apart from just the simple Brown Sugar Pearls on soft serve, they sprinkled a portion of Kinako (roasted soy bean) powder to add a light nutty flavour to the soft serve.

& the best part, if you’re a Klook user, you can buy a voucher for either this or the signature soft serve at a discount! I got this at $5, which saved me $0.80 (still money). I suggest buying the voucher when you’re just about to order, that way you can make sure there’s still sufficient portions left before ordering!

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The best thing to have after a crazy workout, is a cold cup of Açai Berries, blended with fresh fruits & topped with nuts & nutty butter!

You have a choice of drizzle that comes with each cup of açai - honey, cookie butter or peanut butter!

My go-to is usually the cookie butter, but to stay a lil’ healthier, peanut butter was my choice of drizzle for that bit of healthy fats.

Between each layer of açai was the peanut butter, cacao nibs, sliced bananas, granola & more nuts (crushed almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc). What you get is crunchy bits between each icy cold scoops of açai, which will fill you up bit by bit. The perfect meal replacement!

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to get my fav Nutty Party at 1 for 1!! That meant that I could get the large portion (U.P $13.90) at half the price - which is the same price as their medium portion. TOTES WORTH IT!

If you haven’t subscribed, do yourself a favour & register for burpple beyond!!

Hailing from Philippines, Maxi Mango is here to stay for all Mango lovers!

Bringing in sweet juicy mangoes from Davao, Philippines, Maxi Mango prices themselves in quality fruits, paired with their refreshing mango soft serve & signature sundaes!

One of my favourites would be the Mango Graham! Crushed graham crackers is sprinkled in between swirls of mango soft serve, fresh chunks of mangoes & topped with even more soft serve!

The combination is a sweet, crunchy treat that’s perfect in the terrible Singapore heat!


Apart was all the high tech & neon signages, Funan now has tons of food choices from ramen spaces like @afurisg to dessert stores like @butterknifefolk!
For all you gelato fans, this is another great choice for you! Get your hands on favourites such as their Fudgy Chocolate or unique ones like Pu Er. Get a scoop for $5, or double scoop for $9 (ahem, also more worth it). I heard their flavours change daily, so you’d always be in for a treat!
#aroundwithamd #burpple #keeperssg


Available only at the Clarke Quay outlet of @heytea, this Boba Sundae is like every Boba Milk Tea fanatic’s dream.
Smooth creamy milk ice cream is drizzled with the remnants of brown sugar that comes with every scoop of brown sugar soaked pearls, then topped up with those said pearls. What you get is a sweet, chewy, milky soft dessert & a belly full of happiness.
This genius creation is so good, I could have another go at it, but too bad, I maxed out my quota for bbt this week.
#aroundwithamd #burpple #heyteasg

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If the sweetness of a sticky date pudding is a tad too much for you, balance it out with their Key Lime Pie, whose tartness will do just the right trick! It comes with a thick biscuit-like crust, sprinkled with more biscuit crumbs to add some texture into that creamy sour curd, which will give you just the right amount of punch.

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If you’ve never been, please do yourself a favour & head to @pscafe for their amazing rendition of sticky date pudding. They have bloomed at any convenient locations, which allows me to get my cravings satisfied pretty quickly!

The light & fluffy date cake is topped with vanilla bean ice cream, sitting in a pool of warm caramel, which blends perfectly to give you that sweet comforting warm taste to your palate.

If the sweetness is a tad too much for you, balance it out with their Key Lime Pie, whose tartness will do just the right trick! It comes with a thick biscuit-like crust, sprinkled with more biscuit crumbs to add some texture into that creamy sour curd, which will give you just the right amount of punch.

#burpple #aroundwithamd

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The newest bubble tea store on the block is Yunique Tea! Located at Toa Payoh Central, just opposite Courts / R&B, this new store is definitely looking to steal some of the bubble tea pie.

Their list is currently limited to fruit teas, brown sugar milk tea (sounds a tad bit familiar) & black sugar teas.

For a crazy hot day, I went for their Super Lemon Green, which is homemade green tea mixed with lemon juice! Sometime really simple & probably one you can do on your own, their version is light & really refreshing! Perfect for the weather!

As they’re super new, I’ve not heard of their Brown Sugar Milk Tea, but I guess that means I’d be back to do a taste test soon!


Specially available only during the weekends is this gem - Boba Croissant ($5) from @brotherbird_bakehouse!

If you’re a huge fan of boba milk tea, with those drool worthy brown sugar pearls, you’re in luck! This croissant stuffed version is an exciting interpretation of the popular drink & one that you should get your hands on!

The crispy buttery croissant is stuffed with sweet brown sugar custard (makes much like the drink itself, but less sweet) and the best part, pearls. Yes, you heard me right! Chewy bouncy pearls are added into the croissant, giving you that extra texture and bite, kinda like their mochi doughnuts that they’re popular for!

If you like those brown sugar boba milk tea / milk, you’d definitely love this!

P/S: they’re usually sold out quickly! So I suggest contacting them in advance to order or chope before you regret!


While we hear the news of everyone’s fav ice cream store shutting its doors in the neighbouring hood in June (goodbye Creamier, I’ll visit Gillman barracks & Tiong more often), getting good ice cream is now right at my door step!
Located just behind the CPF building, Denzy Gelato offers unique flavours such as elderflower monitors, cereal milk & basil, to basics like macadamia & chocolate. They even have a guilt-free version of chocolate, chocolate skinny 😉
I ordered the macadamia (premium flavour) and single scoop was filled to the brim with a huge generous scoop. The nuttiness of the macadamia was subtle, without being too bland. If I had this as a cookie-wich, it’ll be pure bliss 😌
#aroundwithamd #burpple #denzygelato


E A T | C O F F E E | B O O Z E Enjoy the endless scroll of food at @alhsx

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