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Featuring I want my noodle, The White Rabbit, Cha Thai, ParaThai, MEATliquor SIN, Chick And Ken, London Fat Duck (Scotts Square), Sunrise Bistro & Bar, Snowman Desserts (nex), Choo Choo Chicken (Bugis)
Karl Ng
Karl Ng
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Veal and tuna? Sounds weird but it was love at first BITE! I'm surprised how the incredibly tender, savoury meat and its cool creamy tuna sauce work excellent together when I tasted it, despite the odd combination. Absolutely delicious!

Som Tam's version of Phat Thai is slightly on the sweeter profile and nothing really "WOW" my tastebuds, but the flavor is definitely there along with all the other ingredients that it came with.

Credits to @cassakating very chio hands! Haha!


.Pasta X Chicken X Green Curry = ?? •SGD 14.80•

Green curry is not only enjoyed with white rice, it also works well with pasta too. For spicy lovers like me, do request to add in more sliced chilli for that spicy kick as this pan-seared pasta with green curry tends to lean towards a sweet savoury flavour profile which is more suitable for those who can't take spicy. Nonetheless pretty tasty.


This dish is my favorite out of all that we tried. The marination is the key to these flavorful chunks of deep fried chicken, contrasting well with the thick and creamy salted egg sauce where you can find chunks of egg white and egg yolk in it. It is flavoured with curry leaves that add accents and not overpowering to the palate. This is definitely a hit for us!

Surprisingly light, tangy and not too creamy. Good to have a bowl of it to warm my tummy after all the feasting for the past few days.

#thebestshotforfood #wheretoeatinsg

Previously an art gallery, now transformed into a tapa bar & restaurant, serving some delicious food and a selection of more than 40 ciders or craft beers to choose from.

Featuring my favorite dish out of all that I had tried - This is a twist on traditional spaghetti aglio olio, featuring garlic, olive oil and a splash of white wine to give extra flavor, which is a great combination pairing with roasted pork. This irresistible slow-roasted pork is given a touch with the addition of "Hua Diao" wine and Chinese five spice powder in the marination that amped up the aroma and flavor. With its thick crispy skin and juicy savory meat roasted to perfection, this dish is truly a beautiful blend of east and west. Pls take note that this aglio olio is set at its lowest level of spiciness for most of the customers but you can request for more if you are someone who love to have a spicy kick.

Thank you @missdrama from @oldboysgallery for hosting and @sgfoodiary for the invitation!


Crystal Jade's version is quite interesting as it is served in a light crisp golden brown thick toast, where you can enjoy the toast by dipping into the deeply savory sauce, but it lacks that spicy kick when is mentioned that is done in "Sichuan" style. Though not as "HOT" as me hahah, it is still pretty good and just a spoonful with steamed rice, it makes a pleasant beginning of the meal.

This curry at "Cha Thai" is mild spicy, richer and creamier than the more common red and green Thai curries, and complemented the taste of the giant prawns. The main difference is that their Panang curry tends to lean towards a sweeter flavour profile, with an interesting addition of lychees in it. Suitable for those who can't take spicy but guess I will still stick to curry with a spicier kick.

For dining in customers, Cha Thai is still offering a 20% discount off til 15th August and also get a free drink too if you check in on FB.


Fish & Co had specially created a seasonal menu to bring out the quality of this superior fish done in Capaccio, Cajun and Tandoori to pamper our tastebuds. I loved the salmon carpaccio because I am a big fan of RAW fish 😁😁😁! A combination of refreshing colours of beautiful sashimi-grade salmon with tantalising green chilli dressing but personally I felt it will be even better if it can be less salty.

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SG50 set •SGD 26.95•

Sea-tizens of Singapore! Pledge yourself to try out this sumptuous SG50 set meal, featuring a gorgeously grilled, juicy white fish blanketed in their chef's secret, savoury Sedap Chilli Crab sauce and served with crispy white baits, topped off with a glass of Coca-Cola at just SGD 26.95 ++. The chilli crab sauce is towards the sweeter side, it will be great for customers to choose from mild to extra spicy to suit individual taste. The crispy white baits were so addictive that I could not stop eating! With every purchase of SG50 set, you will also receive a FREE limited edition pretty aluminum Coca-Cola bottle at Fish & Co. While stocks last.

From 1 - 31 August 2015, the Pioneer Generation will also get to enjoy 50% off this limited edition SG50 set with another main course purchased on weekdays before 5pm, excluding eve of PH and PH.

Thank you @fishandcosg and @thegoodfolks for hosting!😊😊😊


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