My Love For ||                                                                ChocolatešŸ’‹

My Love For || ChocolatešŸ’‹

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WahSoGood  x
WahSoGood x

It's love at first sight, gathered with the pool of chocolate accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It's definitely perfect for sharing and the portion was served generously. #riderscafe


A great combination of its own, something sweet & salted for dessert to go with. My wife's chocolate cake is something you should go for! šŸ˜„


I love latte art, but this turns out so well on a cuppa of hot chocolate and I'm pretty amazed by it.

Meet 'Hot Chocolate Canvas'!, He's really sweet and after one sip and another, it gets even sweeter too. From the taste of it, he's not common but unique, the flavorful chocolate nutty taste and pretty bold for a cup of hot chocolate. It was a right choice to pick from the menu!

It's one of rare places you can find such a smoking hot chocolate which literally melts down your throat after a sip. A unique combination of latte art with a stick of choco powder.


The usual combination for Lava Cake, didn't really satisfy my cravings after all. Perhaps it's pretty dry and not complete. Maybe due to the late visiting hour šŸ˜

Visit Craft Bakery Cafe for more choices of pastries as they serve plenty of interesting pastries each day at the town of holland village!

This is as close as the pure organic chocolate you can have, it's like "woah, a shot of chocolate bits went in your mouth during the first bite!" I'm not being exaggerating. But this is the closest I can express to you with words. I would say, chocolate is the best invention for sweet treats! This is one of the must try when you're here! Indeed a mouth watery experience šŸ˜

Laurent Chocolatier serves the richest chocolate pastries I've had! It's one of the most outstanding chocolate bar in town that you should visit! A bite or two is never enough for sure, it definitely turns me into a fat boy when I'm there for a visit and assured me the goodness of their chocolate cakes. Here's one: the Equator, I simply love the bottom crust of it!

It's something like black forest cake like any other bakery would name. But texture is much different in the sense that it's not that spongy than what you think and what's more about this cake. The richness of the chocolate that makes it taste 100% šŸ‘

Life is a blessing to have good food around the world! šŸ’„ @wahsogood

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