Sweets. Sweets. Everywhere (Selangor + Kuala Lumpur)

Sweets. Sweets. Everywhere (Selangor + Kuala Lumpur)

Desserts are one of my favourite things. That and sometimes you just need to travel outside of Subang Jaya ya know?
Esther Seletyn Chai
Esther Seletyn Chai

Welcome to Klang. Where the old buildings and old school interiors contrast strongly with the high rise buildings we see everyday in KL and Subang. Nonetheless, it is famous for its good food (namely Bak Kut Teh). Ask any Klang person and they will tell you this must try apple strudel from Fruity Bakery.

Sporting an old school interior which brings me back to days of Berry's cakes when I was a kid, Fruity Bakery has a old school feeling that I'm sure the millenials are having a hard time appreciating.

The Apple Strudel (price: unable to recall) does not seem like the typical apple strudel I am used to. What I am used to is a foot long apple strudel in puff pastry filled to the brim with apple filling. This one was small. Cupcake sized almost. But what caught me was the incredibly flakey, cripsy, puffy puff pastry it sported. Inside of this pastry was fresh cream and the bottom lined with apple filling. The combination gives you crunch, cool cream, sweet tangy apple, and crunch again.

Now imagine this while reading: you put that flakey strudel between your fingers, it is so crispy and flakey that with even the slightest extra amount of pressure you know the outer layer will break. As you bite down on the strudel, you hear, first a crisping sound as the pastry breaks. Your teeth then sinks in further and your mouth is filled with cool, fresh cream. Continuing on you catch the sweetness of the apples, muted and balanced by the cream. And then once again, you heard a crunching sound as you bite through the last piece of pastry at the bottom.

And you wonder why this is a must try.


Owl's Cafe might not have real owls. But they do have drawings and pancakes with fancy names! Meet David. A total gentleman, David is sweet, but not like those tacky people who flatter with too much sugar. David has flare that comes at the side with a little peanut butter. When he wants to be, David is also cool, but soft (his heart) despite his appearance. All in all, David is nice. But I prefer my waffles a little crispy on the outside. Their Mocha on the other hand is a different story. Acidic, overwhelming coffee, and cast aside chocolate, their mocha isn't my cuppa tea (see what I did there?) but I don't know... Maybe some people DO like it.


IDC (Not I Dont Care apprently) has opened its doors in Damansara Kim selling Kapiti Ice Cream. With RM 7 for a scoop, 3 for RM 18 and RM 28 for 6 tennis ball sized scoops of ice cream, I'm wondering if Fat Baby or Inside Scoop has a place in my heart anymore (tho inside scoop was never my style) flavours are pretty non-conventional and I found myself liking Spicy Apple Crumble the most and Vintage Strawberry Cream next. They alsl have ladies night where ladies get 50% off and ice cream buffets on some days.

That being said, unlike Fat Baby or Inside scoop, their flavours don't seem to rotate that often. Their scoop sizes are huge so be sure to bring someone or several people to share the ice cream.

And despite what they say, the olive oil and sea salt affogato is not for everyone. I don't think it's bad bad... but it's not something I would crave.


Rak Somtam is relatively new in the Malaysia food scene. Opened for about 4 months at the time of writing, the place is opened by a Malaysian and his Thai wife and aims to introduce thai food to the populace of PJU. Street food style. But of course, everyone's favourite attention catcher has got to be the coconut ice cream. I mean. What? Coconut ice cream? Non-Sangkaya? Whaaat? Will it taste as good as Sangkaya? Isn't that on everyone's minds?

But sorry folks, no room for comparison here, since I believe it caters to two totally different groups of people. Sangkaya's ice cream is rich and creamy in texture and goes for 4 scoops (ping pong ball sized) for RM 10.50.

