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I’m not even joking. I can’t imagine needing to describe this I mean seriously is it necessary? Let’s put it this way: you’ve got a massive glass lined with a homemade hot fudge sauce that’s sticky, chewy, still warm around the edges as it arrives at the table, filled with smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream (no nasty icy bits I promise), topped off with homemade whipped cream and hurrah hurrah MORE FUDGE. Now I’m not a fan of whipped cream, at all; but this fluffy, airy, lightly sweetened one was an absolute beaut that I actually rather enjoyed. Yeah sure you may balk at the hefty $22 pricetag — I did and I still do. The way I see it though: if you’re already spending hundreds on a steak with them, what’s another couple of tens? Especially when you know it’s gonna round off the meal in the best possible way?

For a special delivery this time, I reigned in my insane desire to have 2 pints of Blue Milk and decided to give The Bounty a go. That’s coconut ice cream, with toasted desiccated coconut and dark chocolate chips folded in — SO GOOD. The base is creamy yet light, boasting the fabulously buttery and fruity profile of coconut without being too in-your-face; people who aren’t the biggest fans of coconut (like L) would still like it. The desiccated coconut actually carries most of the coconut flavour, adding a lovely crunch and nuttiness. I’d say The Bounty comes this close to dethroning Blue Milk’s top spot in my heart — but just close. If you don’t have a good buddy armed with a car and willing to send you some ice cream goodness, Apiary’s also doing deliveries right now; deets on their ig.

I’m not gonna lie: I was abit skeptical walking in cause it looked so neighbourhood kinda tiny and messy and I’m sorry stereotypes ok. But man their ice creams. I wouldn’t even call them ice cream tbh, it’s creamier than even some gelato I’ve tried, boasting a correspondingly lower melting point as well (ie. melts in your hands not your mouth lolol). I settled for the Cereal Milk and Sea Salt Gula-Coconut (or something along those lines), and I can assure you both flavours are amazeballs. The former was mildly malty, had a good dose of sugar and a mega creamy texture; the latter had lovely bits of desiccated coconut (I believe) folded into a smooth, lightly sweetened but discernibly salted base. I loved them both so much I was drinking the melted remnants off the cup 🙃 I also had a little taste of their Apple Pie and I’d definitely call that a winner too!

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Kinda overdid it here, but to be fair I would’ve gone for 4 scoops of Blue Milk if my friends didn’t stop me — I’d call that some modicum of ‘self-restraint’. Besides the Blue Milk, we had their Baileys & Brownies, Pistachio, and Mango sorbet. I’ve always liked their Pistachio (super fragrant without being too crazy in-your-face-fake kinda way), and I found myself really enjoying their Mango as well. It’s super intense in flavour, boasting a nice chewy texture without being overly sticky or fibrous. Gelato aside though I was quite disappointed with the brownie. I was expecting a wonderfully moist, fudgy inside after breaking through that shiny crinkly skin; but what we got was a fairly tough (cross between biscuit and brownie kinda texture) and dry cake that wasn’t very pleasant at all. We finished the gelato but left 3/4 of the brownie untouched 🙃

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I’ll be brutally honest: I was a little turned off by the whole copycat act, but I have to admit being curious about a couple of their spice-infused flavours so alright give it a shot I did. Gotta say I really really liked their pepper-specked cones, shockingly even more than I did BOP’s thyme-scented ones 🤔 you can really taste the pepper here, but in a very nuanced, mellow, aromatic way. It was very fragrant! We tasted a couple of their flavours and settled with the Coconut Pandan and Sea Salt Gula Jawa. The former’s a light tasting sorbet that’s really refreshing, though I’d have liked a stronger hit of pandan. The latter was my fave of all the flavours I tasted. It’s a less aggressive take on the classic salted caramel. The salt hits you first, pretty strongly I have to say but not overwhelming at all, with a very nutty kind of sweetness kicking in at the end. It’s very well-balanced and they definitely exercise enough restraint with the sugar, so it was really easy to finish a scoop on my own. In fact I’d do 2 😉


