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Oishi Land

Oishi Land

When I say Japanese food, I mean the real deal that u get from the Land of the Rising Sun. Not some sloppy, half hearted work that you will find in Sakae or Itacho (oops)
Ray Tan
Ray Tan

Found this branch of the Michelin Bib Gourmand Mantenboshi in Shinjuku. Place can be alittle hard to find, given the complex layout of Shinjuku station. Serves western Japanese fusion food. More known for their omu fried rice (1620Yen). Omelette is amazingly even and soft, no chaotar spots at all! The jap curry also goes well with it. I used to scoff at tourists who come to Japan to eat western food but this is an exception!!

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Shoyu Ramen (~1000Yen) from Konjiki Hototogisu. It's stated soba house but they actually sell ramen! Maybe cox the noodles resembles soba. Anw the broth has abit of sardine taste which is pretty common in Tokyo. Flavor is not too heavy. The charsiu is really nice! One of the best traditional charsiu I've ever tasted! No, it's not the pork cheek kind that u get from Santouka if u wanna ask. I think I screwed up my order cox mine doesn't come with tamago but with extra charsiu instead. But what the hell, I've got no qualms about having extra slices of the juicy pork meat. Located near Harajuku, this place is da bomb!!

The famous shio ramen(1050yen) from Menya Ittou. Broth is not too heavy. Noodles are springy. Charsiu tastes are kinda special and taste abit like ham. Wonder if they massage the pigs like how they do it with the wagyu cows lol. They are also famous for their tsukemen. Anw be there early if u wanna catch this. There was already a queue before their opening hours at 11am!

Listed as "The Special Unagi set"(4000 Yen) in the restaurant's menu, this hidden gem aka Funayo, is located in an ulu area of Shibuya. Unagi is specially roasted over a charcoal oven. Really sb fantastic! Gotta eat it to believe it!

Sardine broth ramen (750Yen for small) from the famous Ito Ramen in Ginza. Located in the basement of Tokyo Ginza Building, this ramen shop was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2015! The sardine broth is really special and there is not oily like the traditional pork shoyu ramen. Noodles are springy the way I like it. The only qualms I had would be that the pork slices are kinda little albeit tender! Personally I still prefer the traditional shoyu ramen but it's great for a change of taste!

Otoro aka fatty tuna(500Yen per piece), for that price it's unbeatable! Salmon sashimi (800Yen for a palate of 5 thick slices) salmon sashimi for less than SGD10? u must be kidding me.. radiation or not I'm digging this! ; Anago (600Yen) aka known as saltwater eel is one of my favorites! Has a more tender texture than Unagi; Umegaoka Sushino Midori is a chain restaurant in Tokyo that offers excellent sushi at really affordable prices! Remember to go early if you wanna beat the crowd or make reservations if u wanna avoid the queue

Rock crab (most expensive), snow crab and king crab over at Kani [email protected] Osaka Dotonburi! The rock crab has a firmer texture among all the crabs. The crab sashimi taste amazingly sweet! And the crab tempura..omg.. I'll let my tastebuds do the talking! Be prepared to splurge (~SGD80 per pax) if you wanna savor the best crabs out of this restaurant. There's always a long queue outside the restaurant so be prepared for a long wait or u can book in advance if u speak Japanese. The service here is also top notched and the staffs are extremely assertive. Forget about No Signboard and Jumbo seafood cuz this is the closest you can get to eating the freshest crabs besides Hokkaido!

Kakinoha zushi is sushi made using mackerel or salmon and then wrapped with persimmon leaves. The roasted Mackeral at the bottom is well made and tastes fantastic! I can have the whole plate to myself!! One of the signature dishes u have to try when u go Nara. Highly recommended!

Had the [email protected] musashi (Shinjuku). Totally different from the bloody chain restaurants in sg. Costs about SGD13 which is like half the price in sg. The gravy is not too thick and oily and the noodles are very chewy! The meat needless to say is the bomb of the dish. In my opinion the tsukemen here tastes better than Rokkourinsha. Good food with good atmosphere is the food culture here in Japan! Highly recommended!

The romaji for this restaurant name is Takeshin. Had the best pork katsu of my life! Had the ala carte set which costs about sgd20. Very worth it for that standard. Did I also mention this restaurant made it to the Michelin Bib Gourmand?! only con is the location is abit inconvenient and hard to find

The tuna nigiri which is a popular choice in central Tokyo. Had the omakase meal here which cost about SGD90 for 13 pieces (16 pieces omakase costs about SGD130). You can be assured the tuna is fresh cuz they all get their catch from the nearby Tsukiji fish market. The shari(rice) is made from a special red vinegar which gives off a reddish brown color unlike the common white vinegar most chefs use. This sushi bar is a One Star Michelin btw. Dining is strictly by reservations only

Ray Tan

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I'm a food anal. Appease my connoisseur tongue please👅

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