Rak Somtam's ice cream however, spots a little coconut water and shredded coconut flesh in it and made with no stabilizer. Giving the coconut ice cream an almost snow-like crystalline texture which may or may not appeal to some. Cause you know... some people like it to be ice CREAM. And not ice snow... but it all comes down to the taste. Due to the way it's made, the ice cream is like fine snow and doesn't taste as rich as Sangkaya's, giving it a "refreshing" image. Topped with peanut, corn and nata de-coco, 5 scoops (ping pong size) go for RM 12.90.

So it does really come down to what type you are. Are you the heavy creamy, rich typr? Or the fluffy, fine, soft, subtle and refreshing type?


빙수 (BingSu), Korea's favourite summer time treat, seems to be taking Malaysia by storm with places serving bingsu left right and centre as Koreans get a fix of their hometown love while people like js jisy flock at the concept of a different type of ice kacang which probably costs thrice the price of a normal ice kacang.

Bingsu, meaning "ice water" literally, is Korea's version of an ice kacang with the common one being patbingsu (핕빙수) which means red bean shaved ice.... which is what ice kacang is... of course Bingsu's nowadays come with a lot of flavours, with the current famous on in Korea being the iljeomi bingsu (일절미 빙수) since it's topped with multi grain powder, it appeals to the Korean market that craves for a "healthy dessert" or just like the taste in general. Another famoua on in Korea right now is of course, 망고 빙수 (mango bingsu) that focuses on... you guessed it - mango, since Mango is freaking expensive in Korea.

Bingsu cafe has been buzzing in the depths of my conciousness for quite some time. So when my Korean friend who came back from Australia for a visit told me she wanted bing su, the gates of the heavens rained upon me with an opportunity.

The place itself was of course nice. Simplistic setting but with bright vibrant colors makes the color loving minimlist in my nod in approval. Wifi is available on both floors of the shop as well.

First up of course as we would have it, everything was out of stock. Ok fine well not everything. My favourtie iljeolmi and mango were out. Strawberry were out and basically the good ones were out of stock. So looking at what else we had left to choose from, we ordered a Triple Berry Bingsu (RM 17.90).

Now despite how fancy and how new a Bingsu is, they always must have a few items which are essentials. It's like how you can't do ice kacanf without sirap bandung and evaporated milk. Similiarly, bingsu's have those items that make them essential as well such as ice cream on top, rice cakes, and of course, snow-like shaved ice that's fluffy and melts in your mouth. Some variations in korea that are common come with biscuits, wafer sticks, pockey's and condensed milk. Basically to make it the ultimate dessert.

The one im Bingsu cafe was far from ideal. It was mainly berries with flavoured ice and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Nothing else. Nothing to shout about. The bingsu in the KFC in korea did a better job and it cost less. It had nothing. It didn't have the rice cakes I loved so much. Sweet milk by the side, no cornflakes, nothing for a crunch factor, nothing.

If you think I'm being picky. My Korean friend (aha! See! I brought someone for credibility!) Just stared at me and said she probably could make a better one and it lacked many things.

So with that said, I guess the 100 yen shop shaved ice would probably be more worth it... and would cost less.


I forgot what this is. Well at least I only forgot the name. So in a nutshell it's a tiramisu with cognac (RM 18.90 if memory serves me right) with caramelized nuts on top. I can't say much since I'm momentarily stunned by this new texture if tiramisu. It's not bad (come on, it's alcohol!), it's good (read: alcohol), but I'm just trying to wrap my head around this texture. The cake isn't your typical sponge cake, it has much more air in them and feels like steamed cakes almost. The marscapone cheese is also, not overly dense like most tiramisu, but instead which rich in flavor is light in texture. And of course you have the nuts. Crunchy and giving a hint of sweetness to the entire alcohol-induced-cheese-complementing slice, pair it with the slightly tangy strawberry jam by the side and you'll be experiencing how the whole thing comes together quite nicely.


It's 12 a.m., and here I am contemplating about life... or cake I had just now.