IA serious, serious steal my friends. I know they’ve been around for awhile now but for some reason my lag time’s insane 😅 Had a scoop of their Strawberry Creme and the flavour was pretty decent! I liked that it tasted like real strawberries, with a touch of creaminess to round off its natural acidity. A pity that the flavour hits you real strong at the start and doesn’t really linger as it melts, and I also found the texture waaaay too hard and crumbly. My ice cream literally fell off the spoon multiple times cause it was so dry :,)

I’ve not had a strawberry cheesecake gelato taste anything like Ben & Jerry’s (I love it idc that it’s commercial), till I tried @geometry.sg’s Strawberry & Peach Cheesecake 😍 They’ve got the lovely clusters of digestives that I adore in B&J’s, as well as the chewy little strawberry bits, and I like the extra summer kinda freshness from the peaches. Of course 1 scoop’s never enough, and I always get their Pistachio and Sesame too. The latter now comes as a swirly mix of white and black sesame which is absolutely gorgeous!


It’s been a long time since I looked at their page for updates on seasonal flavours, so I was super duper stoked to see they’ve got this Peanut Butter & Jelly one when I popped by couple of days back! I’ve always loved Brother Bird’s softserve creations, but I gotta say they’ve really done my childhood favourite a huge justice here. The peanut butter shines right through from the first lick, intense enough for me yet still palatable for the impartial. And, call me a child if you will, but I love how the jam’s unevenly incorporated through the soft serve, so there’s that element of surprise every time I get a little jam in my teaspoon😍

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Anyone who’d bother listening to tales of my short stay in France would’ve heard me wax lyrical about Jeff de Bruge’s gobsmacking salted caramel soft serve; and as I stood over Geometry’s display tasting the little teaspoon of Salted Caramel, the first thing that came to mind was “oh my god this is Jeff de f*cking Bruges.” It’s smooth, creamy, aggressive, with its sharp edge just lightly tempered down by the nutty caramel. Like I really can’t describe it better than it’s my fave and I love it to bits. The nondescript-looking Black Sesame Soy Milk isn’t to be missed either. They’ve somehow managed to bring across the intense roastiness of the black sesame together with that mellow, earthy fragrance unique to soy milk, resulting in a flavour that’s oddly familiar yet utterly distinct.


Genmaicha + the geniuses behind Matchaya = take my money. Take it, take it all. It’s roasty, earthy, nutty, with that distinctive popped rice fragrant lingering at the back that clearly sets it apart from the other Japanese tea flavours. Everyone knows creations from these folks will never disappoint, but I can’t say I’m not always surprised by each and every new flavour they churn out. This seasonal flavour’s only available at ICON Village, and no matter how many times I’ve said this imma say it again: haul ass down, pronto.


Available in 2 flavours, both Lunar’s Earl Grey & Milky Way soft serves blew my mind and were so much more impressive than I expected. They’re not your traditional soft serves in that they aren’t entirely smooth or creamy, in fact oddly a little icy — but don’t let that fool you, the flavour’s undeniably rich and intense. And once you get past that it’s actually icy and let that teaspoon of soft serve just sit and melt in your mouth, what you get instead is a paradoxically creamy and silky treat.


Couldn’t resist getting one since I was near the area, especially since hearing it’s barely just arrived on our shores - 2 days in fact! Cheese tarts, Hokkaido cheesecakes, cheese foam even; these I’ve heard of, but a cheese cone?? Everyone’s been getting their sundaes but no I just HAD to try these cone for myself! And guess what, totally #noragrats. Flavour was so distinct and discernible, strong and quite in-your-face I may say, though pairing very nicely with their soft serve without being overwhelming. To say I was pleasantly surprised is a total understatement. Some would prolly like to pair it with the milk soft serve for the flavours to complement one another, though I’d personally totally go for the cheese soft serve (which is honestly fairly mild) with the cone for a totally yummy cheese dessert 😋


Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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