Strictly Waffles

Strictly Waffles

There's something so satisfying about a deep pocketed beautiful waffle, crisp to the touch of the knife, substantial on the inside. Here's a review of all waffles that I have tried. P.S. Pancake batter cooked in a waffle maker doesn't make it a waffle.
Zee H
Zee H

The waffle was not crispy enough and was rather dense and heavy. Quite like pancake texture. On the bright side, the hazelnut ice cream was creamy and nutty! You might wanna share as the waffles get very heavy.


Waffles here are on the sweeter side, with a dense texture quite like pancakes. Got the safe ice cream flavours chocolate and coffee latte. You might want to try the flavours before buying. The type of ice cream here is more suited for pacifying kids. Not so ideal if you wanna impress your date. Double scoops with waffles was $12.


Thick, fluffy black sesame waffles with a scoop of rich, aromatic green tea ice cream quite like Haagen Daaz. The miso caramel provides a tinge of saltiness and sweetness which complemented the bitter green tea ice cream and waffles well! Preferred this over the red velvet waffles. Pretty pricey at $14.


Crisp, fluffy waffle with a sprinkle of rainbow coloured, tiny confectionary sugar balls. Chocolate sauce game strong. Got the speculoos and chendol (complete with frozen green jelly) ice cream which were creamy and not too sweet. Come here for an affordable dessert fix after (or during) your cycling at Punggol Waterway.


Chose the avocado which was rich and creamy but was slightly too sweet. Also had the peach strawberry mix which tasted like a cheap cocktail drink. The place smells amazing but the waffles were kind of disappointing. Can't really tell from the all black colour but some parts tasted burnt. Place is quite big so good for big groups!


I loved the buttermilk waffle which was crispy and fragrant. It's no secret that maple syrup goes well with waffles and the maple honey here is no exception. Feels a bit gimmicky to have gold painted but it does help with the presentation factor. Of the two ice cream, I preferred the salted caramel. Didn't enjoy the vanilla as it was a bit icy and strangely plain. Given the amount of berries served, I think the higher price point of $14 is justified.


Waffle this time round was good, after a few bad times in the past. The chendol gelato was great as well, not too sweet with a bit of coconut fragrance. Gula Melaka sauce was quite light in taste but brings a nice sweetness to make it a cohesive dessert overall. Definitely recommended! $12 (including three scoops of gelato).


Lovely buttermilk fragrance! The earl grey caramel complements the waffle perfectly. Waffle was crisp but deflated too quickly. Not a fan of the icy vanilla ice cream though. Could very much do without it. Quite expensive at $13+.


Waffle was great - crisp outside, moist and fluffy inside. You know it is good when you don't feel a need for any sauce! It is on the sweeter side, which I actually liked. However, the same cannot be said of the ice cream. The texture is super thick, what I like to describe as plasticine ice cream. The coconut resembles the packet coconut milk you can get from NTUC, with loads of sugar and a tinge of yam extract. Very unimpressed. Just get 1 scoop if you must; 3 scoops of ice cream with waffles will cost an exorbitant $18++.


Pistachio is really good. Dense rich nutty flavour and so creamy! On par with Fatcat's gelato. Also had the hazelnut chocolate which was good too, a tad sweet, but reminds me way too much of Ferrero Rocher. Waffle is subpar. A bit dry and too eggy for my liking. Skip the waffles and go straight for the pistachio gelato.


Super impressed with this. Waffle was really crisp, fluffy inside and tastes great. With butterscotch sauce drizzled on top...perfect. The artisanal vanilla ice cream had a good light flavour but was rather icy. Was dying to caramelise the banana slices to make it THE perfect dessert.

The waffles here have improved quite a bit! Much better 'eggier' flavour as compared to the bland one I had a while back. The salted caramel was a bit too salty but the nice burnt flavour was there. Overall quite enjoyed it. Don't get the vanilla, it's so full of extract you'll wonder if you are at a fast food chain. And you'll remember how much you paid, then maybe not.


Zee H

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