For what it's worth, this place give the long standing Astons a run for their money.
Charbroiled sirloin steak ($14.90), cook perfectly right, in medium rare. The meat is smoulder in good charred taste from the flames, as how it should be for all red meat. Chilled NZ beef are being used, for those who are particular about where their meat are from. The brown sauce and sides are decent, nothing to scream about.
For its price, definitely say this is more than decent. And certainly popular with the people staying there.


Go because you're a steak lover, and a big eater. The Betterfield still and by far, served affordable and extremely well cooked meat. That pink inside, and that charred outside certainly is enough without that extra homemade truffle mustard sauce. But if you like a variation of taste, have the meat with he sauce. It only enhance, and stretch your imagination.
PS; sadly it can only be said for the steak. You can pass on the rest of the menu.


Comes with a side of garden greens and walnuts and a drink, this lunch deal is as good as it can get. The steak, nicely grilled and trimmed is generously pour over with pink peppercorn- mustard kinda sauce which I distinctively remembered having when I was in South Africa. Sidenote: not everyone who enjoy the sauce, since many are accustomed to the usual brown sauce or black pepper. The meat, seared so nicely that it still retains the natural juice, and pink right through. The portion of their golden shoe-string fries is simply perfect. Crisped all the way through, their fries are simply on point. Lunch is quick and prompt, perfect for those who wants to beat the queues of other places, and yet want to dine comfortably.


Okay, hello sexy pink. While the service staff raved on how great the piece of meat is, I personally found it quite common. While the Chef's skill is commendable and skilled, the cut isn't a massive shout out, maybe I was expected it to be nicely marbled, making it very tender with good taste of beef jus. What excite me a whole lot, is that white, foamy, legit and highly addictive beer sorbet/meringue. It is so refreshing, when paired with the meat. The taste of beer is so distinct, that the natural malty wheat taste was brought through making the meat delightful to have.


The short rib was a delightful. Tender and beautiful, but a tad too charred on the exterior for my liking. But I supposed that's what the Chef was going for charred in a literal sense. So I let this go. I was so intrigued by the "sweet bread", which was the cow's pancreas. Soft, and hardly sweet or bread-like in texture, the pancreas in fact looked like parts of the brain, savoury but definitely yummy. Nothing screamish about them. Think of them as nicely grilled tofu. But personally I love the pomegranate mousse on the side. Oh the pomegranate was brought through, strong and all. I felt like I was literally having a whole fruit. The natural sweetness balanced the savoury. And it played with my tastebuds quite nicely, giving it hint of surprise once in a while. Commendable.


Pink, in the most stunning way. The meat is absolutely tender, soft, juicy and have that "melt-in-your-mouth" feeling. Gorgeous, pan-seared, and beautifully cooked patiently, the result is absolutely stunning. As shown in the picture, the meat is to die for. The cabbage broiled, and slightly charred on the outside, brought the meat a hint of sweetness. The brown sauce and buttermilk sauce danced in harmony, and enhances the meat juice. The crisp rice grain, give the dish another texture, and when eaten with all 3 together, it's like the perfect Carmen repertoire, of the sassy, the strong, and the feisty. A perfect battle of passion on this very plate, finished in a great coda right down to your belly.


They know their meat. Cooked to perfection of medium, everything on the plate is complementing. Portion is big, too much for a petite girl like me. But seemed perfect for the man seated beside. The view was a plus point. Good for a quiet dinner for 2


Laid back, chic vibe, great wine list. I never knew that they serve decent if not quite spectacular food. The lamb rack I order, is done just right. Juicy but cooked through (I asked for medium doneness), the meat retains the pink and it's utterly very scrumptious. The sides of asparagus, wedges and eggplant salad/salsa compliments, adding the soft and the crunchy, playing with the texture of the food. The sauce (ordered red wine sauce) is simply so beautiful! Throw in a glass of red and good company. This place is the place to be for casual 1st date if you don't want to go out strongc or dinner with friends. The staff here is friendly and extremely helpful! They know their wine very well, and can help you with your selection.


FISH STEAK THAT IS. Thick, charred but still so moist and flaky. This joint have been my favorite place to go for good fresh seafood, and more. The portion is big, and a huge blop of perfectly mashed with butter and milk potatoes, and a even tossed salad on the side. Was so stuff, and I am upset that I couldn't have more. Urgh! 馃槀 in a good way.


This is the bomb. 600g for $50? Why! And how?! And the ribeye is done so perfectly (medium rare), just the way I love it, juicy and pink. With the slab so thick and so fresh, your tastebuds are screaming for more. And he is smart to have black truffle paste mixed into the the mustard, hitting well with the Singaporeans who are big on "truffle-with-everything". The steak is perfect with or without the mustard, depending on how your like it to be. Kudos to the chef with so much flaming passion.


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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