Pancakes, French Toasts, And Waffles Alike

Pancakes, French Toasts, And Waffles Alike

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A blend of retro interior and contemporary designs. Definitely a place for pretty Instagram-worthy pictures.
Although I was too lazy to get better lighting outside and move everything out there, I think this picture sums up my visit perfectly to this cafe in Malacca.
They are popular for the Local Pandan Pancakes with coconut gula melaka, add on vanilla ice cream. Tbh, the ice cream was not necessary as the pancakes were perfectly sweet and fluffy on its own, especially when spreader with the coconut and gula Melaka spread. I also like how similar and perfect the pancakes shapes are! 😂 (must be the pancake pan that they have)
Another specialty is the gula melaka iced chocolate. Very special! It's very decadent but might be a little too heavy for a hot day in Malacca. There was flakes of gula melaka at the bottom and it really blended well with the chocolate! I did try to ask to add on a shot of espresso but I guess that was a weird idea. Even the barista thinks so.
Love the latte art as well. Really impressive. Although the coffee was just mediocre (imo). Food: 8/10
Price (GST excluded): Pancakes+vanilla ice cream: RM 13.90+RM 3.59; Cappuccino: RM 10.50; Iced Chocolate: RM 13.50


Brewyard's special - the B:Y waffle. Of crispy waffle, cookies & cream and chocolate ice cream, bananas, grapes and chocolate syrup drizzle.
It was an okay waffle. Try when you or your friend have crazy cravings for waffles. Share the waffles amongst yourself for good conversation and coffee!
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 16)

We all went bananas. Though it was nothing bombastic, it definitely did not fail the basic satisfaction we get from these carb-loaded dessert. I prefer the crepe though. It was less sweet and much fluffier than the pancakes.
The famous banana pancake was however a little doughy on the day I visited. But definitely flooded with chocolate sauce and bananas.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (pancake - RM 8; crepe - RM 8 * I kind of forgot the exact price)

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But the previous two was not as expected not to my liking. It's quite hard to impress a fussy sweet breakfast lover like me. Or maybe pancakes just don't turn me on as much as waffles. 😏 Simple is the key. If you really want to know how good is something, gotta try the basics. The minimalist is just of pancakes, maple syrup, butter, and a dust of icing sugar. Can't believe this was the best among the three I had. Fluffy, delicious, not too sweet. Just perfect. Pancake cravings? Go for this! Reminds me of the one I had at Grumpy Cyclist.
I guess the toppings on the other two I tried was just overwhelming and could be better if the flavour party is toned down.
On a side note, my friend who ordered this wanted an ice cream to go with the pancakes. Didn't know it would cost a bomb because the restaurant actually gave us the additional ice cream on the "dessert" menu for RM 10, the one with cornflakes, nuts and what not.
Kind suggestion @yellowbrickroadcafe: it would be great to give your customers an add on option to their pancakes with a cheaper price like "add on ice cream (Vanilla/Choc/etc) for RM 5++" or something.
Food: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 14 - cheapest pancake on the pancake menu +RM 10 vanilla ice cream single scoop)

Hello Malaysians and coconut lovers! Now you can find your famous night market/pasar malam snack at the Wicked Pancake Parlour, all glammed up and gourmet-ed.
However, it wasn't as nice as I expected.
The simple one ringgit snack here is topped with a lot of coconut shavings, sweet corn, and nuts, instead of the usual wrapped up apom with corn and coconut filling, this is an upside down, "fancy" version. Also a side of maple syrup and coconut candy ice cream for a sweeter note.
The batter is really basically the usual "apom" coconut pancake batter. But I still prefer my pasar malam version! There was very little hint of coconut; but I do like the fluffy pancakes! Coconut shavings and all other toppings were just too much. Picture explains it. If it wasn't for the maple syrup, the whole pancake would be too dry and boring after few bites.
Coconut ice cream? Sangkaya still wins.
Food: 6/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 22 - not my favourite. I prefer getting my own night market apom then buy a scoop of sangkaya, it will add up to less than RM 22)

Made alcoholic by your a choice of either a Guinness or Nutella sauce. It wouldn't be "chocoholic" if not for the Guinness sauce. Not to worry parents or guardians. Nutella sauce is kid friendly. However, there was no significant alcoholic or Guinness Stout taste with or without the pancakes.
There's a lot, and for me, too many things going on this plate. Truly a decadent treat but too much of syrup, decor, and unnecessary things at times.
Focusing on the pancakes, they are chocolate pancakes layered with sauce of choice, pistachios, nuts, topped with candied bacon and chocolate ice cream. Not very sure what are the crusty things on top of the ice cream and all over but it tasted and seems to be crushed caramel/wafer biscuits.

Chocolate pancakes were less fluffy than the other choices of pancakes on the menu. Much thinner but it is really chocolatey and nice.
Didn't like the candied bacon at all. Tasted a bit weird and too sweet to my liking. And as I said, too many things going on. Here you have berry sauce swirled and honey zig-zagged all over the plate. Chocolate shavings on the side. Sectors of edible/non-edible flowers on the side with few cuts of strawberry.