Espresso and Single Origin is a cafe that has been open for 3 weeks at the time of writing. And while I don't know the meaning behind the name, I can tell you having a date here will probably make you single the next day. At least I would end it if you told me to come back here twice. Maybe it's where people turn single. Where singles orginate. Single. Origin.

Enter the Dark-Cafe-thingy-cake-which-it's-name-I-cannot-recall, picture for reference (RM 13.50). I have a soft spot for Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence (yes judge me all you want you cake snobs. I eat at Secret Recipe too!) And this tasted like it. Taste-wise. Texture wise is another story. The cake was dry, the "mousse" (I assume it should be mousse) was too dense and had the texture if creamy tofu. Go on, whip up some cream, refrigerate it. The contrast in textures just didn't work for me. It didn't feel like a cake. It felt like a multi-layered pudding. And the name, I remember them saying while the name had espressor in it, the dark chocolate's taste would cover it so the coffee taste would be barely there. If by dark chocolate you mean 3% cocoa dark chocolate that is. Barely was there any bitterness associated with dark chocolate, and the ganache tasted like anything but dark chocolate.

The Le' Royale (uh... I think I got this right) was described as tasting like ferrero rocher. I guess it would sound better than saying it tasted like Nutella. It did slightly taste like it with even the crunch that I associate with the famous chocolate's wafer inside. It wasn't bad but something still felt off. Perhps the creamy layer was pretty dense as well.

So dense that you wouldn't know the girl you brought here had a crush on you. And so you continue to be single.


Today it's dinner with the Chai brothers. Well... dessert with the Chai brothers and off to Molly Good Molly Miss Morning Molly Coffee Jolly we went.

Ok that wasn't the name. But seriously. I'm bad with names. So I'll just call this place Miss Molly.

Miss Molly is a small cafe located in Seksyen 14 in Dataran Millenium PJ, quite well hidden, and was really quiet when I arrived. Though it would be good to take note I came at night 7:30 p.m ish and there were only 2 tables in use. Perhaps you'll see more humans during the daytime. They have sanwhiches, cakes, cold brew, ice blended, affogato, tea (even TWG for all you snobs) and... coffee.

Menu of the night oh so graciously decided by the Chai brothers:

Red Velvet (RM 10.00)
Chocolate Cheesecake ( RM 11)
No tax or service charge.

The red velvet cake had hints of orange in it. Probably orange zest which gave it an interesting note besides the typical buttery, sweet flavour of red velvet cakes. Definitely for the sweet tooth (very sweet. Alert) and best washed down with a cup of lattte or mocha, the red velvet cake was dense and rich and not meant for the weak hearted. The texture wasn't overly moist and is actually ever so slightly on the dry side but nothing the cream can't compensate for.

The chocolate cheesecake tasted more of chocolate cream than anything else. It was like... chocolate ice cream but a chocolate ice cream that isn't as cold and doesn't melt which results in that disgusting puke-like texture (read: melted ice cream). It tasted ever so slightly of cheese and the texture was rich and creamy. The base wasn't overly hard or rock hard (I've had my fair share of those). In nutshell it was chocolate cream. There, I said it.

Got a hot chocolate by the side which was probably dark chocolate hot milk. A little sugar wouldn't hurt guise. Like... really....because this tastes like dark chocolate with milk... while it probably is what it's supposed to be, really.... a little sugar wouldn't hurt.

Golly jolly miss Molly! Oh wait... I think that's not right....

And yes, parking is a pain. Either you try your luck outside, or you pay RM 2 for the first 2 hrs and RM 1.50 every hour after and RM 3.00 from 6 p.m till 6 a.m per entry in Millenium Square's basement parking.


Tiramisu in my book comes in the form of creamy cheese layers with spongy coffee-alcohol (Kahlúa anyone?) filled cake layers in between. However, Food Foundry's Almond Tiramisu (RM 13.00 pre-tax) has brought to my attention a new form of Tiramisu.

