Sweet Romance

Sweet Romance

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Samantha Jaye
Samantha Jaye

This castella cake beats all that I have eaten. The soft and fluffy texture of the cake is simply irristable. Comes in three flavors. The kaya, the original and cheese. I personally love the kaya flavour. It's not too sweet. $5.80 for just a serving that is just nice fort two person.


The charcoal toast tasted really burnt and crunchy. The chocolate that flows out of the chunky toast with a scoop of the salted caramel ice cream. I paid about $16+ for the toast. Not be going back for a second taste.

Thank you for the pretty cake! And best of all its salted caramel. A truly unique taste. A combination of sweet and salty.

Soft launch and prices were on the high side. Had the meringue durian cake. Quite unique, worth trying. Spoilt for choices. The lychee rose cake taste special but only suitable for rose lovers.

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Colored candies filled the entrance. Most of desserts on the menu is sold out. Limited options. Cakes taste average. Nothing to rave about. 1 cake and 1 topping cost about $12.95. Cozy place where you can hang out with friends for hours. Worth experiencing once.

Cozy place where you can sit and daze away. The pulut hitam tart is soft and crunchy. The speculos tart smells good and taste yum. Banana cake taste good on the first few bites. Price is reasonable for the lovely tarts.


The warm hand crafted tart smells as good as it taste. The different colors of ice cream, bursting with flavors. The amiable staff explains why the shop is packed. Reasonably priced. A sweet house filled with enthusiastic dessert lovers.

Rarely find baked alaska in Singapore. Better than the one from Antoniette. The serving feeds two. The sweet meringue and the raspberry sauce compliments the dessert. Yummy!

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A combination of what I love the most. Orh nee in tart form! The orh nee is not overly sweet and definitely yammy enough for me. The tart is buttery and crunchy! This two makes such a good combination. This tart is ready at 12pm and gets sold out by the time lunchtime is over. It is only $1 each!

The lovely appearance is to difficult to resist. Tangy tasting. Surprise!

Moist and tasty! Need a little perk me up? Pop by to Spectula for some sweet cakes.

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Anise, Orange. Orange mousse cake, with chunks of orange pulp within and a star anise-infused sponge soaked in orange juice. Sponge was smooth and creamy, yet filled with just enough citric flavour that does not bite the throat. Bite into a part where the orange pulp is, and the pulp explodes to release the juicy citrus all over the tongue for a more intense flavour. The spiced-flavour sponge was soft, soaked with orangey flavours yet carry an interesting spiced flavour which gives a contrast to the overall flavour of the cake.

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