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Small Plates, Big Flavours πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

Small Plates, Big Flavours πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

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Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH

Tender brisket meatballs with a big dollop of tomato paprika sauce, plus toasts slathered with tangy gremolata. Loved the contrasting sharp acidity provided by the latter!


Prawns in olive oil and garlic β€” this was my favourite when I first tried Sabio by the Sea eons ago. Easily the favourite dish during our meal.

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Cleaned well and cooked just right. The seasoning is pretty light so the melted cheese on top wasn't too rich.


150g rib-eye for $13? Sign me up! Don't expect exceptional marbling, but this char-grilled steak was tasty and well-cooked.


Low and slow-roasted lamb till the spice-rubbed skin is crisped up. Some might find this a little on the dry side, but slathering it with the yoghurt and flavour-packed rendered fat easily fixes that.


The prawns were cooked well, but the highlight for me was that bomb diggity sauce. Use more sourdough to sop up all that umami-packed gooooodness.


Super moreish parcels of softened guanciale encased within tender baby squid. Served with sprigs of chervils (I think) to counter the richness.


If you like haloumi, then you'll probably enjoy this. The edges are seared till a golden crust forms and the centre is chewy. Best to eat it fast while it's warm to fully svaour its soft, pleasant squeaky bite against tangy yoghurt and sweet fig jam.


Who needs butter when you have this to smear on bread? It's not called Butter of the Gods for nothing.
I absolutely love the subtle depth of flavour that smoking adds to the marrow's profile. Couple that with the touch of thyme, and you've got herbed "butter" on steroids.


Three tasty dips you can mop up with the fabulous sourdough here. My personal favourite was the basil and feta β€” super fresh and bright flavours blitzed along with mint and almonds.
Coming in a close second is the smokey eggplant and peppers dip with its punchy flavours kissed with warm spices like cumin and caraway.
I liked the idea of incorporating nutritious black bean into the hummus; it was tasty, but I would have preferred more lemon juice and a slightly thicker consistency.


This one's for cured fatty meat fans. Best eaten lolling atop hot sourdough, for some melt-in-the-mouth sensation.


Heard they have a selection of cheese from Italy, Spain and France coming (think straciatella 🀀, smoked cheese 😍 and more!), so you can DIY a platter with those and this foolproof cured meat with the pillowy sourdough here. Not too salty, if you're particular about that.


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