Places For Big Breakfasts/English Breakfast

Places For Big Breakfasts/English Breakfast

Of sausages, bacon, baked beans, eggs and more. (A growing list!)
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First of all, I would like to mention the excellent service Proof Cafe gives because I was at first given an incredibly horrible soggy bread under the poached eggs (a rookie mistake for restaurants to serve undrained poached eggs) but my first plate was willingly replaced with a new plate, of perfect crusty bread and runny egg yolk. Something different from other breakfasts, Proof offers sautéed spinach, something lighter than baked beans. I love their spinach and I wish I could have more!
And I just found out VCR serves spinach in their big breakfast too! Time to head there! 😍 Besides that, sautéed mushrooms were not as fragrant as the sautéed spinach, chicken ham and sausage is nothing special but of course, edible and satisfying.
It's hard to justify the pricing for big breakfast, or go wrong with cooking basic hams, sausages, grill half a tomato, sauté some mushrooms and serve eggs of any style to your liking with bread, to assemble as the classic English (unless you really can't step a foot in the kitchen). But based on my experience and preferences, I'm still a fan of Antipodean Bangsar breakfasts and Yellow Brick Road. I must try VCR's though.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 23 - also a choice of complimentary black coffee and tea)


Actually, the only few hot items on their menu was the big breakfast and smoked salmon with eggs on toast for breakfast, and two choices of pasta for more heavy options.
A variety of anything you'd get in a basic big breakfast. Baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, sausages, hash browns, eggs, and toast.
Their baked beans tasted delicious and sweet, positive it's not homemade but it was quality and delicious enough. One sausage cut into half. It was delicious and flavourful, another highlight of the whole breakfast, but really little and stingy maybe? A choice of chicken sausage or beef bacon. I guess you could have both by paying more!
Sautéed mushrooms bland but I guess that's why you get salt and pepper on the side to add to your taste.
The only thing that was quite a bummer was the sourdough bread was all soggy as they placed the scrambled eggs on top of the toast. The crust of the bread was very hard too!
Nothing much to say about the other components but definitely better than some cafes with poor baked beans, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes or cheap sausages.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 25 - I'm surprised how expensive this new cafe is. The ingredients were rather simple hence I wonder maybe their cost is high for being new to the industry. But with so much components, I'll give them some credits. Big breakfasts are always this expensive in every cafes.) Some people might say "I could cook this at home for you, and it won't cost as much" Hmm figures?

I was taken aback at first when I found out the price of this breakfast. I still decided to give this a try because of the sweet potatoes in the center! Yup! That mainly attracted me.
When I got here and ordered the bash, I was surprised by the huge portion. I got a legit BIG breakfast. Served in a 16-inch frying pan. Lol

We get baked beans, hash browns, sweet potatoes, garden tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, a slice of sourdough a choice of two eggs any style, chicken/beef sausage, and turkey/beef bacon. All given in generous portions. It's even enough to serve two. Although I would prefer another slice of bread, I changed my mind when I was halfway through sharing because I was almost full already.
Everything was delicious and the main plus point was the extra sweet potatoes. Only AMPM and YBR has sweet potatoes in their big breakfast that I've tried so far. The mushrooms were a little weird and too heavily herbed though. I didn't like them.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 30 - I'll give credits to the portion but honestly it's nothing to shout about. Yes it is delicious, creative, and satisfying but it's hard to have it often as it would burn a hole in your wallet - I'm speaking from an average income earner perspective. You can easily make these at home with quality ingredients 😊)


Only thing missing is baked beans!! I didn't really like this platter because everything was very salty. Scrambled were good though. Mushroom was sautéed with onions with great seasoning. But still, I think the chef was too generous on salt and pepper. The sausage was also store bought. I wasn't satisfied with it.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 22 - wow! KL price. Costs you a bomb doesn't it? It isn't too bad as its a basic price for most big breakfasts but based on the ingredients, it should cost lower than that I feel. Store bough sausages, eggs, mushroom and onions, tomatoes, and only thing extra expensive is the bacon.) P/S: I recommend going for their open faced sandwiches instead because that's what they're most popular for.


Portion is incredibly huge!

I was so stuffed and satisfied by the end of my meal! Normally cafes are pretty stingy with their toasts. But I got two slices of one-inch thick sourdough toast here. They're really yummy and fresh by its own too.

Scrambled eggs were nicely done. Thank god for perfectly creamy and moist eggs. I had them with the yummy thick toast and they were a perfect heart healthy combination. Eggs on toast = WIN! You have a choice of poached or scrambled eggs.
Besides eggs and toast, the big breakfast platter comes with oven roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, two three-inches chicken sausages, turkey ham and of course butter to go with your toast.

Everything was so satisfying. Chicken sausages was nice and juicy. Not too peppery or plasticky like store bought ones. Sautéed mushrooms, nicely seasoned and fresh. The turkey ham was good too but there was some fats in them. Not completely lean. The downside for my tastebuds were the tomatoes. I think they were too heavy on herbs and tasted a bit weird to me. I tasted very strong rosemary and basil herbs.

Overall, this is a generous portion! Thick toasts, generous fluffy eggs and other delicious sides! Comes with a free cup of coffee and the best part is YOU GET TO CHOOSE ANY COFFEE YOU LIKE! Not just the normal long black. 😍 So my cappuccino was free. Ahh.. I love free coffee.

