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Food Hunt

Food Hunt

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Amanda L
Amanda L

My friend and i used the burpple 1 for 1 for this. We both got the Holy Crab because it sounded so appetising. It was pretty good cos they used really crab and you could taste some crab flavour. My friend really liked the flavour but it wasnt really to my liking cos of the chopped capsicum and onion inside haha but its just a subjective preference. Truffle fries ($8) were not bad too! Could taste the truffle and they were very generous with the parmesan cheese too. We tried the lavendar latte and it was a little more bitter than expected but overall not bad. Would come back here!

I got the thick seafood tom yum soup, seafood phad thai, and the egg omelette. Tom yum was very flavourful and slightly spicy. I only didnt like the fact that there were very little seafood ingredients and the portion was very big for two people. I think the portion of the soup will be suitable for around 5-6 people. The highly raved about omelette was very crispy but i was not a fan of it as there was very little egg to crispy deep fried egg white ratio. But the phad thai was amazing. Flavourful, with the perfect balance of sweet and salty. At first glance, it looked very wet but looks are truly deceiving because it was the best part of the meal. Pretty decently priced dishes so definitely worth a try and would return with more friends.

Noodles were fresh and chewy and the soup had a well balanced flavour. I tried the triple egg udon (which is something you can’t usually find at other restaurants). If you like all kinds of egg then you’ll like this. However, it was a little creamy and started to get a bit jelak towards the end. Nevertheless it was really good.

My first bingsu so I don't have anything to compare to but based on a first try I would say it doesn't taste anything like cheesecake. The ice is really good though. Worth trying

Really delicious. Instead of tasting the seaweed first you taste the rice first. For one roll it is $4.90-$5.90. Really good for days you don't feel so hungry

Tonight was all about the fish (eventhough Astons is probably know for its meat). I had the grilled fish with herbs with a sides of corn and mashed potatoes ($10.50). Fish was DELICIOUS however the corn was a little too salty. Not sure if they buttered it or if it was from the gravy. My brother got the crispy fried fish with sides of mashed potatoes and fries ($10.50) which in other words is the fish and chips. It was a really huge portion but I guess worth the money. Food's generally good and worth the money because it's not too expensive.


Got the waffles ($16) with berry ice cream, pb, Nutella, summer berries compote, banana, syrup and whipped cream. Waffles were a little soggy however the combination of flavours on the plate made up for it I guess. Also got a bucket of truffle fries ($15) which was definitely 100% delicious


Great service and cafe environment. The food came really quick and was really good. Pretty good on the whole. My friends and I got the lunch set meal which included a double cheese turkey panini and a glass of ice lemon tea for $10.90 yum

These waffles were so close to perfection. I had the buttermilk popcorn waffles with vanilla bean ice cream ($14) First things first, waffles were crisp and relatively good. Popcorn was a little soggy but the caramelized bananas made me feel so warm the second I put it in my mouth. It was soooo good. I guess you could rate it an overall of 7/10. It's worth trying

At least we know that their ice cream and waffles are not limited to being good on Sunday's only. I had the seasalt gula Melaka and my friend got the dark chocolate. Presentation is definitely a 9/10. The food was a 8/10. Crispy waffles with a moist inside and really good soft serve ice cream. Their best sellers were the seasalt gula Melaka and earl grey lavender however I liked the dark chocolate better. Almost every waffle parlor I go to has seasalt gula Melaka and earl grey lavender I don't think it's that unique anymore but the dark chocolate... That was really good. It actually tasted dark. Slightly more on the pricey side selling at $8.80 for one waffle and soft serve ice cream whereas other places sell at the same price for two waffles instead of one. But it's safe to say it was worth the money. I'll be coming back soon!

I had the buttermilk waffles with vanilla ice cream and blueberry compote with strawberries. First of all it didn't taste like buttermilk waffles. It tasted more like cinnamon roll waffles but that's not really a bad thing so I'm just suggesting they change the name of the waffles because they actually tasted really good, just that it's flavour doesn't match its name. But anyway the waffles were generally nice and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, which is a good thing. The compote was also pretty good. I was expecting it be overly sweetened because that's how most of the compote I've ever purchased taste like but no it had the right amount of sour and sweet. The vanilla ice cream was perfect as well. The plate bad cost me $16 which is a little too pricey. My dad got the chicken tenders which I thought were pretty decent as well. Crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Coffee was really good hence the name department of caffeine I presume. Overall I'd give the cafe 8/10 only because it's a little too expensive other than that you should try this place because the food's great and so is the atmosphere if you don't mind spending a little more

This is the best ice cream and waffles I've tasted so far. The waffles were perfectly crispy and cooked through and the earl grey lavender ice cream was really refreshing with the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. For two waffles and a scoop of ice cream it cost me $8.80 which I think is pretty worth it if u compare the price with other ice cream bars with waffles that don't even taste that good. I really recommend this

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