The tiramisu had a very creamy, but light fluffy cheese layer which may perhaps mean a high egg white content. But really, it was like cheese clouds in my mouth. The taste of the cheese layer wasn't over powering and did well to balance out the coffee sponge layer. Sweetness meets creaminess in a union of fluffyness and the crunchy caramelized almonds is the icing to the cake.

Perhaps instead for meatballs, cloudy might have wanted to give Tiramisu a go.

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Alright so I'm late to the Rekindle scene. This place has been around for as long as I can remember and it now even has a branch in Uptown. And here I am, here after all the hype has died down.

Rekindle is a cafe located in SS 2, a landmark would be the huge Mc Donalds diagonally opposite it. The interior is a mix of brick walls, wooden tables, yellow lights, and oldies playing in the background. Tables accomodate 2-4 and there probably isn't much space for gatherings above 15 people.

A Choclate Baileys cake (RM 16.00 - pre service charge) and Ice Blended Chocolate (RM 12.00 - pre service charge) made its way to my table today. The top sponge cake is infused with Irish Baileys while the bottom half is soft spongey chocolate cake. Topped with crunchy caramelized nuts and not too sweet but rich and smooth chocolate cream.

The taste of the Baileys isn't strong when you eat everything together but it's a light subtle taste in the background that gives it that alcohol kiss of a flavour. The chocolate cream is light, smooth and isn't too sweet while the topped caramelized nuts give it a good texture.

The Ice Blended Chocolate was probably not the best thing to acompany the cake. I would recommnd perhaps a hot chocolate, mocha, or some sort of coffee drink or tea as it balances out the sweetness of the cake and washes it down nicely. A cold drink just fades away in the background and makes the drink unmemorable.

Price-wise it's a little steep. RM 16.00 for the cake and comes with service charge. Not sure if you're willing to pay that price for a slice of cake. Probably a good once-a-week treat. But not something I'll willingly indulge in frequently. Sure the it's good. But for that price, it's better for me to treat it like a vacation to the Bahamas.

So if you can't hold your booze, why not try a Chocolaye Baileys? It lets you live on the edge without making you pass out and bend over a toilet bowl.

Provided of course, you're not THAT sensitive to alcohol.


Ahh Franco. Japanese- French Fine Casual Dining. Or rather as they say "Fine Dining, Cost Friendly). This retails for RM 16.80 pre-10% service charge. No GST.

Vanilla soufflé. Granted I suck at baking. I really do. I can mess up even the easiest no-bake recipes. That's how bad I am at dessert making. And a vanilla soufflé to me is something of master status (yes laugh at me all you want). The vanilla soufflé itself was crispy on top, and soft, smooth, on the inside tho I might argue it's a little. Just a little. Very little. Watery. But I'm no soufflé expert so don't hold that against me. It's... like egg tart custard but add more water, mash it up and more sugar. That's what it tastes like.

Foodgrammers act fast cause this sinks faster than you can say "Bon Appétit".


Franco was something I was telling myself to try for WEEKS. And all started the moment I saw this picture of their Molleaux Au Chocolate which is basically.... chocolate lava cake. Hah.

For RM 12.80, the Molleaux Au Chocolate comes with a side serving of soft serve ice cream "gelato" and a chocolate lava cake that is the size of a DSLR 35 mm lens. Pricey? Perhaps. But hey you're in IOI City Mall. That and they dub their food "fine dining" so you gotta shell out a bit ya know.

So how was the chocolate lava cake? Well of you're talking lava from a dead volcano, this is perfect. From my picture you can see the "lava" is as good as the amount of water you get from the pipes during a water cut. Which can only mean it has been overcooked.

Nonetheless tastewise the chocolate cake, custard filling and ice cream go well together. If you come during 3-6 p.m. you get a complimentary drink of choice from a list and it makes it a little more worth it. But will I come back? Nope. If I wanted to see a dead or sleeping volcano I would have went to Japan or some other nicr fancy country.


I write reviews and stuff. And take pictures as a hobby

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