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Dinner Places

Fancy, not so fancy, and anything! As long as it fills us up for a good dinner. ;)
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This picture does no justice to the flavour of the meal I had here. Go with the steamed lobster to taste some juicy and sweet lobster. Have a lobster roll for generous stuffing in soft brioche buns along with perfectly cooked French fries.
This brought me back to memories from Burger & Lobsters when I was in UK. Although P&P seems like a ripoff from B&L I can't deny that the lobster market is blooming in Malaysia and P&P did a good job with fully booked seats every weeknight. I preferred the herbed butter sauce that is served with the whole lobster because it really brings out the taste of the lobster and serves really well with the chips. However the garlic aioli that came with the lobster roll is really salty. At least there was fresh watermelon salad to lighten things up.
Foo: 8/10 Price : 5/10 (RM 158 for every dish with lobster. Meaning all of the items on menu is priced at 158 bucks. Now I'm not saying it should be around 30-50 ringgit but it is a really expensive meal to begin with. RM158 for each dish? I'll rethink about coming back...💸💸💸) P/s. It is still worth trying for the first time. Maybe for really special occasions! If you have the money, by all means, go ahead. :)

Lobster roll! Who doesn't love lobster roll. Although it might be the most expensive sandwich.

A colourful mix of lettuce leaves, onions and tomatoes, blended in with perfectly seasoned and grilled teriyaki chicken, dressed with my favourite Japanese sesame dressing, last but not least topped with onsen egg aka soft boiled egg.
Delicious and balanced meal. It can be a main because of its big portion. But could be done better it the salad wasn't so drenched with sesame dressing. My mistake for not calling it on the side!
I'm surprised by the portion and all the food variety offered at 103 cafe. The house was almost full at 7pm onwards on a Friday too!
Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM16++ for such a huge bowl of salad. I usually don't like paying so much for a bunch of veggies and protein. But this was generous and tasted delicious. Plus, that's the price for eating out nowadays ain't it?)

Highly recommended. Why is this my favourite is because of AB's generosity and great flavour in the chicken. My first time here was enlightened but a big tender and flavourful chicken. The meat just peels off from the bones! Served with a fresh side salad. Not stingy at all! To be compared with nandos, AB's chicken thigh is definitely bigger and not a rip off.
You get a choice of ala carte or a very worthy set of chicken AND pasta. Delicious pasta review coming up!
Food: 9/10 Price: 9/10 (RM 14.90)

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But anyway, it does not sound as nice as you think. Shredded duck was only about two to three tablespoons. 😒 The rocket salad garnish and pasta makes up most of the dish. It has a bit of spicyness. It wasn't too oily when I had it. It was very flavourful and nicely seasoned though! Nice fancy aglio olio.

Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 29 - such a small portion, such high price. 😟 The duck was not even enough for every bite!)

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Head over to Jibby & Co at Empire Shopping Gallery Subang!
One of their specialty and signature dish, so far I've only seen Jibby that offers soft shell crab burger. How cool is that!

It's really delicious. Sandwiched in between coleslaw and their special spicy mayonnaise. Soft shell crab was fried. Great sweetness. Unfortunately it's incredibly oily. Oil drips out on every bite. 😓 That's one thing I don't like about eating soft shell crabs. I love the sweet brioche! Who doesn't love carbs right?
Served with a generous amount of sweet potato fries! My favourite 😊 and maybe a "healthier" version of fries (I'm lying to myself. Anything swimming in oil is still fried and unhealthy)

Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 32 - Food at J&C is not cheap at all. Price range is about RM 25 and above, plus minus. But I forgive the price for this dish because of the soft shell crab. Understood to be expensive)


Roost is a semi-fine dining restaurant where you do not need to dress up to dine in.

For starters, we had this salad that was dressed with some vinaigrette (possibly white wine) and passion fruit.
Fresh salad leaves, love their fresh prawns, and mashed crab meat (Pure. Not your usual crab stick crab "meat"). The menu described about a salad of crab and scallops. But I'm not sure if I've tasted any scallop. Maybe it was puréed together with the crab meat.
Not my favourite due to some taste that I can't dictate. Neither weird nor bad. This trip to Roost has definitely some vocabulary to my taste dictionary.

Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 28 excluding GST - I understand fine dining is quite expensive. But to rate the price by the taste, I didn't really like it. Hence a six. It is better than average)


Served a side of triple cooked fries.
Although the fries were served as a side, it was quite the main star for me and the rest. My first time trying the delicate fried potato strips that has such lengthy process. That proved its position for amazingly and still filled with pure potato, not oil laden.
However, I was quite disappointed with the beef burger patty because it was rather dry and maybe slightly overcooked. The sautéed mushrooms, fluffy buns and melted cheese saved it though.
Burger was nothing to shout about. Fries is.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 32 - blame the delicious triple cooked fries that can be ordered as a side on its own for RM 18)

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An Indonesian inspired restaurant. This slab of pork ribs is so delicious I think this is the best ribs I've tried by far. Squeeze some lime on top of the meat and rub the chilly sauce on top for some delicious kick. (Optional. Having it by itself is delicious too!) Very tender meat. Soft and flavourful. Falls of the bones without any hassle. Finger licking good! Thank god they did not drown the meat in BBQ sauce.
The manager/owner of the restaurant cut it up for us and says the our ribs was very fresh because he could cut it with minimal effort. If it's tough, it's quite an old meat. He would send it back and give us a fresher one.
Although I had quite a tough meat on my second visit, other parts were still as delicious. My first visit was the best though!
If you're looking good BBQ pork ribs, head over to Naughty Nuri's, just behind Bricks and Barrels. They also have other delicious porky dishes! To be reviewed soon!
Food: 8/10 Price: 9/10 (RM 39 for one slab!! Comparing this to ante's kitchen, the portion is about the same. But the price difference is huge! I think the price for this slab of ribs is really worth it. 😁)

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In picture (clockwise): Soft Shell Crab Temaki, Ebiten Temaki (Fried prawn tempura), California Temaki (crabstick), Sake Ikura Temaki (Salmon sashimi and fish roe) and Unakyu Temaki (Eel and cucumber). The handrolls were made perfectly. Fresh and neat. Love Japanese sushi rice! Have them with pickled ginger, some soy sauce and wasabi, you'll get a burst of freshness and appetite.
What stood out the most was the Sake Ikura Temaki! The salmon literally melts in your mouth! So fresh and so good!
My all time favourite is the California Temaki. Definitely did not disappoint.
Soft shell crab was very flavorful. But the handroll is not as nice as the sushi plate.
Ebiten Temaki was just a prawn tempura handroll. Nicely fried batter and fresh prawns!
The weirdest one for me was Unakyu Temaki because it is an eel sushi. I felt a little sharpness when I bit it in. Quite terrifying. I thought I was biting into some bones. But I guess it's just how it's fried or cooked to crispness.
I love going to Rakuzen for Japanese food because they serve the freshest sashimi and the most tender Yakiniku/Beef stir fry rice set. They are very generous with their set menu too! Fruits, chawanmushi, pickled vegetables, miso soup, a whole load of rice and your protein. Go for their set meals for a cheap steal!
I recommend their dragon roll too. Another favourite of mine which is a prawn/lobster sushi roll, topped with avocado.
Food: 9/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 8 for each handroll - Some might say Rakuzen is very expensive but they are the cheapest place for fresh, high quality and satisfying Japanese food)

[REPOST! Because I got the prices wrong. And I added some better reviews]

Sunshine Bella @ KGB Bangsar.

Finally able to try this gourmet burger.
Sunshine Bella is a vegetarian burger with grilled portobello, sunny side up egg and garlic ranch. It's a really nice and tasty burger despite not having meat! But imo, if you're at a burger stall, get their meat! Burger is meat! So take the meat! A little wasted I didn't try anything else. But was just too full after a lot of meat at Mikey's.

Overall, the mushroom is grilled nicely. Complimented with a runny sunny side up. YUM!

We ordered the set which comes with fries and drinks. I had the Cajun fries. The fries were crispy and thick but slightly too salty for me. Cajun dip was nice though! A little heat. Very nice. Wanted to get the famous kimchi fries but no one felt like kimchi. 😂😭

Next time, going to try their beef burgers and kimchi fries. No doubt!

I can't choose between KGB or burger lab because they're both equally amazing and unique. Let's just say they have their own specialties and we should try both. If you want fusion and geeky flavours, burger lab! Classic juicy American burgers, KGB.

Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 14.90 without set. +RM 5.50 for a set of fries and drinks)

One of the wonders of Jalan Ipoh, Ming Hoe has the best hokkien fried noodles that I've tasted. Dark enough, tasty and great skills. Chinese say Kao Foh ("enough fire") where it is great fried noodles to be delicious.
Clockwise: Fried fish cakes, fried tofu+fish paste, hokkien Mihun mee, fried rice cakes aka Pei Ge.
These are some of my favourites. Other than that are the Loh Mee and Bakau soup (some sort of vegetable and meat soup). Fish cakes are fried to perfection! Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.
Other than small fried supper dishes, you can order the normal dai chow/big fry (rice+dishes) too. They are all tasty! Especially the steamed clams. 👌
It's always crowded with people during dinner and supper! This leads to parking problems. 😓

Food: 9/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 65 for today's order; dad ordered another plate of hokkien noodle 😁. Although it's expensive for just fried noodles, I don't mind paying given the rare and amazing taste). P/S. Forgive my Chinese pinyin! It's not my first language nor am I good at it.

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