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Zack Lee
Zack Lee

They close at roughly 1 or 2 am.
BTW I have not flown off yet!!! ✈❌
I really like their dumplings as they are handmade, and will strictly stay that way. Don't think you can find dumplings like these nowadays.
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One of the best roast meat stalls in Singapore.
Will probably miss this.
Atas clean canteen bottle in the background. (guess whose)
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Beef was obviously tender (48 hours duh), but not marinated enough to Ben's liking.
Also, be warned that you will not be satiated with this petite serving.
BTW, that crispy thing on top is like a tempura bacon. Uncommon, but I find it out of place.
Overall, you should get a better beef experience elsewhere.
#burpple #beef #dinner #steak #curiouspalette


You must wonder why a sandwich costs so much. Until the big plate gets served in your face haha.
The duck was roasted very well, tender and sweet, sauce also complements the duck meat.
One of the best sandwiches I have ever ordered in Singapore's cafes. Delicious, at the same time, very filling. No regrets.
#burpple #brunch #sandwich #duck

One of the best Thai food in Singapore, our dinner set us back to a total of $46. (Our appetites are bigger than what you see here)
On the plus side, there are no taxes, all prices are nett.
Recommended to try out this humble restaurant in Downtown East!
#thaifood #burpple #

Now that White Sands got buffed, I had this for dinner last night, haha!
A good way to start is to taste the lighter sides first, then move on to the more salty ones.
The scrambled eggs were milky to the taste, and the bread which I expected to be soft, was actually crispy throughout. A balance of light and salty food in the whole plate. 👍
Great dinner experience from a healthy cafe. One annoying thing is that the cafe is swarming with crowds just looking around because it is right out the MRT exit. 😑
#burpple #breakfast #eggs #bacon

Exams. Over! ✔
Small portions, with a mixture of cut organic fruits and some maple syrup. Bet you guys never tried pancake made from sweet potatoes.
Try one and pretend you're just being healthy, not hipster. 😎
Real Food is a vegan cafe with no taxes to their price tags. They serve cheap food for a good cause too. *If I'm not wrong*
#burpple #healthy #pancakes #realfood #vegan

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Here's a messy medium bowl of Lor Mee - $4.
Finally got to try out this famous stall. If you hate queueing, I recommend eating this in the mornings. It will be a good start for your day.
The ingredients are of good quality, but I removed the parsley after taking this shot haha!
I enjoyed the soup too much, finished the whole bowl. Shiok!
#burpple #morning #breakfast #noodles #lormee

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Don't underestimate the simplicity of this dish. I actually felt full eating this. All for $9.
The eggs were pretty well done. There was a hint of milk in each taste. Mix them up and have a nutritious breakfast! 🍞🍳🐖
Plus, in the tranquil ambience & excellent service, I actually got work done for my exchange. Maybe it's a possible place to study for finals? 😛
#burpple #breakfast #brunch #eggs #bacon #foodforthought

From left, cordon bleu, roast pork and OBG wings. We were impressed with all 3 sides.
The roast pork was my favourite of the 3. Little different than hawker style, it still delivers in taste. The texture of the soft fat with the tasty sauce, recommended. 👍
The chicken wings didn't miss out too. I shall leave you guys to try it.
We also had the pleasure of speaking to Amanda, the marketing director of this artsy cafe, who gave us an insight to this cafe's style. Thank you.
#dinner #burpple #oldboysgallery #meat #roastpork #chickenwings

¿Podéis decirme cuál es el nombre de este plato?
That pastry was so doughy, it feels like you're eating undercooked pizza slices. Even eating with ice cream didn't make it better.
Maybe should just stick to ordering churros or leche fritas next time. 😛
#burpple #dessert #spanish #postre

The noodles are springy and soft. Looking at it just makes you wanna slurp it up so bad.
Dumplings were pretty slurp-worthy too. The char siew, however, wasn't up to the quality of the noodles.
It's like heaven and hell. You never find wanton noodles with both noodles and meat of high standard. One usually gets neglected. 😕 Still enjoyed eating this anyway!
#noodles #dumplings #pork #burpple #charsiew #brunch

My username says it all. Will never recommend subpar food that only looks artsy.

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