Indian Grub

Indian Grub

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Was craving tandoori, so we opted for this set as it comes with naan/ basmati rice, a vegetable and a drink. The chicken pieces were smaller than expected but still filling and tender.


Stuffed naan with either cheese, onions or potatoes (our choice) the perfect vessel for transporting gravies into your mouth!


We wanted to try the rawa thosais here, but it wasn't available for lunch. Decided to just go for the banana leaf since we were already here. All the sides are refillable but the default portion is filling enough. I particularly enjoyed the super smooth dhal for drenching the rice (don't overdo it like I did though, as it was hard to shovel the too-wet the rice into my mouth ).


Here's another non-Vanghi Bhath (eggplant rice) day alternative. It's more similar to the eggplant rice in texture with soft tomato pieces embedded within than the lemon rice. Give it a try if you see it in the specials board!


On non-Vanghi Bhath (eggplant rice) days, we decided to give this a go and weren't disappointed (you just need to get past that fluorescent yellow ). It's a bit more on the dry side, but still tasty.


We also tried the plantain bajjis and it featured the same light and savoury batter, which I really liked. Plantains are generally flatter in taste compared to bananas, so scoop more of the coconut chutney with these!

Also, they mostly use ghee and pure olive oil (or groundnut/peanut oil for frying) here, and deep-fried dishes taste very clean compared to other places that tend to over-reuse oil (and leave some aftertaste).


Saw Burppler Saundaryas post on the Chilli Bajjis here and we just had to try it after reading her review.

While ordering, we pointed at "Chilli Bajji" on the menu, but somehow we ended up with this. Not wanting to make a fuss, we decided to just eat what was served (only at the end of our meal did we find out what this was from the receipt).
The sliced green chillies come encased in a seemingly dense batter that was actually light and airy! Dip them in the accompanying coconut chutney for an extra moreish starter!

The batter was unlike any Ive had before, and after a quick recipe search online, I realise it's probably because it uses gram flour (made from ground chickpeas)!
Can't wait to go back and try the right bajji this time round. Better yet, we'll just show the photo to be safe.


Freshly kneaded chapatis are blistered and puffed up on the hot griddle straight onto your plate, so be sure to tear the flatbread right away and dunk it into your sauce of choice while it's still hot. Truly one of the best chapatis I've had!

The default side that most diners get is the mildly spicy keema, though we couldn't help but order the goat bone too, after seeing it on someone else's table As the name suggests, you only get the bone with some cartilage and tendons left for gnawing, so don't expect any meat. The rich curry it comes with is great for dipping though!

Don't forget to ask for the complimentary plate of sliced cucumber and onions for bites of fresh relief. There's calamansi halves you can squeeze into the keema if you like, too.


While I really loved the unbelievably crisp dosa here (Masala Dosa, $6), the rarer (at least to me) and fluffier open-faced Pudi Masala Dosa ($6) stole the limelight. I dont know if its the sprinkling of spicy chutney powder or the indulgent smear of ghee, but this was absolutely lip-smacking and unlike any Ive ever tried.

If its your first time here, order the normal dosa and the pudi masala dosa to get the best of both worlds!


The best kind of naan: warm, pillowy and speckled liberally with garlic bits!


This platter comprises fish tandoori, garlic prawns, chicken tikka and seekh kebab. I love how ridiculously tender that chicken tikka is and how flavourful every item on this plate is.

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Here to try the revamped menu after 28 years(!!!). The highlight is probably the savoury mango curry, which was a delightful surprise that worked!

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