$2.50 for a slice. Worth all the hype!


These chocolate tarts were really addictive! The crust and the choc filling are just divine together.

Nice AKKs. Too bad they didnt have the flavours I was interested in: durian, yam, coconut. I had the corn and sweet bean flavours which were both good, not overly sweet. Only 90 cents per piece too.

Bought this for the packaging hehe. The soya milk turned out to be pretty good too!

This baked donut makes for a nice snack

We tried a lot of flavours! None of them were too sweet, which was good. Our faves were the taro, pumpkin, and coconut.

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Kueh dadar, kueh kosui, and kueh salat. Loved all three, wanna try all the kueh they have! The kueh kosui from Sunway Niche (Wisma Atria) is softer and hence better in my opinion though! The kueh salat's glutinous rice layer was perfect, but I think the pandan layer can be better cos I liked Benggawan Solo's rendition more (just for the pandan layer). Best out of all three is the kueh dadar. This eggy crepe filled with fresh coconut was so yummy.


Liked this a lot! The flavour of the filling was great, didn't taste artificial. They use beetroot instead of food colouring to make it red. The baguette itself was nice and crunchy! Would come back to try the other flavours!


I saw a food blogger post this on Instagram and told my boyfriend that we should go and try it. He arrived that same day at my place with it!! Hehehe im a lucky girl. The liu sha filling was perfect, the right balance of salty and sweet. The bun was nice and crispy after reheating, and it had a pretty purple exterior. You can't really taste any hint of sweet potato though, but that's alright for me cos it was enjoyable nonetheless! I could have three of these in one go!


$1.20 only! Best place in school to get a snack:)

Lady in front of me bought the last three remaining Matcha Salted Egg Croissants :/ But that's ok, didn't feel like having something so rich anyway. Got this fluffy roll, made for a pleasant snack.


Just $1 for one of these babies?? Very very dangerous for my waistline. I can inhale about 5 of these in one go! Not exactly super duper cheap, but much more economical compared to other places. ($7.50 for one croissant? No thanks!)


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