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Tze Char

Tze Char

Featuring Tong Ah Eating House, White Restaurant (Sembawang), Ming Chung Restaurant, Thai Jing Jing, Ocean Curry Fish Head (Toa Payoh), Jing Long Seafood Restaurant (The Punggol Settlement), Siam Secret
Sheryl Lyx
Sheryl Lyx

Thai style Tze char to prepare for a long night ahead. Thank goodness for Deliveroo's super fast delivery (around 30 mins!) which fed the hangry me fast enough. This time I chose to try Siam Secret. Pad Thai, tom yum basil pork rice and a lovely small platter was really one of the best foods to end the day with. Best thing? I could share the love with some of my colleagues, which also makes for great bonding. #burppleroo


(Massive close up cause we ate almost half the portion before realizing that we forgot to take pictures!) This new Thai stall is freaking amazing and has officially topped Nak Hon Kitchen, in my list of awesome Thai food places in my area. Two thumbs up for this basil chicken with century egg. DEEP FRIED CENTURY EGG that was lightly crusted on the outside, and mad soft and delicious on the inside. The basil chicken is perfect, with sufficient wok hei and isn't overly salty. And oh even their vegetables are cooked with a lovely wok hei. I definitely see myself coming back more! Thai Jing Jing has relocated to Hougang Central. Nearest train station being Hougang MRT.


I've burppled this many times. But this is one place I'll burpple again and again and again. If you are not a Kaya toast person, fret not for Tong Ah has so much more to offer. The Tze char is amazing and it has gotten my parents coming back week after week. These are MUST-TRY dishes at Tong Ah Eating House: 1) Fragrant Chicken 2) Fragrant Tofu 3) Fried French Beans 4) Coffee Pork Ribs.

Headed down for Kim Keat Hokkien Mee only to find that IT WAS CLOSED 😱 but thank goodness for us, Ocean Curry Fish Head is located within the same vicinity. The picture of the curry fish meat may not look appetizing, but it sure comes with a spicy punch. The curry was sweet, sour and spicy, and probably among the best curry fish I've had. I also loved the tenderness of the fish meat- it cleanly falls off with a gentle tug. This curry fish comes in 3 sizes- $12 for the fish meat (small portion), $25 for fish head/ fish tail (medium portion) or $38 for the whole fish (large portion).


Day 2, since the wisdom tooth extraction yesterday and....... I'm can't wait to be able to bite into some solid meat. Like this Har Cheong Gai from Ming Chung. Gentler on the prawn paste, the Har Cheong Gai more appealing to all. And I loved how it doesn't come off as oily as the other HCGs out there!


When I was younger, I always had a problem trying to tell people about my dialect. "You're Heng Hwa?? What's that?" And overtime I got my way around that with the answer "You know Pu Tien the restaurant right, that's the cuisine of my dialect. And Heng Hwa is a smaller Hokkien branch." Heng Hwa food are few and far in-between in Singapore. The Heng Hwa enclave used to be at Little India, Bugis area and have then dispersed as Singapore continued to modernize. Hence, I was so happy to have found another restaurant that serves quality Heng Hwa dishes at less than extravagant prices- Ming Chung Restaurant. The test of a good Heng Hwa noodles is the freshness and taste of the lala clams. The noodles here have soaked up those fresh lala essence so much, expect a burst of flavour with every mouthful. Each noodle dish came with a generous amount of ingredients- lala clams (!!!), vegetables etc. I personally liked the Har Cheong Kai as well, as the flavour of the prawn paste is slightly milder and the wings are not oily at all!! The only disappointing dish was the Sambal Kangkong, which was quickly salvaged by adding a whole load of Chilli sauce into it.


I was so excited to find this La La Hor Fun at Jing Long Restaurant yesterday. As a Heng Hwa, I have a really soft spot for anything lala. While this plate of Hor fun could have a stronger lala flavour in its broth, it really stands out as a plate of Hor fun itself. That crispy thing you see on top, is deep friend Hor fun and below it is the boiled Hor fun noddles. This 2-in-1 variation brought an added dimension to the dish. Also, the Hor fun reeks strongly of wok hei. Do remember to add in some of their homemade Chilli paste! The flavours are so complementary, we wiped out the whole plate as quickly as it was served.


So here we have the famed 白米粉. I'd describe it as being deceiving ordinary. Do expect a truly flavourful experience with every bite.

After hearing people rave and rave about this, I've finally dragged my lazy ass down to Sembawang to try this famed Tze char store. Loved every dish on the table, favourite being the prawn omelette which was fluffy, not too oily and had a beautiful wok hei. In fact it reminds me so much of an oyster omelette, just that this is the prawn version. Chicken wings are a popular choice here- crispy, not too oily and easy to eat. Sweet potato leaves were not bad, but I was never a fan of sweet potato leaves. And of course the white beehoon which deserves a standalone post....

Starting to think that Tong Ah's Tze char is comparable to Kok Sen. Today we ordered Fragrant Chicken, Sambal Kang Kong, Special Tofu, Sweet and Sour Pork and Prawn Omelette. The first three dishes were delish as usual, with my favourite being the tofu. Prawn omelette had a beautiful wok hei. Sweet and sour pork was just.... So so. Still, it was quite a great meal.


Burpppp! All 3 dishes here were delectable. Chicken chunks were crunchy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, coated with a sweet and slightly sour sauce (honestly i don't know what that sauce is other than its super delish!) the tofu was so silky and soft and topped with mince meat and cai pok (I loveeeee cai pok!). And this kang kong dish comes with wok hei. I've always known Tong Ah to serve comforting kaya toast local style breakfast but who knew they also serve a truly authentic AND delicious repertoire of Tze Char treats.


They say "Live life to the fullest". So I stuff my chubby cheeks 😋 Follow me on IG at @ryllyx

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