Definitely chocolate coma for me. Chocolate cravings fixed for the whole month probably.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 26 - possibly the highest priced one among all the other sweet pancake choices)

As the menu proudly describes, thick sliced brioche soaked in vanilla custard creams scented with nutmeg and cinnamon, cooked in butter. Topped with bananas, toasted walnuts, choice of huge made apple syrup or raw honey.
I was not asked whether I'd like apple syrup or raw honey but I think I was given honey. As amazing as French toasts can get, it's always a sweet tooth pleaser.
One of the better French toast that I've tasted. Never overly sweet, loved the hint of vanilla I tasted. Luckily the cinnamon taste or nutmeg wasn't overpowering. Duh, because it's "scented". By I have trust issues with cinnamon on French toast. People get too generous with that amazing spice.
Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 24.90 - why must pan fried butter bread soaked in egg and covered in sugar be so expensive? Sigh.)

Yes you heard me. The special and one of a kind Earl Grey Ice cream!
The Owls cafe has been very popular with their "Rebecca" waffles especially because of the earl grey ice cream. I don't deny that the ice cream is amazing. It matches very well with the waffle combination. I mean, why not. Waffles are meant to have with tea. We also love having waffles with ice cream. So a genius at The Owls Cafe decided to combine them all together and voila! The Rebecca is born and has satisfied us dessert lovers ever since.
Great for a hot weather if you want some comfort food but not too heavy of a ice cream.
Did I mention how cute their teapot and teacups are? They are owls! So unique and cute. Hopefully on my next trip I'll remember to order their tea and enjoy it with Rebecca.
Foo: 9/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 18 - rather affordable for such a unique waffle (not like your usual hash-shaped waffle) and ice cream, even compared to so many overpriced usual shaped and heavy waffles.)

I mean come on! Bukit Jalil is so far from all of us that went so why not. We're already here. Otherwise we will take ages to come again.
A perfect choice to sample the assorted ice creams offered at Owls Cafe. Earl Grey, Chocolate, and Vanilla ice cream, on top of their prettily made "flower" waffles, and last but not least, a piece of macaron sitting on top of everyone.
I honestly couldn't taste the macaron. It was definitely a burst of sweetness 😅. Most possibly caramel flavor.
There was also almond and coconut flakes crumbled on top. This is simpler than The Rebecca due to just being ice cream and waffle. The macaron was rather insignificant to me 😅. I prefer the Rebecca as the fruits counter every sweetness from the waffles with sourness and freshness.
This cafe is quite packed everyday but it is quite a nice place for tea. Maybe I'll tryout their macarons with tea as well as their savory waffles one day!

Food: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 23 - definitely higher price with more ice cream. Btw, an extra scoop of ice cream costs RM 5.50, but the queen already comes with 3 assorted scoops.)

Oh well. I can always something else and the soufflé some other time.
The "orijinaru" aka original pancake is a simple thick fluffy pancake served with a small dollop of whipped cream and maple syrup. The vanilla ice cream is a chargeable add on. All on your choice.
The soufflé pancake didn't taste as good as the ones that was more gourmet like matcha & azuki toppings or the berry toppings. Because I get to try purely the pancake, it tasted more floury. I thought it was uncooked but I guess that's what you get for having such a thick pancake.
So little cream on top! That's weird because they were really generous with it to be able to fool us to be ice cream on the French toast. But anyway, the pancake wasn't my favourite on its own. Luckily I decided to add on the vanilla soft serve aka softee which made the whole dessert better.

Wait was 15 minutes as I called it to be served after my main dishes.
I suggest asking them to serve the desserts when you're about to finish the mains so that you don't have to wait. Or serve it together with the main. But if you don't mind, let the food digest a little to enjoy your desserts ay? ☺️ Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 13.02+RM 2.64 ;GST included)

😂 Brioche French toast topped with poached pears, strawberries and nuts. All served on top of a satisfactory amount of coconut mascarpone cheese and a side of coconut caramel sauce in an espresso cup.
The portion for this was just right. Although the combination sounded weird at first, it was a great test out of my comfort zone. Believe it or not, this is my first time trying poached pears and they're delicious!! I'll assume it's perfectly poached because the natural sweetness fills your tongue on every bite. Paired with the nicely cooked egg-covered-bread (thank you for having enough eggs coverage for a French Toast YBR) it brings the poached pears to another level. Have everything together (the fruits, bread, sauce, cheese) and it hits every right spot because of amazing flavour combination.
Natural sweetness, a traditional western sweet breakfast with an Asian twist done right, very right.
Nice presentation with the little espresso cup too!
Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 22 - I appreciate the great flavour and presentation. But this price is considered expensive on average standards for just French toasts.)


Farmer's Pancake Breakfast @ Jam and Kaya

The famous farmer's pancake is under the all day breakfast menu which consists of sunny side up, pancakes, hash brown, chicken ham, sautéed button mushroom, some salad leaves and a drizzle of syrup.

What a great combination! Normally pancakes are served as a sweet breakfast or a dessert. But Jam & Kaya gave it a great twist by combining sweet and savoury flavours. Not too bad! What's best is the perfectly cooked sunny side up with a runny yolk which naturally becomes a sauce for everything. It might be hard to fit everything in one bite, but if you do you'll have a burst of flavour! 😍 Mushrooms were so fragrant, hash browns are crispy and pancakes were fluffy. No wonder this is their best seller!

However, the syrup was too sweet for me. I enjoyed the first few bites but the syrup kind of ruined everything for me at my last few bites. They were incredibly sweet until it became quite overwhelming to me. 😓

This is a very filling breakfast! Definitely a breakfast for champions. Also suitable for a satisfying lunch.

Other drool worthy food that I saw among the tables around me was their weekend special french toast and their pancakes!

Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 18.90 - I'd say it's worth it for the big and filling portion!)

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Breakfast brunch lover and coffee art lover! Instagram: @foodroll_

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