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Chinese Chow

Chinese Chow

Featuring Eat 3 Bowls, Carousel (Royal Plaza on Scotts), Peach Blossoms, Hai Tien Lo, Man Fu Yuan, Tim Ho Wan (Toa Payoh), Din Tai Fung (Raffles City), Crystal Jade Golden Palace (Paragon), Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Summer Palace
Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH
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Loved this flavourbomb dish with white bee hoon soaking up the robust stock topped with massive fresh prawns that were perfectly cooked. The signature soup version is a flavourful alternative if you’re in the mood for something with broth. And yes, it’s customisable (noodle type, size of prawns, toppings, etc). Bonus points for the friendly service!


Want soupy mala xiang guo? This is the place to go! If you’re a mala wimp like me, go for the xiao la level. So flavourful with just the right amount of heat. Ingredients were fresh and generous too!


Just as satisfying as before, this is a must order! I recommend you go for the Braised Pork Rice Set ($8), which comes with a side of very tasty braised cabbage and egg, for a fuller meal.


Crispy battered pork chunks (plus just the right amount of chewy, softened batter in there too) slicked in a well-balanced sauce. Hard to go wrong with this crowd-pleaser.


Think PUTIEN's Heng Hwa Bee Hoon but a dressed down version to match the more affordable price tag. Seasoning wasn't too heavy so you can spam more chilli sauce.


So simple but this really hit the spot. Bittergourd slices still had a nice bite, while the egg was seasoned just nice. Get this to share!


Not the biggest fan of frog legs so this wasn't worth it for me (not to mention another shocker in our bill 😂). But I do have to say that this was the only other dish I actually liked here (other than the crab bee hoon). The legs were tender and the garlic-studded sauce dosed with chicken essence was flavoursome (and the only one that wasn't overly salty that night).


A must-have here! All you need is plain rice to ladle the lip-smacking zhup over and one more tummy to share it with.
The super tender spring chicken underneath the cabbage cloak soaked up the flavours better than the organic chicken (individual portion) we tried.

Comes with Dianxin Duo (spring roll and siew mai), Prawn Dumpling in Superior Soup, HK Kai Lan w/ Wolfberry in Superior Stock and Rice (white/brown).

If you're thinking of getting this set instead of the whole claypot cos you get to try the mini claypot chicken plus more items, don't! The Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken is so much more shiok.


I've been a fan of this punchy dish ever since I tried it from a north Chinese stall in uni. I really like the extra umami kick the salted black beans lends this this, and the mild heat that just runs in the background. Although some of the meat slices were inconsistent in thickness, they were all tender with a pleasant bite. Wish I could trim off some of the fatty layers, but with the default use of pork belly, who am I kidding? 😅


Extra thin pork belly slices (not bacon) wok-fried with crunchy cabbage may sound boring, but this was absolutely gob-smacking! Throw in some dried chillies, fresh chilli slices, plus just enough ground Szechuan peppers for that tingling sensation that kept this interesting till the last bite.

And yes, it's unforgivably oily but also oh sooo shiok that you'll just have to keep convincing yourself that you're eating greens. Well, kind of.


The foolproof xiao long baos (from $12.30 for 10) are a must-order here (I personally prefer the original over the flavoured ones).

I wasn’t in the mood for a soupy la mian, so I tried the Dry La Mian with Pork Wontons in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette instead. You can request to have the sauce on the side so you can add as much or as little as you like. This was pretty good but I still like Din Tai Fung’s seasoning most. I’ll probably stick to Zha Jiang Noodles or my usual La Mien with Sliced Pork default next time.


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