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Mike Kan
Mike Kan

At $7.50 each (Iced Cappucino, Iced Matcha Cappucino), these definitely do not come cheap. I was taken aback when I lifted the cup as it was sooo light. In my opinion, the novelty is that they blend the drink to aerate it. In the end, the customer is paying for the air! Not coming back. I'd rather make my own at home. To be fair, I am impressed by the baristas who were very informative and friendly. The matcha is from Kyoto and their coffee is sourced from all over the world. Place accepts NETs. Prepare to queue. Pro tip : come early if you are really curious to try.


The bits around the edges of that thick toast are crisp and crusty, but the MVP (most valuable piece) is really the one smack in the centre, where it's softest and most saturated with butter.

A hearty breakfast at the market. Fresh springy fish balls and fish cakes with wholemeal noodles for just $3.50. The portion is really good for the price, and this has become a weekly routine for me. Watch the hours, they close early!

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I read Xingwei's Burpple review on this place few weeks ago and made an attempt then hoping to get my hands on those kueh lapis, but I went on a Thursday, a rest day for them ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Fast forward to today, I checked that they were in operation and walked over to Everton Park. It's an inconspicuous tiny outfit next to the popular soybean milk - it's likely you'll miss it if you don't keep your eye on the signs while walking along the corridor.
The display had 6 types of kueh lapis in single slices and full-sized cakes: original, kaya, cempedak, coffee, chocolate and a new strawberry ice cream (though it's just strawberry flavour with some jam). Prices range from $1.80-$2.20 per slice.
I only ate the strawberry and original slices, with the latter being the better (say 10 times). The original lapis betawi had a stronger spice profile than the typical bengawan solo lapis, I could identify the faint essences of cinnamon and nutmeg though I'm sure there were other spices.
They were in the midst of making the durian version when I arrived (darn!), so that warrants another visit in due time. Their website also offers other types of Malay kuehs to order for pickup or delivery.

Magnum fans, rejoice! After many successful pop-ups in the last few years, Magnum Pleasure Store has now found a new and permanent home in town. Located in the basement of ION Orchard, the Magnum Pleasure Bar is where you can create your very own Magnum Stick ($8). Choose from 18 toppings like popping candy, Speculoos and even chilli flakes, before selecting your chocolate choice of dip and drizzle (white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate). In addition to ice cream, the Singapore store is also the first in Asia to carry Magnum Coffee, which features cocoa nibs-infused coffee. For those who want the best of both worlds, consider getting the Affogato ($8) that sees a vanilla Magnum bar dunked headfirst into two shots of espresso, topped with a sprinkle of cocoa nibs. The Affogato comes with melted chocolate drizzled on both sides of the rim of the cup and can get quite messy to drink, so consider requesting for it to be drizzled on the inside of the cup only.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou

Waffles does not go out of style, it seems. One of those everlasting dessert that is able to satisfy the sweettooth. So this is the buttermilk waffle with gelato and strawberries. It does not matter how pretty it looks, it is more imperative how it tasted without any toppings.
The waffle at Kosnica is the circular ones that are made upon order. Served warm and I could still see the steam rising. It is alittle thick and slightly crisp. Not too bad but my personal preference is still the thin crust with jagged edges. ๐Ÿ”ผ๐Ÿ”ผ
Their signature is the matcha waffle. If you are around the Duxton area, hop in for a sweet bite and you wont feel alone cos you will be surrounded by bears๐Ÿป๐Ÿจ and bumblebees๐Ÿ๐Ÿ. #waffles #dessertlovers #cafehoppers #cafesg #hungrygowhere #burpple #sgig #8dayseat #stfoodtrending #openricesg #sgfollowers #sgfoodies #sgbloggers #igfollowers #igfollowers #instafoodsg #instafollow #citynomads #nomnom #followforfollow

From The Affogato Bar; newly-opened at Cluny Court serving up their signature dessert Affogato and fresh hand-rolled Bagels โ€” mention the word Affogato and pre-NS XW (aka Fat XW) would be pleased; possibly one of my favourite desserts before my enlistment.

The Carota Carota is one of their "standard" line of Affogato โ€” think of Carrot Cake meets coffee for this one as it comes with Carrot Cake Ice-Cream, Carrot Cake, Walnuts, Homemade Cream Cheese and Macademia. Going for a spoon of all of the elements combined, the elements indeed felt like a good Carrot Cake; cinnamony flavours that binds well with the tangy cream cheese with bits of nuts to crunch and a fluffy, moist sponge โ€” a dessert that was already indulging on its own. Pour in the espresso, and it suddenly adds a hint of aromatic earthiness from the coffee, soaking the sponge and integrating with the other components โ€” it's like as though one is simply enjoying a cup of Long Black with a slice of carrot cake on the side. Looking forward to be back to try the other combinations!

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When I saw the Petite Unicorn, I know I have to try it once. It's hard to resist anything so pretty and magical. Crafted by @twentygrammes, this dreamy cake is one of the many cakes that is available @cafehoppinginabox for this month.

Encased in white chocolate mousse with a layer of raspberry jam and chocolate balls, it is a simple cake. But you just can't help and exclaim at how pretty this looks.

From left: Watermelon Strawberry - fresh watermelon, strawberry, grapes, almond dacquoise, blueberries and rose petals. Unicorn poop - raspberry mousse, popping candy, vanilla cake, lemon cookie base and rainbow glaze. Galaxy - blackcurrant jelly, 72% valrhona dark chocolate, rum soaked cherries, chocolate cake and galaxy chocolate glaze. #tingzieeats #burpple

Thank you for always bringing me to places that I want to go ๐Ÿ˜˜

Salted Egg Yolk Choux Au Craquelin, aka salted egg yolk biscuit from Pulse at The Interlace.
Getting these goodies from them can be tricky as the bakery cafe is located inside a private condo, so you need to get past guards who MAY not let u in (If not use Deliveroo haha... promo code "DFDROO for $10 OFF)
Each one of them came in bite size portions coated with an orange layer similar to that of Bo Lo Bao (Pineapple Buns). A small portion of liquid gold peeks out at the tip of the bun, signalling what is to come. Huat ah!

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