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Robertson Quay Chillout

Robertson Quay Chillout

Featuring The Book Cafe, Five & Dime, Alt. Pizza (Robertson Quayside), Anthesis, Epicurious, The Connoisseur Concerto (The Pier @ Robertson)
Jean Kao
Jean Kao
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We were generously treated to some of their signatures such as the luscious Artichoke & Spinach Dip, earthy Truffle Shuffle (mushroom lovers take note!), and bestseller The Hangover, as well a craft beer tasting conducted by @thedrinkerysg.
The highlight of the night was, as you may know by now, DIY PIZZA! Group mates @gigglesandjiggles, @nillyfelt @thesocialnoms, @akirahrkw and I made up our minds pretty quickly about the ingredients, but THE NAME, gosh. Much brainstorming, rejections, awkward thinking silences ensued, then finally before we entered the kitchen, we locked down the *perfect* name.

This is our creation, behold… Wagyu ❤️ My Balls On Fire. It had a good balance of heat from the buffalo sauce and jalapeño, buttery savoriness from manchego cheese, crunch from artichoke hearts, wagyu short rib meatballs (see how they're still whole on the pizza) and shaved proscuitto for tasty protein and basil to round up the flavour. Only for the BALLSY.

Order and upload a picture of your own Alt DIY pizza, hashtag #myaltpizza and you may win their Grand Prize of a Pizza Making Party for 10 friends, or other cool weekly prizes! Also check out the other Tastemaker groups' pizzas- Swipe Right, Twiggy Piggy, M.E.A.T., and The Oscars which won!

Thanks @Burpple for the invite, and @altpizza for hosting us!


The good thing abt TCC is that they revise their menu every so often to keep up with the competitive F&B scene, offering new dishes and beverages while keeping a few of the popular items. Their pastas may not be exciting but you can count on them to deliver a decent tasty meal like this Seafood Aglio Olio that had fresh and well-seared prawns and scallops. The Big Bird nugget sounded nice with bacon-wrapped chicken on red wine lentil stew, but the chicken was kind of dry and overall too salty. I loved the Lychee and Rock Melon Melody, almost wanted another glass, probably because I like the combination of the two tropical fruits.


Can't say it went well altogether but each tasted great on its own. The amount of smoked duck was quite generous and I relished each small little piece of the crispy seared foie gras (think there were abt 4-5). The soba maki sounded and looked interesting but actually didn't do much for the dish - the maki fell apart making it difficult to pick them up, and the chopped soba was weird. My friend had the seared salmon which was a big serving, but too sweet for her liking. #Burpple


Came by to get Brioche, but thought I'll chill here since I still had time to spare before meeting friends. This soup of the day was an excellent recommendation by the good server. It was so full of flavour! Ok I can't decide which is my favourite place, Anthesis or The Lokal.

I like to come by here once in a while, plonk myself on their cozy couch and attempt to read books. I used to love their honey mustard chicken burger but since that's off the menu (why??) I had the chipolata & bacon breakfast, which was average. Ordering the lychee frosty is a ritual for me. They don't serve fantastic food but the atmosphere is enough to keep customers hooked.

I like the brioche (under the sunny side ups) so much that I bought a loaf to takeaway. Foie gras was a bit overcooked. I was a bit taken aback at the serving size at first cuz it's abt $26, but I supposed smoked duck, duck rillette and foie gras usually cost quite a bit more. #threelittleducks #robertsonquay #sgbrunch

Jean Kao

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Some things I don't eat (eg. dairy, beef), but those that I can, I eat A LOT. Instagram: @dana_zincy

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