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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Featuring LE Cafe Confectionary & Pastry (Mackenzie Road), May May, Banana Tree, Karafuru Desserts, Wimi Ice Cream (321 Clementi)
Lingxian Chia
Lingxian Chia

$7 for three of these yummy sweet treats! Enjoy it while it's warm! Let the Liu Sha ooze out of the soft sugary donut. Great with a cup of cafe latte! Good amount of salted egg yolk for the size of donut, would definitely come back again but make sure to come early before they're sold out!

Decked in beautiful pink sakura soufflé, vanilla pudding, refreshing red fruit coulis, cereal crunch, dango, strawberries, raspberries and sakura langue de chat.

Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/karafuru-desserts/

That's how much each tart costs when you get a box of eight of these silky smooth beauties for $9! Don't bother wondering if you can really finish all 8. They'll be gone in a flash.

Westies rejoice - coconut ice cream concept Wimi Ice Cream opens at 321 Clementi! The ice cream is freshly made daily, without stabilizers and preservatives. Reasonably priced at $4.90, not only can you choose 3 toppings for your ice cream, you also get a cup of coconut juice! More premium toppings like red ruby and mango cubes are available at an additional $0.30 each.

For those who like their desserts with a touch of class and sophistication, Selfish Gene Patisserie is the place for you. Situated one floor above the popular Selfish Gene Cafe, this new patisserie is intended to be a more "adult" dessert extension to the existing Selfish Gene cafe concept. Meshing together Asian influences with French techniques, the patisserie offers plated and deconstructed desserts in a minimalist yet warm cafe setting. Go for the Soya - a deconstructed tofu cheesecake dessert with red miso sauce, crumble, homemade green tea ice-cream and mochi. Always check for exciting seasonal dessert items such as the Pierre Herme Ispahan-esque Rose Yogurt Panna Cotta that was available on the menu during the Valentine's Day period. Drinks are also available, making this place the perfect sweet ending to any night out.

While the latte aesthetically channels a Korean punk Grandmother with a 大長今/대장금/Jewel in the Palace-esque big-ass hairdo (complete with chopsticks or whatever it is stabbed in that bush), the drink is much more traditional, tasting exactly like what it says on the label. Beware of all the sugar involved though – it is likely to make you want to do jumping jacks for fifty-seven minutes. 3.4/5



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