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Cassie Ong
Cassie Ong

Feeling as though we are on Cloud Nine!

A combination of fresh sashimi and signature tempura ingredients including soft-shell crab and streaky bacon, Cloud Nine Tendon is the first of their Premium tendon. Drizzled in a specially concocted smokey sauce and smoked with Sakura wood chips, it’s an intoxicating experience that is worth trying.

Exclusive to Suntec outlet after 2pm~

Interesting appetizer served: Shirako Chawanmushi with Uni as part of the seven course meal at the newly open omakase, Masaaki. Made of uni and shirako - yes, that’s the cod sperm - the two ingredients run and swirl together, amplifying each other's flavours.

Lunch menus start from $120++ for a seven-course omakase whereas dinner menus start from $280++. T

From carefully sourced ingredients to secret blends of tempura flour, their price remains much more affordable than others with the use of specially patented Automatic Fryer. Tempura is cooked faster and in greater quantity while maintaining consistency and standard.

Tori Tendon ($9.90), which is exclusive to countries outside of Japan, consists of tempura chicken, chicken karaage, tempura egg, pumpkin and sweet potato atop steamed Aomori rice.

At such a cheap price, this is a place good to haven when you’re craving for tendons.

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The new Crab Soba with Premium Char Siu & Crab Shell ($23.80), is made of lightly seasoned Japanese snow crab meat, Iberico pork belly and Kurobuta pork loin. Boiled with fresh mud crabs over a few hours, savour the luscious seafood broth in two ways - on its own and mixing it all.

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NEW Japanese Ramen Bar & Cafe! @MenyaKanaeRamensg serves Hokkaido-style ramen, Sando (Japanese sandwiches), waffles and bubble milk tea. When nightfall, it will offer bar bites such as Karaage and Kakiage with Highball and Sapporo Beers!

Shown here is Menya Kanae’s speciality Ebi ramen, Tokusei Sapporo Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen ($19.80). Boiled for 4 hours, the pork bone broth is fortified with an aromatic blend of grinded big prawns, lobster bisque and rich seafood sauce.

From 19 Oct 2020 onwards after 5pm, enjoy Sapporo Beer at just


Hidden in the small alleyway (near Yakun), there’s this hole-in-the-wall shop which specialised in sandwiches 🥪 and donuts 🍩

Grilled Cheese ($8), was a mix of Cheddar and American Cheese combined with sweet caramelised onions on whole-wheat sourdough. Other than the burnt sides, our only qualm was that the cheese wasn’t melty enough to do a cheese pull, oops.

Tuna Melts ($10) on another hand was a joyful jumble of tuna salad, cheddar, fried egg, tomatoes, and pickled chillies on whole-wheat sourdough. The tuna salad was flavourful and creamy but doesn’t get overwhelming. So delicious I gobbled down within minutes.

Last month to grab @kohakutendon Sea Urchin Tendon before it makes way for the spring special! Showcasing nine extravagant treasures of the sea coated in seaweed tempura batter. Bite into the Uni maki, made of amaebi (sweet shrimp) and sea urchin wrapped in oba leaf or savour the plum Hokkaido scallop and sweet Japanese Crab stick. Can’t stop till everything is gone~

Created with zero MSG nor any artificial flavourings, these umami filled bowls of ramen will leave you wanting more.

From collagen-rich Tonkotsu broth to spicy-numbing flavours of Mala Tonkotsu. My favourite will be the unique garlicky Kurobishio ‘Ma You’ (burnt garlic oil). With a hint of black pepper and whiff of garlic, it has an excellent flavour and consistency.

Showcasing nine extravagant treasures of the sea coated in seaweed tempura batter. Featuring the Uni maki, which is made of amaebi (sweet shrimp) and sea urchin wrapped in oba leaf. Plump Hokkaido scallop and sweet Japanese Crab stick, it’s a bounty of food whereby each bite more delicious than the last. Available next week, from 16 Dec 2019~

Did you say $9.80 for Hitsumabushi?!? With the opening of @UnaUna.SG a unagi specialty restaurant, get to polish off these charcoal-grilled unagi Hitsumabushi from just $9.80~ That’s value-for-money, though you might want to upsize to their Regular ($14.80) or Double ($19.80) for more Unagi.


Opening on 3 March, this is his ninth ramen store in Singapore. Five kinds of ramen are available and each is served with slices of tender Irish hybrid duck.

Hybrid Duck Broth Ramen (from $14.90) come in clear broth and rich soup. In frame is the clear broth that is prepared using whole Irish hybrid duck and kelp, which preserve a light and refreshing taste.

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Hidden at the basement of Raffles City, there’s another tendon place @tempuratenten has join in the Tendon craze in Singapore too. Unatendon, a combination of Unagi and Tempura is one of their specialty dish. Unique to see the combination but apparently it is quite popular in their Japan outlet.

Offering more than just Tendon, they serve ramen such as Special Roasted Miso Ramen ($15.80) and Ebi Miso Ramen ($16.80). Personally I prefer their ramen over the tendon (think I’m spoilt by the two popular tendon places), which is satisfying with the thick rich broth.


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