Noms In Subang Under RM 10

Noms In Subang Under RM 10

I'm hungry. And so is my wallet. So let's try to make do with a dish + a drink for under RM 10. Note: not for big eaters.
Esther Seletyn Chai
Esther Seletyn Chai

Lian Heng Pan Mee is famous in Subang Jaya. Serious. Ask anyone if they know the number-taking SS19 pan mee. Tho the old stall is still there in SS19. It was sold off to someone a few years back and I don't know if it tastes any different from the original Lian Heng. But feat not! They have opened a shop in USJ 1 called Lian Heng Pan Mee (someone forgot to sign a non-competition agreement) and is run by the original owner's son.

That being said, the place is full and packed during lunch hours by those who no doubt want a taste of that old nostalgia they once had. At time of writing, we were told that it was opened less than a week ago.

There was no menu to be found and it's RM 6 for small with no gst and only a few drinks to choose from.

The noodle itself was a tad disappointing in my opinion. Overcooked and the edges of the noodles had a texture of bread dipped in water (they only serve hand pinched pan mee). The soup itself was not bad with a strong taste of anchovy but the texture of the noodle just made your enjoy the dish less. Nothing more to ruin your day than soggy noodles.

Waiting time was pretty long as well which was about 20 minutes. Drinks came fast and be sure to come early or risk standing and waiting for seats during lunch.

That being said, I'm trying to think positive by saying this is only their first week and they might improve some within the next month. So we'll check back in the next month to see how it goes.


Sang nyuk noodles (lit. Raw meat noodles) are basically noodles with a clear stock broth with meat slices added into the dish at the last minute. Usually added to the noodles when the noodles are cooked and drained and hot soup is poured over them to ensure they aren't overcooked.

Sang Nyuk Noodle in SS15 claimes to bring in their ingredients fresh from Bidor. They not only serve sang nyuk noodles here but this is obviously their main seller.

Options for Sang Nyuk Noodles are available in either kon lou (dry) or soup (pic.) And is eithr RM 6.90 or RM 7.90 depending on the type of noodles. Lots of noodles are given with lots of liver. Pork slices? Not so much. Ajinamoto? A plenty. But that is the beauty of it. Sometimes you just want a hot bowl of salty soupy unhealthy magical goodness. Well this isn't magical, but it does make you feel unhealthy alright.

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I'm a pasta snob. I get it. Underseasoned pasta, not al dente, you didn't twirl the pasta, you didn't do a pan tossing motion, your pasta isn't shining like the sun in Teletubbies. Yes I'm a pasta snob.

JoshiJosh Kantin is a new food court, booth (1 week old at the time of writing) , place thing in Sunway University's New Building Cafeteria. Then again, it is of legend spoken by many that cafeteria food is never delicious. But as JoshiJosh Kantin was opened by someone who my brother says "makes the best aglio olio", hell I needed to try it!

Before I even get into the food, let's talk about something not food. It took me a 25 minute wait for my pasta. Nevermind it was served on a metal plate that is hot if you don't bring it to your table fast enough. It took me a 25 minute wait.

The Thai Basil Olio (RM 8 - promotion price), granted was not made by the man himself, and is cheap, while doesn't call for much, I didn't expect basics to go out the window.

Overcooked pasta, overdosed pepper, and basil? Maybe it's still in Thailand.

While it might be that it's only RM 8 and I shouldn't expect much, I was at least expecting bare basics. Even if it wasn't cooked by the man himself I expected a sort of recipe or guide to follow.

Let's not even talk about how I think their menu is waaaayyyy too big and extensive for such a small kitchen, how disorganized they looked and how while my number was 63, I watched a number 78 order walk past me.

So JoshiJosh, the name might be cute, but lettig a lady wait 25 minutes for a subpar pasta is not.


Everyday is a Taco Tuesday! Or that's what I'd like tk believe. Sadly the lack of Mexican food in Malaysia always leave me desperate enough to bring experiments to my kitchen in order to replicate that taste I came across oh so long ago. So if you know any Mexican food places. Hit me!

Thyme Out is a food truck. Hence the lack of geotags. Because you really won't know where they are. The only way to track their whereabouts is through instagram where they will post their venue and times they will be there.

Foods are a little bit on the pricey side such as this box of 2 chilli con carne beef tacos go for RM 9.00 and on days like this, I got cheese nachos at the side for an extra RM 2.00.

The chilli con carne is bursting with flavours of cumin and is a little spicy. Imagine bolongese sauce with a hit of cumin and a kick of chilli. The taco itself has toppings of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions and best of all- pineapple. The pineapple gives the taco's meat sauce a mild sweetness and the other veggies don't really stand out much.

The cheese sauce for the nachos are bland. It tastes only of cheese if you drown the nachos is cheese sauce and then, it's only slight. Very slight. Under normal circumstances it tastes like tasteless cream. And under non-normal circumstances.... it still tastes like tasless cream. I would recommend you to give this a pass. Or buy these nachos and go grab some KFC cheesy wedges and use their sauce.


Ahh friend laksa. What on earth is it? How can you hope to make a stir fried noodle dish taste as flavourful as the laksa soup in a bowl of asam laksa which is the main star of the dish? For if you have mastered the laksa soup, you have mastered asam laksa.

Well you can't. But I'm guessing Well Cook Groumet has come pretty close.

Well Cook Gourmet is a restaurant in ss14 famed for its fried laksa - a stir fried version of Malaysia's favourite spicy soup noodle dish. And rightfully so. The best dish there IS the fried laksa (RM 7.50 before GST). The mee jawa (RM 7.50 before GST) wasn't impressive and the popiah set (RM 6.50 before GST - 2 rolls) was plain and underseasoned.

The fried laksa tasted like Asam Laksa's less reserved younger sister that was always chasing after Asam Laksa's accomplishments. It was bold. It was flavourful. It has made it's name as a unique dish. But it wasn't as flavourful as a good bowl of asam laksa (I'm pampered. My mom makes killer asam laksa). It doesn't have the fish, the pinapple or the asam slices that I'm used to. I always call for extra lime with the dish because I'm a lime fanatic but taste wise I guess there really is no way to recreate a hot bowl of asam laksa into a stir fried noodle dish. But this comes close in terms of the blending of flavors. Familiar, yet not the same.

This is after all, Asam Laksa's younger sister. And she is an individual all on her own.

Meal expenditure:
Fried Laksa - RM 7.50
Iced Water - RM 0.50
Total after GST - RM 8.48


I write reviews and stuff. And take pictures as a hobby

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