My concern is their standards and portion sizes. For the price they are charging, it's really cheap. I hope they do not cut down their portion sizes or quality once they rise to fame in Malaysia and start charging higher prices or giving smaller portions.

Food: 8/10 Price: 9/10 (RM 19.90!!! - generous big breakfast AND a free coffee. That's so worth it.)


Very cozy area. Love their decor. LOVE THEIR FOOD!

This cafe is going to the top of my list. Sadly it's all the way in kl and I can't visit it so often. Why do you have to be so far? 😭

Had Feeka's big breakfast. Switched to rye toast and scrambled eggs instead of brioche and sunny side up. I love the chicken sausage. It's so flavourful! The sautéed potatoes and mushrooms is delicious. Love the seasoning. Bacon (beef I presume) is my too salty and fat. Not too hard as well. Although no baked beans, this breakfast set has done justice to breakfast lovers.
Tried their new arrival; the Mille crepe cake series. I had the Almond Salted Caramel one. Not to sweet! Which I like. I'm not sure where they got it from but it's better than the overly sweet ones at Food Foundry.
Had a cappuccino and requested for a swan. Finally had the guts to make requests. Thank you to the lovely barista Rachel! Sadly they didn't have soy milk that day nor do they provide low fat milk.
Coffee post later because I had their Aeropress too! It's simply amazing.
I wanted to try the yogurt parfait as well but they too didn't have them that day. And I was too early to order from their lunch menu which starts at 12pm. 😅

Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 20 for big breakfast. RM 13 for Mille crepe cake. RM 10 for Capp. They have common cafe prices. Not really overpriced for some)



Finally back here. I wanted something healthy and it's really hard to to healthy restaurants. Then I remembered BreadFruits is one! So yay! And I was craving for salmons and their sandwiches. Which is unusual.
Clockwise: Chicken avocado sandwich, watermelon juice, banana chocolate muffin, smoked salmon platter and house coffee.
Chicken sandwich was delicious!The chicken was grilled with great seasoning and tasted a bit like tandoori chicken. In between the brown bread was a few pieces of avocados and sprouts. Served with the salad of the day, a simple and tasty potato salad.
Next main dish is the salmon breakfast platter. Finally had the guts to try something with salmon. The platter comes with an avocado salad, scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, smoked salmon and some rockets. This combination is amazing! And I love the avocado salad. I'm going to try to make it when I'm home. So in love with the tasty avo-salad. The overall dish is delicious as well because a combination of salmon, avocado and egg is amazing.
My breakfast platter came with coffee/tea and juice of the day. The juice of the day is watermelon juice. I had a basic long black. Coffee was not to bad! It goes well with everything. Especially the muffin. They only use fresh milk here so I didn't take their milky coffee blends.
Last but not least, homemade banana chocolate muffin. The owner said it is made by his sister and she uses whole wheat flour. I love this muffin. Not really a muffin water but this certainly caught my eye. Not overly sweet, with a taste of cinnamon bringing out the banana taste. It's really delicious! 😋

Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 17.80 for sandwich // RM 25.80 for salmon platter // RM 3.20 for muffin. They are a bit on the expensive side. It's in Hartamas anyway. Things are always slightly more expensive.) P/S. Stomach wasn't feeling too well after a while. Maybe because I can't take salmon as I have a very sensitive digestion system.


An old review all the way from 2014. A hearty breakfast that I had back in the days with poached eggs, homemade baked beans, chicken sausage, turkey ham, sautéed mushrooms and others. It's not too bad and everything from Plan B KL is fairly delicious. Would definitely come back again!


A rather healthy brunch place at Hartamas. They have their signature "wild honey" that they use for basically anything that requires honey. Hahah I like how the food here taste very natural and clean. Not too salty and what not. It's not bland either! #breakfast #brunch #pasta #frenchtoast #Hartamas #healthy #yummy #food


I checked baked beans, scrambled eggs, sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms, salad, turkey ham and turkey bacon. The breakfast set comes with a complementary pair of toast with choice of wheat or white. We can upgrade the toast to French toast as well! But the waiter didn't see my upgrade tick :( So I didn't get any French toast. But it's nice to see so many variations. We get to upgrade canned mushrooms to fresh sautéed mushrooms as well! Upgrades are RM 1.50 each. My breakfast set was RM 16.90. How was it? Nothing to shout about. Just a typical "airport" food I guess? They're really simple and is like what you'd get in a departure lounge. :) Overall, it's quite satisfying. Just a little bummed out the waiter missed out my upgrade for French Toast. Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10


Had Delicious' breakfast set (yes breakfast for lunch :p). To be honest, this was not satisfying at all. Everything was just fine. Gave very little sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms. Sausage and bacon were mediocre. I wasn't asked how id like my eggs to be when I have the choice, then they just served me with sunny side up. The waitress who served me was very annoying and blur as well. Totally dropped my expect ions for Delicious. They didn't even give my mother the free cupcake and macarons for Mother's Day when other tables got it! Antipodean is opening soon next to it at Mid Valley though. Can't wait!!


Breakfast brunch lover and coffee art lover! Instagram: @foodroll_

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