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Cafe Guide || West 🍰

Featuring Paddy Hills, IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), Riders CafΓ©, PARK, Food For Thought (Botanic Gardens), Mu Parlour, Wildfire Kitchen + Bar (Evans Road), Noshery at Nosh, Stirling Bar & Grill, Tenderfresh Classic (Cheong Chin Nam)
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WahSoGood x

With a touch of this goodness, not the usual sight of Egg Benedict you get to see in cafes these days. We're talking about Crab Benedict over here, crab cakes was a plus point for this item, and not forgetting their English muffins were amazing. That crispy crumbs which enhanced the overall experience for this dish.


Much love for their lovely space, amazing interior and cozy ambience over at Noshery. If you're feeling for the sun, there are al-fresco seatings available at level 2 @ Nosh that you will be sheltered under the pretty treehouse 🌴

For the varieties on their brunch menu was rather limited but the selections of their dishes was all about quality and I would highly recommend what I've tasted during this morning's brunch situation which were their Crab Benedict & Devil's Breakfast.

For those who are wondering, they are using Guatemala & Ethiopia roasted beans from Kaffe Kultur. Medium-bodied with a stronger blend of taste but low acidity.

Rating: 8.5/10

Note: this wasn't an invitation tasting.


If only rewind filter exists; Mu Palour's brunch-fare is definitely a choice to rewind back to.

Last weekend, I had an amazing spread for brunch - Mu Breakfast. What we have here; Poached Eggs, Spicy Pork & Veal Sausage, Streak Bacons, Greens & Garlic Fries.

The poached eggs was overly done tho πŸ™Š but other than that, everything was just as hearty as it looks!


There's always rooms for improvements, a non-starchy base risotto. Definitely a better choice if you like your risotto to have a watery base.

I personally prefer their truffle mushroom risotto πŸ˜€


I have been craving for this since months ago, but my procrastination killed me. Gotten my craving fulfilled last night over @ IKEA Alexandra. Honestly the Nasi Lemak they serve, it's a legit one πŸ‘πŸ½

Everything on the plate, gave me sweet dreams after last night. The chili was the one that won my heart, for something that is worth paying for. #thankyouikea


Traveling to secluded area for brunch was never my thing in the first place, but I'm willing to since my guest @daviddepe in town over the weekends.

Here's my late brunch over πŸ‘‡πŸ» Kimchi Fried Rice - Over this beautiful display, I like it how it's done. Hangar steak was done medium rare as the main ingredient of this dish followed by Ito togarashi, negi and it ends with a little happy ending of sous vide egg 😍

It's love at first sight, gathered with the pool of chocolate accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It's definitely perfect for sharing and the portion was served generously. #riderscafe


This is one of the "must try" dish @ Tenderfresh Classic. Although this can be ultimate sinful but it's good for sharing! It's something like beef chili cheese fries from Carl's Junior. But this is the chicken version instead. Food friendly for those who can't take beef 😊

Damage: $5.90!!

Overall Ratings: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Amazing salad bowl to begin with as starters, perfect for sharing as well!

At a more refined side of healthy eating without going intense diet. Do go with the mango herb dressing for a better combination!

At their most recent change of menu, Omega 3 has discontinued.** But for a similar version, you may give "Seafood Salad" bowl a try!


Life is a blessing to have good food around the world! πŸ’₯ @wahsogood

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