Prawn Mee

Prawn Mee

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Sheryl Lyx
Sheryl Lyx

Heard great things about Da Dong so here I am. I got them $5 small portion, which wasn't enough for me after a super intensive yoga class 🤣.

Nevertheless, I liked the umami soup. It is better than average, but can't compare to my favourite though (I'm biased like that 😬). Also, mental note to try the $13 big Prawn version, which soup looks super red and yummy.


These $5 small plates are perfect for sharing. On the left we have the Fried Chicken with Nori Mayonnaise. The crunchy chicken bits were not at all oily, super crispy and I suspect will go very well with their $5 Asahi beer. The Taukwa (pictured on the right) is topped with fried ginger and century eggs. It's dipped in a black sauce which we also dipped the fried chicken in cause it's so yummy.


All items at Five Ten costs either $5 or $10. This Lu Rou Fan ($10) is one of their star mains here. A perfectly braised pork belly, a wobbly egg and some green Kai lan atop a mound of drenched rice. The star of the dish is definitely the fatty pork belly, which melts in the mouth and tears at the lightest of touch.

The Steak Egg Rice ($10, not pictured) is another stellar option to choose from.


Situated at Blk 826 Tampines Kopi Point is this hokkien mee store which leaves its traces on many tables. These umami noodles were sufficiently 'eggy', just damp enough and super slurp worthy. The dark colour of the zhup is almost a testament to the quality of the noodles!


In the mood for a hearty breakfast with an old school store. This Bendemeer Prawn Mee ($5) is satisfying as hell. Aside from the generous portion, the broth tastes old school, reminding me of other prawn noodles I had when I was younger.


Lobster ramen is all the rage now, but somehow I still find myself coming back to the humble hawker prawn noodles which tastes like a million bucks but only costs $5.50. Yes, a long wait is expected but the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow comes in a glistening orange, with deshelled firm prawn meat and a tender pair of pork ribs that are too good to share. Couldn't finish my noodles cause I was too full from the ngoh Hiang I had while waiting (see next post), but I definitely finished every drop of soup there was left in the bowl.

Pro tip: comes after lunch hour to enjoy a thicker broth (probably from the longer hours of cooking) and to avoid the crazy long queues. If you're coming for breakfast, be sure to buy the ngoh Hiang from the coffee shop opposite to have while waiting.

River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles is located at 31 Tai Thong Crescent, minutes walk from Potong Pasir MRT.


Verdict: Tai Tong Crescent Prawn Mee > Beach Road Prawn Mee for its slightly sweeter broth and more succulent prawns. Nevertheless, Beach Road Prawn Mee is still a quality choice if you are looking for a reliable bowl of prawn noodles.


This is one of those 'eat already must straight away burpple' food.

On first look, you'll be able to tell the intensity of the prawn broth from the orange prawn essence surrounding the noddles. Every mouthful was intense, a strong sweet umami flavour that keeps you wanting more. No worries if you quickly find yourself with an empty bowl, soup refill comes at a pocket-friendly price of $1. Each serving comes with three pieces of big fat prawns, freshness guaranteed, as well as a spoonful of home-fried shallots. Of course, they serve a wide variety of prawn mee, including with pork ribs and pig intestines.

River South Hoe Nam Prawn Mee is located at Tai Thong Crescent, a few minutes walk from Potong Pasir MRT.


Some days are better with prawn Mee. This one's quite a hidden gem. Love the flavourful savory base, but still can't rival the one at Defu Lane!


Tucked away in the industrial estate at Defu Lane, it was really a hassle trying to find this prawn mee stall. But alas, we were handsomely rewarded when we did! The broth was mild, yet you could still taste the fragrance of the prawn essence. Best of all, it wasn't cooked with msg so you can drink the soup to your heart's content! I'm dreaming about another bowl already.

The uncle recommended this bowl of fresh prawn mee and as if to prove his claim, he just stuck his hand into this tank full of prawns, picked 3 out and threw them into the boiling hot pot. I just stared in disbelief. With such freshness guaranteed, the prawn meat was indeed firm and juicy. The prawn broth was rather flavourful, but slightly too oily for my liking.

They say "Live life to the fullest". So I stuff my chubby cheeks 😋 Follow me on IG at @ryllyx

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