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Breads & Brunch Alike

Breads & Brunch Alike

My relationship with breads and brunch is purely genuine love.
Irene Arieputri
Irene Arieputri

Who doesn't love fluffy pancakes for brekkie? Jones' pancake came with a substantial amount of whipped Greek yogurt- not too sour nor too sweet, and dollops of blueberry compote. Classic combination but still comforting nonetheless. With all the different nuts and seeds on top, this is indeed a fail-proof dish.

Unassuming bowl of organic granola served with yogurt and blueberry compote on the side. It's pretty refreshing especially since the Himalayan salt help to cut through the sweetness and tartness of the other ingredients. May not exactly be the healthiest option but a flavourful way to start your day.

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Infused with thai milk tea, the bread dough was really soft and fluffy with loads of raisins inside. Though I prefer a stronger thai milk tea flavour, I quite enjoyed the bun.


The open-faced sandwhich were rather ordinary, and I didn't think it lived up to the hefty price tag. Would prefer to have more flavours for the guacamole. Using a sharper cheese might help to elevate the flavour.


Now that Artistry is closed, you may want to consider Montana's Crabcake Benedict to get your crab cake fix. The fluffy buns, though slightly too thin for my liking, held 2 pieces of deep fried crab patty — each filled with generous chunks of shredded crab meat! The poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top gave a nice touch, but perhaps some tangy or spicy coleslaw may work better in making this less one-dimensional.


The salty sweet combination was so on point, not too sweet not cheesy. Wouldn’t mind having this every day for breakfast/tea-time/dessert!


Found this shop by random a few years ago when I was exploring Botanic Gardens. The tiny shop serves coffees, yogurt and limited baked goods (but no microwave to reheat them) and imo the best item would be this sticky bun! Smothered in cinnamon sticky sauce, the bun itself was soft and fluffy. If you're petty about your bun, do take away so you can reheat it up for your tea-time snack but normally I'll just have it there as my fuss-free cheap dessert thrill.
P/S: I used to frequent Simply Bread for sticky bun but the quality there has been dropping and they did close down for quite some time. This is definitely close or even better than the last Simply Bread's sticky bun I had.


I guess, nothing a good brioche toast (hidden underneath) could not save. Also, the big space and free wifi were perfect for mugging. And thanks @burpple for the KopiPass, I could get my caffeine dose for free.


The best bagel in town. Made in house, their fluffy bagels had a really nice bite. Squeezed between the garlic bagels were roasted beef slices, melted cheese, sweet onion relish and arugula. I have a weak spot for sweet onion relish and melted cheese, so this bagelwich easily becomes my favourite. I suggest you ask for less salt because their savoury bagelwich can be a tad too salty.

Revisiting this place because of these fail-proof savoury pancakes. The combination of slightly spicy bak kwa and grilled cheese with maple syrup was so sinful but so worth the calories. I guess I was too greedy to have it all by myself, but no regrets!

A healthy breakfast which is far from being bland and boring? I just found one! The 8-day old bento shop was previously in the CBD area, serving takeaways. In their new outlet they offer a lot more seating space, with a pretty wide options from breakfast items to lunch bentos, to snacks and desserts. My chicken breast sausage with scrambled eggs, protein waffle, tatter tots and mesclun salad was yums! The herbs lent a good flavour to the otherwise one-dimensional chicken breast sausage while the sweet protein waffle helped to create a good balance in the dish. This is a great place for health-conscious people and/or those with diet restrictions as they offer nutritional information for each dish online as well as the super clear information on gluten, dairy and meat content for each dish. And the super cosy modern minimalist interior was just another excuse for me to chill there longer!


Any big fan of pesto would definitely fall for this (yes, I’m one of them!). It was just nice a portion to get yourself going in the morning, or to snack while having a cup of coffee. I love the marriage of avocado and basil pesto, and the side of greens with dashes of balsamic vinegar was refreshing to the palate. It was a simple affair that gave a warm homey feeling.
I'm so glad that finally I managed to try this shop on my day off. It has been pretty tough for me as their brunch operation ceases at around 4ish. The ambience here is super cosy too, perfect for chilling before starting your work, or to get a quick dose of coffee.

In a never-ending quest of culinary delight || @riinns

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